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EW Jackson, Ben Carson and Donald Trump: It Doesn’t Get Much Crazier Than This!


What more could you ask for in life than a scintillating conversation with extremist bigots E.W. Jackson, Ben Carson and Donald Trump. Does this sound like fun or what???

This week I am conducting the National Emergency Coalition Call from New York City. I’m on my way to a meeting between Donald Trump and about 900 evangelical leaders from around the country. I am a member of the steering committee and have been working with key Conservative Christian leaders to convene this meeting. Because of my role on the committee, I will have the opportunity to ask Mr. Trump a few questions. I want you to be a part of that conversation.

…We will continue to join forces with anyone who will uphold the Judeo Christian values that made our nation great. This meeting will be an opportunity to see if Mr. Trump is that person.

  • Video: Donald Trump claims “I owe so much to Christianity.” Another Big Lie by the Trump monster.


  • Video: Jerry Falwell, Jr. says if Trump is elected, “every terrorist in the world will crawl under a rock.” Hahahahaha.


  • Audio: EW Jackson says Ted Cruz campaign concerned Trump won’t win, that Cruz doesn’t want to hitch himself to a wagon that’s “about to crash or go over the cliff.”


  • Audio: EW Jackson says Trump “specifically addressed the Muslim issue,” and Trump said “we have a problem…there is a problem with the Muslim community and there is a problem with Islam…and I don’t care what anybody says, I’m going to continue to say that, because it is true. He said we don’t have a problem in the Christian community, we have a problem in the Muslim community…Donald Trump is a capitalist not a socialist…the President is a Marxist and a socialist and that’s the way he rolls; Donald Trump obviously does not.”


  • Audio: EW Jackson Says Trump Plans to Win Hispanic Vote (hahahaha)


  • Audio: EW Jackson claims Ben Carson has “very sophisticated understanding” of the Muslim “threat.” Also claims that Ben Carson “gets it” and is “now one of Donald Trump’s closest advisers, in fact Ben Carson was instrumental in pulling this meeting together, and Ben Carson certainly understands the socialist, Communist, collectivist threat that our country is facing…let’s face it folks, the Democrat Party…has become the Communist lite party…certainly a Marxist party..” Also says that Ben Carson pointed out today that ‘Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky was dedicated to the Devil as “the first, so-called community organizer.” EW Jackson says that as long as Ben Carson is around Trump, he will be “well informed on these issues.”


  • Crazy bigot EW Jackson asks, “We need a President who will heal the divide left by Obama. Can Donald Trump do that?” Seriously, beyond parody.

    E.W. Jackson Calls On Trump To Heal Racial Divide Left By Obama Presidency

    NEW YORK, June 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — While some expected the election of the first black President to usher in a new era of racial harmony, many Americans believe he had the opposite effect. Prominent black evangelical minister, Bishop E.W. Jackson, is part of the Steering Committee that organized Mr. Trump’s meeting today in New York City with a thousand evangelical ministers.

    According to Jackson, “Barack Obama has been perhaps the most racially divisive president since Democrat Woodrow Wilson, who supported the KKK.” President Obama has supported every left wing racial demagogue who rears his head, taking advice from Al Sharpton, accusing the police of widespread racism, and most recently singing the praises of the radical Black Lives Matter group. Bishop Jackson says “We need a President who will heal the divide left by Obama. Can Donald Trump do that?”

    Jackson is one of the leaders who met with Mr. Trump today at the Marriott Marquis in Time Square. Questions were posed to the candidate on his positions on issues Christian leaders believe are under attack by the Democratic party, liberal judges, and legislators. Obama administration lawsuits against Hobby Lobby and Little Sisters of the Poor are just two examples of anti-Christian hostility and bigotry. “There is no question that Christianity is under assault,” says Bishop Jackson. “There are left wing activists in our country who are militant in their opposition to the Bible, the Church and God. We need a president who understands that Judeo-Christian values are the foundation of our nation. Destroy that Foundation and you have fundamentally transformed America into a different country. We need to be one nation under God, not one nation without God. I hope Donald Trump can help restore that foundation.”

    Bishop Jackson (@ewjacksonsr) tweeted videos of the event and reported on it in his weekly “National Emergency Coalition Conference Call” held at noon on Tuesday. When a caller asked what he hoped the outcome of the meeting with Mr. Trump would be, Bishop Jackson responded that he would like to see “The evangelical community unify around Donald Trump” adding that “My attitude has been changed by this meeting.”