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Virginia January-June 2016 $$$ Reports


I’ll update these numbers as they come out. Also see VPAP. By the way, most of the numbers here are for money raised for the first six months of 2016.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe 
“Common Good VA” Leadership PAC Cash on Hand: $125,018

2017 Governor Candidates
Ralph Northam (D): “Over $1 million” raised, “over $1.4 million cash on hand”
Ed Gillespie (R): According to the Washington Post, “raised about $852,000 and had $1.05 million on hand”
Rob Wittman (R): Raised $56,525, has $55,885 cash on hand.
Likely gov candidate Corey Stewart (R): Has $313,921 cash on hand.

2017 Lt. Governor Candidates
Jill Vogel (R): According to the Washington Post,, raised $560,000. According to VPAP, has $513,158 cash on hand.
Bryce Reeves (R): Raised $33,696, has $221,173 cash on hand.
Justin Fairfax (D): Raised $193,759.25, has $125,744 cash on hand.
Likely LG candidate, Del. Eileen Filler-Corn (D): Raised $76,837, has $163,494 cash on hand.
Glenn Davis (R): According to the Washington Post, “put in about $30,000 of his own money and received about $5,000 in unsolicited contributions.”

2017 Attorney General Candidates
John Adams (R): According to The Bull Elephant, raised “over $430,000.” According to VPAP, has $260,760 cash on hand.
Rob Bell (R): Raised $180,955, has $758,423 cash on hand.
Mark Herring (D): Raised $454,140; has $590,585 cash on hand.

Virginia Senate Republican Caucus: $211,543 cash on hand
Commonwealth Victory Fund (Democratic joint House-Senate caucus): $88,029 cash on hand
Individual members: Of the top 20 members in terms of “cash on hand,” 12 are Republicans and 8 are Democrats.

House of Delegates
Speaker Bill Howell (R): “Dominion Leadership Trust” PAC: $502,797 cash on hand.
House Republican Campaign Committee: $429,953 cash on hand
House Democratic Caucus: $152,574 cash on hand
House Majority Leader Kirk Cox Leadership PAC: $51,044 cash on hand.
House Democratic Leader David Toscano “Virginia First” Leadership PAC: $19,101 cash on hand.
Individual members: Of the top 20 members in terms of “cash on hand,” 17 are Republicans (the three Dems are David Toscano, Eileen Filler-Corn and Sam Rasoul). Of the next 20 members in terms of “cash on hand,” 17 are Republicans (the three Dems are Roslyn Tyler, Jennifer McClellan, Mark Sickles). Of the BOTTOM 20 members in terms of cash on hand, 10 are Dems.

Democratic Party of Virginia: $150,124 cash on hand
Republican Party of Virginia: $12,454 cash on hand

  • From Mark Herring’s campaign:

    Over the course of the last six months, Attorney General Mark Herring has raised a total of more than $454,000 in support of his One Commonwealth PAC and his campaign committee for reelection, Virginians for Mark Herring. Attorney General Herring earned this support even though he was prohibited from raising funds during the General Assembly Session, which kept him from fundraising for about a third of the reporting period. He has a total of nearly $600,000 on hand for his reelection bid. Attorney General Herring is in a stronger position than any candidate running for Attorney General in recent history, and is well positioned to continue to fight for equal rights and safe communities for all Virginians, and to keep the Commonwealth a safe, open, and welcoming place for all.

    Some details below, which include combined figures from One Commonwealth PAC and Virginians for Mark Herring:

    Total Raised from January 1, 2016-June 30, 2016: $454,140
    Cash On Hand as of June 30, 2016: $590,585

    • True Blue

      It appears that VA AG Mark Herring could use more donations (Bell has more on hand – eeks). Consider it done, on at least my account, and I hope being out of the prohibited GA time frame will now help.

  • McEachin Significantly Outraises His Republican Opponent for VA-04; Has Virtually 24 Times as Much Cash on Hand

    Henrico – State Senator A. Donald McEachin today demonstrated his fundraising prowess in the general election against his Republican opponent, Sheriff Mike Wade, in Virginia-04. Senator McEachin has raised over $341,000 while his opponent has only raised $41,663 in this election to date.

    During this period, from May 26th through June 30th, Senator McEachin raised seven times as much as Mike Wade.

    Even more striking is the differential between their cash on hand. Senator McEachin has $218,000 on hand while his opponent only has $9110, giving Senator McEachin virtually twenty-four times as much money available. Moreover, Sheriff Wade already has incurred debts of over $26,000 while Senator McEachin is debt free.

    These significant financial differentials not only show that Senator McEachin is in a strong position to win the newly redrawn Virginia-04 but that he has broad support across the district. Sheriff Wade’s donors are largely Republican Party electeds, performing their Party political obligation by writing checks to the nominee. Senator McEachin has significantly more donors and while he does have support from Party elected officials, he also has significant support from regular Fourth District citizens who are eager to have him as their next Congressman.

  • Friends of Jane Dittmar Release Second Quarter Fundraising Results

    Charlottesville, Virginia (July 18, 2016) — Democratic candidate for Congress Jane Dittmar announced today the results of her second quarter fundraising efforts. Dittmar raised a total of $301,029 in the second quarter, bringing her total fundraising to over half of a million dollars. Cash on hand at the end of the quarter was $282,237.

    The second quarter saw 854 first time contributors and a total of 1,285 contributions, the vast majority of which were made by Virginia residents from within the district. Over 500 of the total contributions were $50 or less.

    “I am humbled by the support, both financial and in volunteer hours, from citizens throughout the district,” Dittmar said. “Their investment in our plans to bring jobs, economic growth, and infrastructure to the district will help us win in November, and we are grateful for their trust and enthusiasm.”

    Dittmar’s campaign was recently designated an Emerging Race in the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s (DCCC) Red to Blue program. The DCCC factors in candidate strength and fundraising in their decision-making.

    Dittmar’s opponent reported raising just $90,951 in the second quarter and $14,354 in the pre-convention period for a total of $105,305. Less than half of his second quarter contributions came from individual people while the rest came from various political action committees. Garrett also received $2,500 from the controversial group Koch Industries, Inc. Garrett’s second quarter expenditures left him with $54,546 cash on hand – approximately 1/5th of Dittmar’s reserves.

    The Dittmar campaign continues to travel throughout the district, including recent visits to Rocky Mount, Warrenton, Flint Hill, Faber, and Moneta. The Dittmar campaign was in Scottsville, Crozet, Stanardsville, Sperryville, Danville, Clarksville, and South Boston for Fourth of July festivities as well. Dittmar also participated in the Madison County Firemen’s Parade to help kick off the Madison County Fair.

    Dittmar has focused her campaign on job growth in the district and released her Jane’s for Jobs plan in May. Dittmar emphasizes the critical importance of internet infrastructure, clean energy, education, and workforce training to help make the 5th district more attractive to employers looking to expand and relocate and creating more job opportunities for residents.

    “The interconnectedness of economic growth and job creation can’t be ignored,” Dittmar said. “Without internet, a person looking for work can’t search for job openings and apply for work or have access to online credentialing opportunities. Without the proper credentials and workforce training opportunities, our neighbors seeking work can’t refine their skills and we know that businesses looking to relocate won’t consider an area without properly skilled workers. Investment in industries like clean energy will result in new companies looking to hire folks. Our district is full of people who are eager to work and support their families. Let’s give them the chance at opportunity that everyone deserves.”

  • Ed Gillespie’s top donor, Karen Buchwald Wright, makes “Polluter Watch”:

    Wright is the CEO of Ariel Corporation (Mount Vernon, Ohio), the world’s largest manufacturer of certain compressors used to extract, transport, store, and distribute natural gas.

    The increase in natural gas “fracking” in Ohio’s Utica shale region has been a boon to Ariel’s business along with increased drilling in Texas, Canada and elsewhere.

    Wright is also on the board of the American Petroleum Institute.

    Wright has slammed warnings about global warming as “questionable science” and has spoken against “so-called green jobs,” which she says are “dubious” and “phony.”

    …Wright attended the Koch brothers’ secret June 2010 retreat in Aspen, CO, as well as the Kochs’ January 2014 retreat outside Palm Springs, CA.