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Village Idiot Chris Cillizza Proves Yet Again Why He’s a Village Idiot


Just when you think village idiot Chris Cillizza can’t show any less journalistic integrity or critical thinking ability, he goes ahead and does so. This time, it’s the beyond-brain-dead “narrative” by the national political media that Donald Trump, by falsely claiming some vague, laughable bull**** about feeling “regret” for having “caused personal pain” “in the heat of debate and speaking on a multitude of issues,” he’s now reached the media’s long-anticipated, yearned-for “pivot.”

Why yearned-for? Because the media wants/desperately needs “eyeballs” and “clicks” more than anything, and to get those “eyeballs” and “clicks,” they need an exciting, close presidential race with lots of delicious twists and turns. And if those things don’t exist, perhaps because one candidate is far ahead in the race? Well then, the media will simply invent their own narrative and push it hard so that people believe it. Thus, Trump’s supposed, non-existent, laughable “pivot” now means that the horse race (which is how the Chris Cillizzas of the world treat politics — substance free, who’s up/who’s down) is back on, and who knows what will happen next — stay tuned to The Fix for more exciting developments in coming weeks!!!

Fortunately, there are people much smarter than village idiot Chris Cillizza. For instance, Cillizza’s Post colleague Greg Sargent, who writes that Trump’s ugly and dishonest new TV ad shows he isn’t changing a thing.

Trump’s first general election ad depicts the main problems facing the country as illegal immigration and terrorism, featuring dark, grainy footage of illegal immigrants streaming into the country while vowing to “Make America Safe Again.”

In one respect, the new ad also goes further in its demagoguery than the original GOP primary ad did — it claims that the border is “open.” Broadly speaking, the new Trump ad echoes some of the ugliest elements of thepicture Trump’s convention speech painted of what ails America and what must be done about it — a speech that may have further alienated some of the voter groups he needs to expand his appeal among if he is to turn around his slide.

Also, from the top-rated comments on Cillizza’s own article:

  • “‘I will always tell the truth’. Well there’s one lie right off the bat.”
  • “As another poster said, this must be the ‘I’m sorry, honey’ phase of the abuse cycle.”
  • “I would have been impressed if Trump had apologized to President Obama for years of questioning the President’s citizenship, his education and his decency. That would have shown that Trump had an ounce of regret and humility, but of course he doesn’t.”
  • “Shame on the media for even calling Trump’s statement an ‘apology.’ In an apology, you acknowledge an action you did which was wrong. He just says he regrets the pain some felt at his statements.  The whole sentence is really laughable. “Sometimes in the heat of debate….” you can’t help but mock the body movements of a disabled person? In the heat of debate with others, you can’t help but attack the parents of a hero?”
  • “This was a classic non-apology. He is apologizing only for his choice of words and the pain his poor word choice caused. He is not apologizing for being a racist, bigoted and soulless individual who intentionally went about hurting and trying to humiliate others. His offense was not the words he used but the depravity within his heart and soul.”

Finally, see For which of these two dozen things is Donald Trump finally expressing regret? by Philip Bump, yet another Washington Post colleague of Chris Cillizza’s who is much smarter than Cillizza. Note that NONE of Trump’s offensive remarks – about disabled people, John McCain’s military service, Muslims, Latinos, women, you name it – were made in the “heat of debate;” to the contrary, Trump said them over and over again at his campaign rallies, in his tweets, in his campaign press releases, etc, etc., and repeatedly refused to apologize or back down when offered the opportunity. I mean, do we even have to review the past year plus of Trump’s disgusting behavior? Apparently, in village idiot Chris Cillizza’s case, we do. Ugh.

  • sjberke1

    Oh, heck, Lowell, I don’t have that much use for Cilliza (he seems more concerned with how smart alecky he can be than anything else), but that column is much more skeptical that you make it look. He does point out that the campaign has tried to sell the media on ‘pivots’ before only to have Trump undercut themnd concludes by saying it will take more than on speech to convinc anyone that Trump has changed message or tone.

    • Cillizza starts his article: “[Trump] was measured, on message and, most surprising of all, remorseful over past mistakes.” False, false, false. Cillizza follows that up by claiming the speech marked “a stunning change in tone for a candidate who has built not only his presidential campaign but also his adult life on an unapologetic brashness.” Again, totally false. And then Cillizza states, point blank, the bullshit narrative: “The pivot — that Republicans had hoped and prayed might come — appears to be here.” So..no, not being too hard on this imbecile, especially given the years of imbecility which preceded this latest excrescence.

  • And of course Cillizza absolutely hates Hillary Clinton, is obsessed with the stupid email non-story, and is only one of many corporate media figures who share those fine traits. With Trump, though…all is forgiven!