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Saturday News: Media Gives Clinton, Not Trump (!), Most Negative Campaign Coverage; 1Q16 Campaign Finance Reports Out


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, April 16. Also see President Obama’s weekly address, on the “important steps the Administration has taken to encourage competition – the most essential ingredient in a healthy free market.”

  • Video: Can you imagine Donald Trump explaining quantum computing as Canadian PM Justin Trudeau just did??? LOL


  • Quizzical
    • Yep, this is an emergency, sort of like if our nation was attacked by a major nation (e.g., Pearl Harbor), but we’re not treating it as one.

  • Gutshall Beats Garvey Again– This Time in Fundraising

    Erik Gutshall outraises County Board Chair Libby Garvey by over $17,000 in Democratic Primary

    Arlington, VA, April 16, 2016 — In the first reporting period in 2016 for the Democratic Primary for Arlington County Board, Erik Gutshall outraised incumbent County Board Chair Libby Garvey by more than $17,000, $51,982.20 to $34,598.77. Just two months after his campaign kick-off, Gutshall’s haul is also more than any of the Democratic candidates for Arlington County Board last year at this time. The news comes on the heels of Gutshall’s historic 76-point win at Delegate Alfonso Lopez’s straw poll on Wednesday.

    “Erik’s strong fundraising performance yet again demonstrates the momentum behind this campaign,” said campaign spokesman Takis Karantonis. “The campaign finance reports also raise serious questions about Mrs. Garvey’s commitment to progressive values. For the second time in this campaign, Mrs. Garvey accepted large campaign contributions from former Virginia Republican Congressman Tom Davis, a past chairman of the National Republican Campaign Committee who throughout his career raised millions of dollars for Republican candidates. In Congress, Davis was known to be anti-choice (10% NARAL rating) and anti-environment (30% LCV rating). Davis also voted against increasing Section 8 Housing Vouchers, similar to Libby Garvey’s actions just months ago to oppose increasing Arlington’s Affordable Housing Investment Fund.”

    “Arlingtonians deserve a forward-thinking, progressive County Board Member,” said Gutshall, “not one bankrolled by a Republican Congressman. I call on Libby Garvey to donate the $1,000 she raised from this Anti-Choice Republican to the Virginia League for Planned Parenthood. I pledge to never accept contributions from Anti-Choice Republican Congressmen in this campaign, and I hope Libby Garvey will follow suit.”

    “I am also gratified by the level of support I have received from people all across this County,” continued Gutshall. “I will continue to work hard because Arlingtonians deserve a progressive County Board Member dedicated to moving us forward, not tearing us apart.”