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Video: Del. Alfonso Lopez Straw Poll, Candidate and Surrogate Speeches


From last night’s straw poll and fundraiser at Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse.

Del. Alfonso Lopez intro

Hillary Clinton for President surrogate

Bernie Sanders for President surrogate

Nancy Van Doren surrogate (Note: Van Doren was there earlier, but had to leave to attend a meeting.)

Chaz Crismon for School Board

Tannia Talento for School Board

Erik Gutshall for County Board (note: Libby Garvey did not show up or send a surrogate last night)

Del. Alfonso Lopez announces straw poll results (Clinton, Gutshall, Van Doren and Talento all romp.)

  • Clinton, Gutshall, Talento, and Van Doren Win Lopez Straw Poll

    ARLINGTON – Last night, Delegate Lopez hosted his 2nd Annual Democratic Straw Poll at the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse. After impassioned speeches from candidates and campaign representatives, attendees at the Straw Poll cast their votes for Arlington County Board, Arlington School Board, and Democratic Presidential Nominee.

    With a record breaking turnout in online and in-person voting, participants in the straw poll showed strong support for Secretary Clinton and Arlington County Board challenger Erik Gutshall. Secretary Clinton defeated Senator Sanders with 77% of the vote while Erik Gutshall received a resounding victory with support from 88% of straw poll voters.

    In the Arlington School Board race, Nancy Van Doren came in first place with 46% of the vote and Tannia Talento came in second with 35%. Michael Shea earned third place with 11% of the vote and Chaz Crismon received fourth place with support from 7% of voters.

    Last year’s straw poll predicted the victories of Christian Dorsey for Arlington County Board and Reid Goldstein for Arlington School Board. In addition, eventual Arlington County Board Member Katie Cristol earned a close third place finish, just one percentage point behind Peter Fallon.

    “The straw poll is a fun activity for local Democratic advocates and activists to participate in and share their views on who should represent Arlington in upcoming elections,” said Delegate Lopez. “This is a great opportunity for candidates to build momentum, reach new voters, and possibly foreshadow the outcome of their election. At the end of the day, it’s about having a good time and raising money to support Democratic candidates.”

    As House Democratic Whip, all of the proceeds for this event will go to support Delegate Lopez’s efforts to elect more Democratic candidates to the House of Delegates.

    Arlington County Board
    Erik Gutshall – 88%
    Libby Garvey – 12%

    Arlington School Board
    Nancy Van Doren – 46%
    Tannia Talento – 35%
    Michael Shea – 11%
    Chaz Crismon – 7%

    Democratic Presidential Nomination
    Hillary Clinton – 77%
    Bernie Sanders – 23%

    • PK

      OK! A “record breaking turnout in online and in-person voting” who paid up to $50 for the privilege of participating. If you don’t want the public to know how many people actually voted, can you tell us how much $$ you raised? We’ll do the math from there. Thanks!