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Wednesday News: “Tim Kaine Lets Loose on the Campaign Trail, With Music, Beer and Fun”; Sexual Predator Ailes Joins Trump Campaign


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, August 17.

  • Video: Exxon at the Rio Olympics #EnergyLivesHere or #EnergyLiesHere?


  • Quizzical

    Re the McKibben article and climate change, the first thing we need to do is elect leaders who actually see the problem. And the second thing is to support them while in office.

    • I’m confident that Hillary Clinton sees the problem, the question is how much she’ll be able to get done with (or without) Congress – ergo, the need for a Democratic Senate and House if at all possible.

  • Dan Rather

    As all of you who have followed me on Facebook know, I have taken a public stand in this election in the face of Donald Trump that I have never done before in my life.

    I am trying to understand, as a journalist, as a citizen, as a father and grandfather, what has motivated me. And I am not alone. The shockwaves of this unprecedented presidential campaign have reverberated in every newsroom in this country. The election of 2016 will not only be taught in history, sociology, and political science classes – it will be a case study in journalism schools for years to come.

    I am left to wonder if my profession will ever cover politics the same way again. There was a shift like this before. Watergate ushered in a far greater skepticism of government amongst with press, to an extent that none of us at the time could fully appreciate. Now it is clear that it’s happening again.

    With this in mind, I want to bring your attention to a searchingly provocative and thorough article by Ezra Klein on this topic in Vox. To me he is emerging as one of the most thoughtful journalists working today – one driven by a search for deeper understandings and not afraid of wading into complexity and context. He raises many tough questions for us journalists to answer. It is well worth your read and I hope we can have a spirited conversation in the comment section on my page. If you have specific questions you want me to answer on this topic, please post them there and if you see a question you like, please like the comment so that it rises to my attention.
    I would also like to add one final thought to Klein’s treatment of this topic – one that perhaps is deeply personal. It is no secret that I have had a long life and can see further back into the horizons of history than most working journalists today.

    I have seen that what looks like a secure national identity, steeped in the yellowing parchment of our founding documents and promulgated in Washington’s marble temples to our democracy, is a lot more fragile than we would like to believe. I remember the internment of Japanese Americans. I witnessed state-sponsored segregation on the basis of race. I experienced young men dying in a war that contradicted our values and was fueled by lies. I reported on a vast criminal conspiracy (trivialized in my view by the term Watergate) run out of the Oval Office. In short I have seen the grand experiment in self-government wobble on its axis of inevitability.

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” What is not self-evident is that we will have a government that honors these truths as sacrosanct.

    I have peered into the abyss of dysfunction, and it is terrifying. And more than anything that is what is driving me to not be silent.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmId2j3f24M&feature=youtu.be

    Senator Mark Warner: Trump’s Tax Plan Could Give His Family Alone a $4 Billion Tax Break at the Expense of Virginia Families

    As Hillary Clinton outlined the costs of Donald Trump’s proposals to give trillions of dollars in tax breaks to wealthy people like himself and his family, Senator Mark Warner, in an interview with WTVR in Richmond, last night criticized just one of the tax breaks for the wealthy in Trump’s plan, which — if Trump is worth what he says he is, which cannot be confirmed because he has not released his tax returns — could give his own family a $4 billion tax break, at the expense of Virginia families.

    “Let’s look at what Donald Trump is saying,” said Senator Mark Warner. “First of all, I’ve been a business guy longer than I’ve been in politics and what I find stunning about Donald Trump is that, first of all, we don’t even know how successful he is because he won’t release his taxes, unlike every other Democrat and Republican presidential candidate for the last 40 years. One thing we do know about his plan, if he’s as rich as he says he is, his tax plan would lower his personal taxes [by] four billion dollars.”

    Just think about what we could do instead with those $4 billion for investments in Virginia working families:

    Enroll every Virginia 4-year in publicly funded Pre-K who currently lacks access for the next 13 years.

    Provide free community college for all Virginia community college students for the next 7 years.

    Eliminate the outstanding federal student loan debt of 150,000 Virginia student loan borrowers.

    Double children’s health insurance funding for the Commonwealth of Virginia for the next six years.

    Fully cover the child care costs for every Virginia child under the age of 3.

    Replace every single Virginia bridges that is structurally deficient and do it three times.

    While Hillary has a detailed plan to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top, Trump’s plan would run up the debt by trillions to give huge tax breaks to wealthy people like himself and big corporations – rather than investing in hard-working Virginia families.

  • Video: Tim Kaine makes surprise stop at Iowa State Fair https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_4y3_JWhkU

    • Esther Ferington

      The music is what really makes this video.

  • Dianna Richardson

    Re: the Shingles editorial: McAuliffe shills for Dominion Resources, here is what I posted as a comment online in the Roanoke Times:
    Dear Governor McAuliffe,
    It makes me really sad as a Democratic activist and Vice Chair of the Montgomery County Democrats for eight years that the governor I supported and worked for when a Democratic candidate is not open-minded enough to even meet with landowners and other concerned citizens who are opposed to the MVP for very good reasons you would hear about if you listened to them. Two of the important foundations of the Democratic Party are open mindedness and respect for facts. Mr. Shingles has laid out facts and asked questions that need to be answered, the most important of which may be why you ignore citizen concerns while reiterating Dominion talking points.