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Sunday News: Trump Now a Drought “Truther” As Well; Republicans Must Help Stop “An American Tragedy”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, May 29.

  • I haven’t posted an insane rant by 2013 Virginia GOP LG nominee EW Jackson in a while, so here goes:


  • Elaine Owens

    Regarding the Roanoke Times story about the local party and the recent municipal election, perhaps the most interesting comments were those by Del. Sam Rasoul, a millennial himself. I see among some of the friends of my daughter and her husband the same things Rasoul points out: Millennials are more interested in problem solving than in party labels. They are socially very liberal but open to various ways to attempt to solve economic and social problems. In the Roanoke election I believe that twenty years ago winners Michelle Dykstra and John Garland would have run as business-oriented Republicans. They won by running as independents and emphasizing ways to improve job growth and neighborhood disparities in the city. Garland barely won, but Dykstra was a very strong candidate. Now, the city council has four independents and three Democrats. The reporter who wrote about dysfunction in the Democratic Party barely touched on the fact that the almost-nonexistent Republican Party ran no candidates and holds no elected offices in the city.

  • Video: Lying, pathetic “Little Marco” claims “I don’t believe Donald Trump is a white nationalist'”


  • Video: On Face the Nation, Bernie Sanders says Dem nominating process isn’t “rigged,” it’s just “dumb”


  • Video: Bernie Sanders says superdelegates have “very grave responsibility to make sure that Trump does not get elected President”