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Friday News: “Wrath of the Conned;” GOP Loses Millennials; Boehner Confirms Everything We Thought About GOP


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, April 29. Also check out audio of John Boehner talking about Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Fun times.


  • Andy Schmookler

    I’d be interested to hear what anyone took away from the David Frum piece (second in the list above). I found it interesting, but ultimately it left me confused. Perhaps it’s because it was written by a guy who thought the pre-Tea-Party GOP was a good thing, whereas I thought the GOP had become a dangerous aberration long before the Tea Party. But in any event, his framework of understanding did not come clear to me. So I’d be glad to hear what sense others may have made of the picture he paints.

  • Quizzical

    Walter Bragman, a self described millennial, is still writing columns saying a Republican would be better than Hillary.
    I guess he just doesn’t care about climate change or healthcare.
    His theory seems to be that Trump would be a big enough disaster to turn out the Progressive vote in the mid-terms, and sweep into power, or something like that.

    Trouble is, I don’t think there is any more time for this.

    • True Blue

      Telling comment: “President Barack Obama’s recent Supreme Court nominee, Eric(sic) Garland. . .”

    • Looks like we’ve found the missing village idiot, and his name is “Walter Bragman.” LOL

  • Video: CNN is a Climate Coverage Disgrace


  • Fairfax County School Board members urge that future Virginia High School League events not be held at Liberty University due to anti-Muslim, pro-gun stances.


    • frankoanderson

      I hope Liberty University reciprocates by not sending their armies of political canvassers to Fairfax County this year.

      • Touche! 🙂

      • True Blue

        Although I tend to shuffle them off immediately, it might pay to keep them busy for hours challenging assumptions, asking questions that they cannot answer, so they leave with incomplete assigned turf! If they’re “paid volunteers,” there is little benefit.