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Sunday News: Trump Claims African-Americans Have “No Education, No Anything”; Trump Now “Darling of White Supremacists”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, August 21.

  • Excellent explanation by C-ville Attorney Lloyd Snook about one of Trump’s many Big Lies, this time on coal.

    Donald Trump is delusional on coal. He thinks we mine “clean coal” in Virginia. We don’t. He thinks coal is still an important part of the Virginia economy. It is not. The average employment in Virginia coal mines is about 5,000. (It is actually higher under President Obama than it was under President Bush, but that gets in the way of Trump’s story.) The amount of coal being mined in Virginia HAS declined by a third in the past 5 years, because the market favors natural gas at the moment.

    He refers to Virginia as the “largest exporter of coal in the country,” which is true only in the sense that West Virginia coal leaves the country through the ports of Hampton Roads.

    I just don’t understand why Trump, in Fredericksburg, begins his discussion of economics with a 5-minute complaint about coal.

  • Video: Donald Trump for some weird reason calls Fredericksburg “Fairfax” — #FAIL


  • Video:Trump supporter Rudy Giluliani pushes totally debunked Clinton health conspiracy bull****.


  • Video: Robby Mook says Breitbart has “pedaled some of the worst conspiracy theories around,” “defended white supremacists,” has been “sexist, racist, the worst of our politics.” Manafort is out, “but that doesn’t mean that the Russians have been pushed out of this campaign, the hand of the Kremlin has been at work in this campaign…it’s clear that they’re supporting Donald Trump.” There are “real questions” whether Trump is a “puppet for the Kremlin.”


  • Robert Reich:

    Donald Trump is melting down But, tragically, his legacy of hate, paranoia, nativism and xenophobia will live on. He has legitimized bigotry. He has fueled scapegoating. He has coarsened America. Immigration reform will now be far more difficult to achieve (hard to believe but it was only 2001 when George W. Bush sought a bipartisan consensus to boost the economy and make millions right with the law). The Justice Department reports a spike of hate crimes against Mexican-Americans and Muslim-Americans. The Southern Poverty Law Center reports school children bullying their Latino and Muslim classmates. White supremacists have been let loose upon the land. Even former Klan leader David Duke is now running for the Senate.

    Even if Trump is defeated, future Republican leaders have a responsibility to put this poison back in the rancid bottle from which it came.

    So do the rest of us. When I was a boy my public school taught “civics.” It was a course about tolerance and civility, what citizens owe one another and this country, about immigration and the American “melting pot,” and about equal rights under the Constitution. Maybe our schools should bring “civics” back.

  • Video: “Why are former Trump supporters wavering on the GOP nominee?” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9C87r_gIew

  • Latest update from the Princeton Election Consortium:

    Starting today, we will use a lower-variability assumption. This makes the November win probabilities higher for the leading candidate, Hillary Clinton. The random-drift win probability goes from 78% to 92%, and the Bayesian win probability goes from 86% to 95%.


  • Such a bummer that America “doesn’t win anymore.” Hahahahahaha.


  • Video: Newsweek reporter correctly states that Hannity and Giuliani are ‘amoral sociopaths’ for pushing Clinton ‘illness’ story