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Monday News: Lin-Manuel Miranda on “Senseless Acts of Tragedy…Hope and Love Last Longer”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Monday, June 13.

  • While most of us were asleep, EW Jackson was spewing his vile blend of bigotry and lunacy


  • Quizzical

    Doesn’t everybody get the reasons why we don’t want to say stupid stuff that makes it look like we are engaging in a war (or worse a crusade) against Islam? Even W got that.

    • Other than Trump and his supporters, yes.

  • True Blue

    Politicians, including governors, mayors, state representatives who get NRA support (VCDL and others) could personally be required to clean up the carnage. Or maybe all elected officials? That way there would be unity in purpose if not in policies.

Thank God it wasn’t our family,” “we’re the largest melting pot in the world,” and “now is the time to grieve” says FL’s Rick Scott. “This is about unity; bringing our community and country back together” states FL’s Pam Bondi.

    Until it is his or her family, nothing will happen to curb gun violence; bringing us together by a “thoughts and prayers” mantra means no further discussion?

    It’s curious that EWWWWW gets a few hearts for his weak words. . . I wonder if he is now on the FBI watch list for his rants and rhetoric to incite.

    • Quizzical

      Or at least look at the crime scene photos.

  • Video: President Obama Speaks on the Shooting in Orlando https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPwsqFbtWvk