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Sunday News: SNL Does Brooklyn Debate; “Killing bills without a vote, the Virginia way?”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, April 17. Also check out Saturday Night Live’s “cold open” last night, featuring the Brooklyn debate between Bernie Sanders (Larry David) and Hillary CLinton (Kate McKinnon).

  • Video: Equality Virginia Dinner intro of elected officials (video courtesy of Catherine S. Read)


  • Video: God is a Boob Man – SNL


  • Elaine Owens

    The Saudi threat to divest itself of 3/4 of a trillion dollars of our debt shows how intertwined the global economy is. If the Saudis actually went through with such a plan, it would throw the world economy into chaos by endangering the safest haven for money today, U.S. Treasuries. That may be why the threat is somewhat an idle one. The ridiculous claim being made by Donald Trump that he will “stand up to China” and reverse our trade deficit with them is on its face also absurd. China holds about $1.2 trillion of the U.S. debt. We quite literally owe them. Even Bernie Sanders’ claim that he will “break up the big banks” is absurd. First, no president, thank God, has such power. Second, when Sanders claims the government should have allowed big banks to go under, he obviously hadn’t read the history of the financial collapse in 1929-1930. There was a reason FDR declared a “bank holiday” and shut down the ability of people to continue runs on bank assets. He had to stabilize the financial markets. That is what TARP did. Besides, the federal government actually made money on the deal when it sold back to banks the stock interest the banks had to put up to get the money. Having said all this, Lowell is correct in one thing. If we become energy independent, we no longer have to make our national interest fit the national interest of oil states.

    • Quizzical

      Im not in favor of a bill to allow suits against Saudi Arabia to hold them liable for 9/11. To me that seems like passing special legislation to help out a small minority of victims and a group of lawyers who kind of invented “terror tort litigation”, and it will cause diplomatic problems and clog up our federal courts. We already had a 9/11 victims fund.

      But speaking of the Saudis, let’s talk about something more recent, that is ongoing. Namely, they have been engaging in predatory economic practices in an effort to put our domestic oil and gas producers into bankruptcy, and they are succeeding. Basically they have been dumping oil on the market to drive prices down and put the US oil producers out of business. Worse, they might take out our domestic alternative energy sector, at a time when we really need to stop burning oil.

      We need to disentangle ourselves from constant warfare in the Middle East, and become energy independent based on clean energy, and the need to stop Saudi manipulation of our economy and foreign policy is reason enough.

  • Video: Pathetic Gov. NC Pat McCrory tries to blame “the left” for his party’s bigotry; has no answers.


  • Video: Clueless John Kasich can’t imagine how women would see him as blaming the victim


  • Video: Bernie Sanders last week said gun violence victims “have the right to sue” and also should NOT be able to sue


  • Video: Trump campaign manager refuses to apologize to Michelle Fields