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Does Barbara Comstock Trust Trump with the Nuclear Codes?


From the DCCC; this is the type of question Barbara Comstock should be asked by reporter and needs to answer to 10th CD voters — immediately.

Barbara Comstock refuses to publicly come clean with Virginians on her support for Donald Trump as President. At the very least, Barbara Comstock should answer a much simpler question: does she trust Donald Trump – and his hotheaded temperament – with our nation’s nuclear codes?

It should be a simple question. And yet so far, other Republican candidates across the country have dodged the question and waffled on their answers. Will Barbara Comstock follow these Senators’ lead and play politics too? Refusing to answer would clearly demonstrate that Barbara Comstock knows Trump shouldn’t hold the nuclear codes, but she still won’t stand up to him in order to keep our country safe.

“At the very least, Congresswoman Barbara Comstock owes voters an answer on whether she trusts Donald Trump to handle our nation’s nuclear codes,” said Jermaine House of the DCCC.“If Barbara Comstock can’t be straight with voters about Trump’s temperament, then it’s clear that she puts Trump and her own party ahead of the safety of our country.”

  • From the LuAnn Bennett campaign:

    Embattled Trump Northern Virginia Chair is a Prominent, Vocal Comstock Supporter

    Support Comes to Light Days After Local GOP Chair Affirms Comstock’s Support for Trump’s Principles

    McLean – John E. Jaggers, the Maryland and Northern Virginia state director for Donald Trump’s campaign who recently insinuated that Hillary Clinton is likely to die in office, is a prominent and vocal supporter of Congresswoman Barbara Comstock:

    “Barbara is a representative who lives our values, votes our values, advances our values and carries our message to a broad center right coalition … I heartily endorse Barbara and encourage all those conservatives who support conservative and Taxed Enough Already principles to support Barbara Comstock for Congress in the 10th Congressional District. Barbara has my support for the 10th congressional district.” [Bull Elephant]

    Jaggers was recently criticized after he peddled an unfounded, far-right conspiracy theory about Hillary Clinton’s health, claiming that she is likely to die during her first year in office should she be elected president. His comments come just days after the most important GOP chair in Rep. Comstock’s district, Will Estrada, outlined how Barbara Comstock “supports the principles that Donald Trump stands for as a Republican.”

    “First, Rep. Comstock’s top lieutenant confirmed she supports the same principles as Donald Trump. Now, Trump’s embattled Northern Virginia state director’s support for her comes to light,” said Bennett spokesman Robert Howard said. “Comstock’s own party loyalists continue to pull back the curtain on her support for the GOP presidential nominee. No matter how you slice it, Comstock is a Trump Republican.”

  • Barbara Comstock reminds of how dishonest and nasty she is:

    Dear Team,
    Coming off her trip to Napa Valley with Nancy Pelosi, our opponent is starting a District-wide $230k TV Ad campaign right now. We need your help to counter this ad campaign immediately. We must get Barbara’s message out to counter whatever false attacks our opponent tries to do with this $230k TV Ad campaign. Please help Barbara now!

    Rapid Response: Chip in now to fight back!


    We appreciate all of your support. Nancy Pelosi wants to desperately be Speaker of the House again and we all know how her radical agenda will hurt America. Can we count on your support to counter this Nancy Pelosi backed $230k TV ad campaign?


    Team Comstock

    P.S. As fast as you can, here is the link.

    • True Blue

      Reading the content of the Bennett ad, It’s unclear why Comstock campaign reacts with a get the “message out to counter whatever false attacks our opponent tries to do”