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Video: Great Job by Arlington Democrat Erik Gutshall in Kojo Nnamdi Show Debate


See the video, below, of today’s Arlington County Board debate on the Kojo Nnamdi Show. As always, Democrat Erik Gutshall demonstrated that not only does he know Arlington County inside and out, but that he has a vision for the future of Arlington and the skill set to turn that vision into reality. In contrast, incumbent Libby Garvey has demonstrated weak leadership skills, has been highly divisive and even demagogic, while lacking vision and follow-through, among many other problems. As for Garvey supporters who claim that she’s “independent,” that doesn’t tell us anything, per se — it’s what the person’s ideas are, whether they are good ideas, and whether the person is skilled at bringing people together to implement those ideas. In my view, Garvey fails on all counts, while Gutshall has a great chance of succeeding on all counts. So…if you’re a DEMOCRAT, definitely vote for DEMOCRAT Erik Gutshall on Tuesday in the DEMOCRATIC primary. Obviously, Garvey and her allies — Republican John Vihstadt, first and foremost – are working hard to get out as many Republicans as possible for Garvey; let’s make sure that strategy fails.

  • Kevin Cunningham

    Thank you for showing that. Very helpful.

    My only comment is that Blue Virginia has written

    [Libby Garvey should not be reelected because she] recently refused to commit to supporting Democratic nominees over Republicans or independents going forward.
    And then, as part of this interview and other commentaries, folks count Democratic office holder endorsements to argue who is more qualified. And because Garvey is not as endorsed as much as Gutshall, she is described as “divisive” and some suggest, as the questioner does himself in this discussion, that Gutshall would be better..
    But if there is this an expectation that Democratic office holders will support the candidate of the party, and an apparent penalty for not supporting the candidates of the Democratic party (as is now being imposed on Garvey), is it fair to use Democratic endorsements as an objective measure of the quality of a candidate?