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Thursday News: Cruz Refuses to Endorse Trump; “Angry” Cooch Helps Escort Heidi Cruz Away from Enraged Trump Supporters


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, July 21. Also, check out what reporter Graham Moomaw tweeted as “Angry Ken Cuccinelli escorting Heidi Cruz out as Trump supporters yell at her.”

  • Video: Ted Cruz says “vote your conscience” – in other words, NOT for Trump!


  • (Former) Ted Cruz supporter, bigot and extremist Ewwww Jackson – “noone will forget his being booed off the stage.”


  • Virginia Lady

    At first, I imagined that woman denier Cooch–whose platform would turn us all into convicts in the Handmaids Tale–had developed a scintilla of common decency.

    Then I remembered–he was the chairperson of the Virginians for Cruz campaign.

    Silly me.

  • Quizzical

    Cruz did seem to support Trump’s policy objectives early in the speech — to finally do something about the national debt, to cut taxes, to build up the military, to take care of our veterans, to stop illegal immigration, etc. it is all so self contradictory that I’m surprised anyone can say it with a straight face. You can’t cut taxes, build up the military, defeat ISIS, spend even more on veterans, and spend what it would take to stop illegal immigration, without explosive growth in the national debt. Trouble is, it is a formula that can win an election, as Reagan showed.

  • True Blue

    The Best Words – by Zach Sherwin in the Newt article:

    “Republican National Convention” anagrams to “Con vulnerable nation into panic.” #rnc

  • Need to cleanse the stench of the Republican hatefest out of your nostrils? How about some Michelle Obama carpool karaoke? 🙂


  • Andy Schmookler

    I’m delighted that this Cruz speech has further damaged the Trump convention. But I don’t entirely understand how his non-endorsement has become this huge shock and thus such a huge deal.

    Did most people really think Cruz WOULD endorse Trump? I didn’t. It seemed to me that the story from the beginning was that Cruz had been given a speaking slot even though he had not endorsed and there was no assurance that he would.

    So why the big surprise?

    • “So why the big surprise?”

      Corporate media’s a bunch of imbeciles?

      • Andy Schmookler

        The question I find interesting is just what Cruz’s strategy here is. Here are the elements with which I’d begin in the search for an answer:

        1) Cruz is a very smart guy, easily the smartest (it would seem) among the Republican face-cards;

        2) Cruz is one for bold, unlikely strategies– e.g. the way he stomped all over the Speaker of the House to engineer a government shutdown over Obamacare though he must have known it was a losing battle, but much of the GOP base imagined they could kill Obamacare and he became their hero by not “caving” to reality;

        3) Cruz must have known that he would arouse anger from the convention, and that his failure to endorse Trump would become an enduring image in his relationship with the Republican Party;

        4) So the question becomes: what is the scenario that this clever man — and out-and-out sociopath — envisions whereby his having taken this dramatic non-endorsing stance toward the GOP’s official nominee for president, will help him in 2020 become president?

        • Quizzical

          Perhaps the answer may have been revealed by a caller I heard on CSPAN radio this morning, who characterized Cruz as the “most reasonable” of all the Republican candidates, which I took in context as meaning the most moderate.

          • That’s funny, never heard Cruz described as “moderate” before, in any way/shape/form.

  • LG Ralph Northam statement: Time for 2017 GOP candidates to stand up to Trump

    “You know, Edmund Burke said ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.’ Virginia Democrats— we won’t do that— We will triumph, as we always do–by turning our love of Country and Commonwealth into results that matter for Virginia families. We will work together to defeat Donald Trump in 2016. There are people in the Commonwealth of Virginia who refuse to denounce Trump when he said a Judge could not do his job because of where his parents were born. Two of them are Republicans running against me for Governor. Another Republican running for Governor is Donald Trump’s campaign chair and has defended Trump’s comments that House Speaker Paul Ryan called ‘the textbook definition of a racist comment.’ We will not only defeat Donald Trump in 2016 but we will also defeat those that enable him and those endorse him in 2017.”

  • Video: Concise explanation by Vox on how the former “Party of Lincoln” degenerated into the “Party of Trump”


  • Senators Franken, Booker Denounce Divisive Rhetoric of Trump’s Convention

    “But this has been ugly. When Chris Christie did the thing about guilty, guilty, guilty, and they started chanting, ‘Lock her up, lock her up.’ That’s not how we do politics in this country. That’s very banana republic. There was a delegate who said that she should be put in front a firing squad. This is the kind of negativity, ugliness, that you have come to expect from Donald Trump, who started this campaign saying that Mexican immigrants are rapists and drug dealers,” said Senator Al Franken.

    “It has been a difficult election for me, to watch a party nominate someone who has been so indiscriminate with his demeaning and degrading language. And again, this is not me. When Paul Ryan, the leader of the Republican Party in the House, calls what has been coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth, ‘textbook racism,’ when he has indiscriminately degraded and demeaned women, the disabled, immigrants, a federal judge who has Latino ancestry but was born in Indiana, that even his Vice Presidential nominee called very tepidly, ‘inappropriate,’ all of that was frustrating, angering, disappointing,” said Senator Cory Booker.