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Congratulations to 9th CD Dem Nominee Derek Kitts; Now Please Defeat Morgan Griffith!


The following report (see below) is from 9th CD Democratic Committee Chair Isaac Sarver from today’s convention (also, photo credit to Michael Hudson of the DPVA). Thanks to Bill Bunch for running, and congratulations to Derek Kitts, a “retired veteran of the United States Army” who “served our country for 24 years on active duty, including combat tours in Iraq, and Afghanistan,” and who also was “awarded the Bronze Star twice…[and] the Purple Heart, all in the defense of American Freedom.”

Yes, I’m well aware that the 9th CD is a “red” district that has become very tough for Dems to win in recent years. Still, Kitts seems to me the type of Democratic candidate who can really take it to Rep. Morgan Griffith (R), someone who is most certainly not representing that district as it deserves to be (not to mention is a major embarrassment to Virginia). Go git’m Derek!

Now that the dust has settled on the first contested 9th Congressional District Convention in my lifetime, I want to thank everyone who came out to Wytheville today to represent the Democratic Party of Virginia, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton. I am so glad to see the energy that was on display today in Wythe County, and know that those boots will be on the ground between now and November to turn these hills blue. Congratulations to our nominee for Congress Derek W. Kitts, and our delegates and alternate to Philadelphia Bill Bunch, Terry Frye, Victoria Huber Cochran, and Helen Kyle. I know you will represent us well. To those who helped with convention arrangements and credentials, particularlyKimberly Chiapetto, Dean Chiapetto, Deborah Sweeney Baum, Gary Hancock, Jeanette Sarver, Vee Frye, Steven Cochran, John Hopkins, and Terry Frye… you have my everlasting gratitude for making the process flow smoother. Finally, to the delegates who persevered over five hours of session, you make me proud to hail from the Fighting 9th and I thank you for your service to the party and democracy. Onward to victory!

  • Also, congrats/good luck to Tom Howarth in the Virginia 6th CD – please kick Bob BADlatte’s sorry butt.


  • Elaine Owens

    I hope Derek Kitts has energy to make a strong grassroots campaign against Griffith., appearing all over a large district As we all know, Griffith is the handmaiden of the fossil fuel industry and the NRA. He will have huge money bags. The sad fact about SW Virginia is that the state party (such as it is) and the national party have written off the area as hopelessly Republican, other than the Democratic pockets of Roanoke City and Blacksburg. It’s even hard to use social media and the Internet for a grassroots campaign because of the lack of infrastructure in SW Virginia. The most powerful organizing principle in the area is the pervasive church presence, and those churches are essentially fundamentalist and tools of the GOP. I wish Kitts the best of luck in a most difficult race.

    • Agreed, although I’m honestly not sure what the best course of action for the state party. I mean, they tried to hold Phil Puckett’s seat, spent a ton of money there (and even nominated a coal industry exec), still got crushed 2;1. So….got me.