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Video: Rep. Beyer Joins House Dem Colleagues in Gun Sit-In; NRA Radio Says They’re Like “Criminals and Terrorists”


Last night (actually early this morning), at 4:15 am, Rep. Don Beyer joined his Democratic colleagues – including Virginians Bobby Scott and Gerry Connolly – in the gun sit-in on the House floor (literally). Here’s video of that, followed by the latest insanity from the extremist NRA. Thank you to Don Beyer and the other Democrats who continue to fight said extremist group, which by the way represents a tiny minority – albeit a passionate one – of gun absolutists in this country.

Meanwhile, you can’t make this s*** up:

The National Rifle Association’s radio show compared participants in a sit-in in the U.S. House of Representatives being led by Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) to “criminals and terrorists” reasoning that like terrorists, the sit-in participants were not following the rules.

…During the June 22 broadcast of the NRA’s radio show Cam & Company, as the sit-in proceeded, host Cam Edwards claimed, “So in order to push legislation that the sponsors say would not have prevented the attacks in Orlando, Florida, they’re also going to flout the House rules. Kind of like, you know, criminals and terrorists flout the rules that we have in place right now and will continue to do so?”

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