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Wednesday News: Megyn Kelly’s “Disgusting, Fawning Interview” with Donald Trump; “Can Tim Kaine be Hillary Clinton’s attack dog?”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, May 18. Also, if you can stand it, check out the “disgusting, fawning interview” of neo-fascist carnival barker and Big Liar Donald Trump by right-wing propaganda outfit Fox’s Megyn Kelly. It don’t get much worse than that!

  • Video: Trey Gowdy finally admits the military could NOT have gotten to Benghazi in time to save lives. Will Republicans now return all the taxpayer $$$ they’ve wasted on this crazed witch hunt?


  • Video: Sen. Tim Kaine Talks SCOTUS Nomination — We Cannot Blind Ourselves To How Our Actions Are Perceived


  • Beyer Commends Finalized Department of Labor Overtime Rule

    May 18, 2016 (Washington, DC) – The Department of Labor (DOL) today issued its final ruling to adjust eligibility for overtime labor among salaried workers under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Congressman Beyer welcomed the DOL’s expansion of overtime protections, which will give an estimated 4 million workers a raise in pay.

    “Today’s announcement by DOL will greatly expand earning power for working families,” said Rep. Don Beyer. “These updates to existing overtime regulations will help to grow and strengthen the middle class, and achieve increases in health, productivity, and work-life balance of American workers.”

    The DOL rule on overtime will also mandate automatic updates to the threshold for determining overtime eligibility, previously updates only once in the last four decades.

  • Audio: Shelly Simonds explains why she’s running for State Senate and why she can win (e.g., she’s from Newport News, which makes up 70% of the district, and has been elected there multiple times). Simonds said, “I was shocked that Monty Mason was just crowned the candidate by the establishment because he is from the affluent town of Williamsburg, and we do have some different issues down here in Newport News…urban issues.”