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Yasmine Taeb Wins, Along with Atima Omara, Frank Leone, Doris Crouse-Mays and Steve Cochran; DNC “Victory Slate” #FAIL


Congratulations to Yasmine Taeb, who I was happy to (strongly) endorse, on her victory a few minutes ago for a Virginia representative position to the Democratic National Committee (DNC)! My understanding is that she got the highest number of votes, around 1,000, which is truly impressive! See below for Yasmine’s speech, which as you can see was very enthusiastically received by the Democrats packing the room. Suck it, Islamophobes! 🙂

Also, congratulations to Atima Omara, Frank Leone, Steve Cochran, and Doris Crouse-Mays on being elected as Virginia DNC reps as well. Finally, I’m thrilled to see the ridiculous, undemocratic “Victory Slate” get crushed, and for some new blood on the DNC!

  • Virginia DNC representative results

    Yasmine Taeb: 1,070
    Doris Crouse-Mays: 740
    Atima Omara: 876
    Frank Leone: 599
    Steve Cochran: 562
    Matt Bell: 517
    Lionell Spruill: 366
    Sandra Brandt: 321


    • notjohnsmosby

      Doris actually finished 5th, so if Virginia hadn’t been allocated a new slot, she would be out as well.

      • She got 740 individual votes, 882 including slate votes, how did she finish 5th exactly? I only see Yasmine and Atima ahead of her on the individual vote count, only Yasmine ahead of her including slate votes.

        • notjohnsmosby

          My bad, I forgot that they had the slate votes were separate. Atima was 5th, but only by a few votes (2 women and 2 men plus a 5th of either sex).

          it’s awesome that less than 10% voted the slate.

          • Yeah, screw slates.

          • Anonymous Is A Woman

            Yes, even though I voted for two candidates on the slate, I did not vote for the slate. I voted them as individuals, and then two other people not on the slate. People need to run on their individual merits.

          • evil ninja monkey

            Atima was 3rd overall. The women swept the top three finishes, with Steve Cochran being the lowest vote getting winner.

            The ladies locked up both of their gender restricted slots, and then claimed the gender neutral slot for Atima with ease.

            And it’s a result of Yasmine being so powerful in her speech that many Clinton delegate were asking how can they vote for her and Atima, completely unaware that they had a choice to not vote the slate… which we broke completely.

          • Richard Parison

            I am a Clinton Delegate and I was impressed with her and her speech, story and discussions with her during the convention. I was happy to vote for her as my first choice, regardless of Presidential Preference. She was amazing.

  • Nice photo of Delegates Mark Keam and Sam Rasoul, plus new DNC member Yasmine Taeb


  • Was there any feedback on the 2 female/2 male must win clause in that election process?

    • notjohnsmosby

      I can’t imagine what the feedback would be. Gender balance has been a Dem standard for decades.

      • Exactly, nothing new here at all.

  • ContempLawtive

    I voted for some slate candidates, but not for the slate. I think it’s fine to have a slate as long as everyone understands they don’t have to vote the slate but can vote individually. I’m happy for the results though wish Matt Bell had made it in.