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Saturday News: Deranged Donald Trump Masqueraded as “John Miller” or “John Barron;” Pres. Obama’s Weekly Address


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, May 14. Also, check out President Obama’s weekly address, in which “Grammy Award-winning artist Macklemore joined President Obama to discuss a disease that affects far too many Americans: addiction.”

  • Congratulations to the 2016 11th CD Dem delegates: Rod Hall, Rachel Rifkind, Morgan Jameson, Lola Arce de Quintela, Michael Futrell, Sandra J Klassen, Keith Scarborough and Robert Haley (photo courtesy of Catherine Read)


  • Nobody more deserving than the amazing Allida Black to be a national Hillary Clinton delegate – congratulations to her and also to Danielle Simms, Kate Spears, Cragg Hines and Steve Baker from the 8th CD Dems…(photo by Laurie Young)


  • Robert Reich’s “terrible dream”:

    I had a terrible dream last night that Donald Trump was elected president.This was because the contest between him and the Democratic candidate had been reported the same way every presidential contest is reported, and he was treated in the press as the moral equivalent of his opponent — despite his bigotry, lies, narcissism, xenophobia, misogyny, half-brained policies, and his bullying, and incitement of violence against Muslim-Americans, Mexican-Americans, and black Americans.

    I woke up relieved it hadn’t happened, and more resolute than ever in making sure it doesn’t. Mark my words: Donald Trump is the most dangerous presidential candidate of a major party in American history. The influential Republicans now beginning to back him are risking the future of America and the world. Shame on them. History will not treat them kindly.

    What do you think?