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Every One of These Anti-Metro GOP Virginia Delegates Needs to Be Defeated in 2017


This letter (see screenshots below), from 11 Northern Virginia Republicans, is a disgrace and should be a great campaign issue for Democratic challengers next year. Yes, Metro has internal “inefficiencies” and “issues” that need to be addressed, but that doesn’t obviate the dire need for a dedicated funding source for this crucial transportation system. Of course, for rabid, right-wing ideologues like the ones who signed this letter, taxes are evil, not the necessary price we pay so we can have nice things like a world-class transportation system. Instead, we get this wildly irresponsible, Metro-bashing crap from Virginia Delegates Tim Hugo, Dave Albo, Jackson Miller, Jim LeMunyon, Randy Minchew, Richard Anderson, Scott Lingamfelter, “SideshoW Bob” Marshall, Mark Dudenhefer, Tag Greason and Dave LaRock. All need to be defeated next year for reelection.

P.S. In response to a comment on Facebook about gerrymandering, I’d note that Mark Dudenhefer is in a 56% Mark Herring district; Tag Greason and Jim LeMunyon are in 54% Mark Herring districts; Dave Albo is in a 53% Mark Herring district; Scott Lingamfelter 52%; “Sideshow Bob” Marshall 51%; Jackson Miller and Rich Anderson 50%, Tim Hugo 47%. All of those, with the possible exception of Hugo’s district, are most certainly winnable by Dems in a gubernatorial election year. And that’s even WITH GOP gerrymandering! Remember, there are around 18 “Obama/Kaine” Virginia House of Delegates districts currently held by Republicans. Dems need to start winning those back.

  • Quizzical

    I listened to Jack Evans’ recent testimony before a Congressional committee. In essence, the point he made was that although the federal government contributed to the original construction of the Metro system, the federal government has not been contributing to the operating costs at all, even though two-thirds of the federal government’s work forces uses the Metro on a daily basis, and even though service disruptions on the Metro cause corresponding disruptions to the federal government.

    The Committee members didn’t want to hear that, and saiid in essence that Metro needs to go back to Maryland and Virginia to get more money, and besides, Metro has hundreds of millions of federal money that has been appropriated but not even spent.

    Evans’ response was those hundreds of millions of dollars were for the purchase of new train cars, and the money naturally isn’t disbursed until the train cars are delivered and tested. And that that money is separate from the operating funds for the system. Evans made very emotional pleas for the funds needed to operate the system safely.

    With that background, to me the Virginia legislators’ response to Evans’ plea for a larger contribution from Virginia