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Wednesday News: “GOP Leans in To Misogyny;” “Witch-Like Ritual” Against Hillary Clinton on Night #2 of GOP Convention


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, July 20.

  • Video: Demented Ben Carson rails against Hillary Clinton, Lucifer; GOP convention-goers cheer. This is medieval s***.


  • Video: Yes, Chris Christie’s warped idea of “fun” is staging a mock “trial” of Hillary Clinton. These people are sick.


  • Endangered-species-killer Donald Trump, Jr. says Ken Cuccinelli looks like an “idiot”


  • I agree with Karen “Anonymous is a Woman” Duncan on this one:

    “I think the modern Republican Party had hit a new low. It is perfectly natural and expected to throw red meat to your base and to criticize, even harshly, your opponent. It’s expected.

    But it is unprecedented to demand the jailing of your political opponent. We are deep in authoritarian and even fascist territory here. This is a hate fest and threat to democracy.

    Final thought: if they want to jail her, they also will want to jail you if you dare to disagree with them.”

  • Vilsack

    Melania’s speech was the best so far.. After all, she was quoting someone intelligent.. No one else has done that.

    Re Vilsack: All governors of Midwestern farm states, Repub & Democratic, are going to be in the pocket of “big ag”… The same way most Va pols are in the pocket of Dominion Power. It’s where the money is.

    • True, but doesn’t mean I have to like either: a) being in the pocket of “Big Ag”; b) being in the pocket of Dominion.

  • Love it: Third Eye Blind trolls Republican convention


  • Crazy, paranoid, weird comment du jour by Rep. Dave Brat (R-Koch brothers)

    Of the 13 [Black Lives Matter] protesters arrested after shutting down I-95, only one was from Richmond. Others came from as far as California, New York and Georgia. What is going on here? It seems obvious that what we are witnessing is civil unrest funded by leftists who want to force the fundamental transformation of America. The goal of that transformation is to subject our politics and our policy to powerful global elites with an agenda that is anti-free market.

    These are not spontaneous protests but the work of hired activists who want to exploit our constitutional rights and turn our system of government upside down. President Obama may claim that the chaos we’re seeing in our country right now should not be linked to anyone or any particular movement, but the American people know better.

  • Trump’s Virginia chair encourages the demented “Hillary Clinton for Prison” meme