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Tuesday News: “Donald Trump, the welfare king;” VA GOP Sues to Keep People from Voting; McAuliffe Under Investigation


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, May 24.

  • Del. Mark Levine (D-Alexandria):

    Gun nuts have officially taken over my delegate page today. They’re arguing against laws that would ban arming three and four year olds. Seriously. Lots of insults too… Racism, Misogyny, Homophobia, Jew-Hatred… If ever anyone doubts that there are millions of angry paranoid dangerous gun nuts in America — as distinct from the vast majority of lawful gun owners — check out the vitriol here. Sadly, their severe hatred and delusional paranoia only proves my point.

    These people are the reason more than 90 Americans died today at the hands of a gun. And yesterday. And the day before. Almost half a million since 911. More than 100 times 911.

    This is why we must elect a Democratic President and Democratic Congress. Because these people love their guns so much, they are oblivious to reason. Even obvious things like you don’t hand a baby a gun.

    When you love your cold hard death machine more than you love your child, you have lost your humanity.

  • Quizzical

    Re the Virginia Pilot editorial, they still can’t bring themselves to name names. Instead they say stuff like this:

    “Despite a consensus among climate scientists on the subject, there remain a few policymakers in Richmond and Washington who would just as soon ignore the problem until the end of their tenure in office.

    It’s an ugly practice predicated on paralyzing partisan politics, perpetual propaganda, and a preoccupied populace.”

    • Dereliction of their duty as journalists to report the FACTS and let the chips fall where they may…

  • Video: Gov. McAuliffe says campaign donor was “fully vetted,” major donor to Harvard, on NYU board…”very substantial individual”



    ~ Joins Colleagues in Calling for Immediate Action to Allow CDC Research into Gun Injuries and Deaths ~

    RICHMOND (May 24, 2016) – Attorney General Mark R. Herring has joined a multistate coalition urging Congress to immediately allow and support research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) into the causes of gun related injuries and death and the best ways to prevent these tragedies. Attorney General Herring and thirteen of his fellow attorneys general from across the country are calling for Congress to eliminate the annual rider that blocks gun violence research efforts, and to direct funding for the CDC to study the causes of gun violence with the goal of determining the most effective prevention strategies to save lives.

    “Gun violence has affected families in every corner of our Commonwealth, from cities, to the suburbs, to rural areas. If we don’t understand the root causes of gun violence and the circumstances that lead to injury and death, whether it is homicide, suicide, or assault, then we’re fighting a deadly opponent with one hand tied behind our back,” said Attorney General Herring. “There is no rational reason to block or to fear simple research on gun violence and no one benefits from continued ignorance about how and why someone uses a gun to harm themselves or someone else. Removing the prohibition on research and properly supporting the CDC could yield data-driven, scientifically-sound strategies to save thousands of lives.”

    In 1996, Congress included a provision in the annual appropriations bill severely limiting the ability of the CDC to effectively examine gun violence and therefore research the circumstances that lead to the death of approximately 33,000 Americans annually, including 600 annual accidental shooting deaths. In 2014, 900 Virginians were killed by gun violence, and more than 5,000 Virginians have died from gun violence since 2010. Gun violence also disproportionately affects communities of color, as African Americans are nearly twice as likely to be injured or killed by guns as white individuals.

    Analyses of prevention measures, such as counseling by healthcare providers, and scientific research into the root cause and psychology of gun violence are needed to help reduce the number of gun violence victims. Unfortunately, while more than half a million Americans have died by firearms over the past twenty years, federal funding for gun violence research has been cut by 96 percent. In their letter, the attorneys general state that sidelining the CDC severely limits data collection and discourages public health professionals from working in this field.

    In their letter, the attorneys general also note that CDC-supported research has been proven to effectively save lives, as evidenced by their work to reduce automobile accident deaths:

    “In other areas, CDC research to evaluate risk factors and prevention policies has saved lives. For example, research into motor vehicle deaths by the CDC helped reduce the number of automobile deaths from nearly 42,000 in 1997 to under 34,000 in 2013. This 19% reduction in fatalities occurred even though more Americans are driving more miles every year. Meanwhile, gun-related deaths are on pace to exceed automobile deaths.”

  • Rep. Don Beyer joins call to Speaker Ryan to disband select committee investigating Planned Parenthood


  • TMac

    Gotta love TMac. Let’s build a wing of the federal pen just for Virginia governors.
    A couple more, and we will be in Illinois territory.
    This probably takes Tim K out of VP contention. A gov under investigation doesn’t need to be appointing replacement senators.

    • Still not seeing any evidence that McAuliffe did anything wrong, let alone illegal.