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Friday News: McDonnell SCOTUS Decision Makes Trump/Bondi Corruption Prosecution Less Likely; Media Needs to Call Out Trump’s Many, Many Lies


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, September 9.

  • New Ad: Hillary Clinton Will Bring People Together To Solve Problems https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIe_hY4OzeY&feature=youtu.be

  • Video: Chris Matthews calls out Trump surrogate Rudy Giuliani for lying about birtherism


  • Video: For anyone who thinks John Kasich is a “moderate” Republican, check out this unabashed bigotry.


  • Video: President Obama says Trump not qualified to be president, and every time he speaks that is confirmed. Also says Trump’s completely unacceptable behavior is becoming normalized. Need to listen to his “outright wacky ideas” and other things Trump says.


  • From the Clinton campaign:

    Number of Generals and Admirals Backing Clinton Grows to 110 After Forum

    An additional 15 retired generals and admirals are endorsing​ ​Hillary Clinton tomorrow. Earlier in the week, 95 retired generals and admirals endorsed Clinton. Clinton is getting the backing of senior military service members and former officials with command and management experience because of her proven record of diplomacy and steady leadership on the world stage. According to recent media reports, Trump has received more than 400 fewer endorsements than Mitt Romney received – 88 to Romney’s 500.

    Major General (ret.) Peter Cooke, USAF – “Anytime anyone states says that generals are rubbish or an individual is not a hero because he or she was captured I find it appalling. I am a citizen soldier with 39 years of military experience. Donald Trump has a lack of knowledge on everything from force structure to NATO to our alliances and partnerships. I’m proud to support Secretary Clinton.”​

    Major General (ret.) John Phillips, USAF – “Secretary Clinton has demonstrated the ability to conduct foreign affairs and achieve the objectives and goals of the United States. She has an incredible ability to engage with the international community and to build new partnerships and strengthen existing ones with our allies. I want a president with the ability to focus on the issues at hand that are the most important for the American people and that person is Hillary Clinton.”

  • Video: Republicans need to pass a clean Zika funding bill ASAP!


  • Quizzical
    • Except his voters and the “alt right” (but I repeat myself).

  • Video: Bill Clinton – “If you’re a white southerner you know exactly what [“Make America Great Again”] means,” and it’s not good.


  • Dan Rather nails it:

    To my colleagues in the press, enough with the darn Clinton emails. I do not say this as someone who has, or will, endorse Hillary Clinton for president. And this is not to suggest that I don’t have serious questions about how she would act in office. It’s exactly because of these questions – like what will she do about North Korea, or Russia, or Syria, or our crumbling infrastructure, or our disparities in education, or any of the other thousands of important issues she will have to face as president – that I think it is long past time to move the conversation forward.

    This is not to say that that the emails aren’t, or at least weren’t, a legitimate issue, but we have asked the questions and heard her answers. Whether people find them sufficient is something they can take into the voting booth in November. As this strong Washington Post editorial makes clear (mind you from a page that has not always been kind to Secretary Clinton or Democrats) this issue has been excessively vetted and there exists a deep wave of misinformation about it amongst the electorate.

    C’mon folks. This is a serious, difficult, and at times dangerous world. And unlike Donald Trump, Clinton has articulated some very detailed ideas. But what a campaign should be about is drilling down into those details to flesh them out. That should be the standard for both candidates. What makes almost all of this impossible is the serious lack of depth on the part of Donald Trump’s policy proposals. You should have to know something to be president of the United States, and yet it seems that he is allowed to duck and dive. Perhaps the most effective critiques of the Trump Know-Nothing Phenomenon have come been his principled conservative critics who recognize the grave dangers of vapidity. It’s what led the Dallas Morning News, a newspaper that last endorsed a Democrat in 1940, to choose to throw its weight behind Clinton for President – just the latest in a long line of such endorsements.

    We know this election will be studied by future generations, and those of us alive today will, and should, be judged by our actions.

  • Statement From Hillary Clinton On North Korea’s Nuclear Test

    Hillary Clinton released the following statement Friday on North Korea’s nuclear test:

    “North Korea’s decision to conduct another nuclear test is outrageous and unacceptable. I strongly condemn this reckless action, which – coupled with its recent series of missile launches – makes clear Pyongyang’s determination to develop a deliverable nuclear weapon. This constitutes a direct threat to the United States, and we cannot and will never accept this.

    I support President Obama’s call to both strengthen the sanctions passed earlier this year with the United Nations and to impose additional sanctions. At the same time, we must strengthen defense cooperation with our allies in the region; South Korea and Japan are critical to our missile defense system, which will protect us against a North Korean missile. China plays a critical role, too, and must meaningfully increase pressure on North Korea – and we must make sure they do.

    This is another reminder that America must elect a President who can confront the threats we face with steadiness and strength. We need a Commander-in-Chief committed to a bipartisan foreign policy, who can bring together top experts with deep experience to solve the toughest challenges. And we need a President committed to reducing – not increasing – the number of nuclear weapons and nuclear states in the world. More countries with nuclear weapons in Northeast Asia would increase the chances of the unthinkable happening. We cannot take that risk.”

  • Meet The All-Star Line-Up of Anti-Choice, Anti-LGBT, and Islamophobic Activists Trump Is Addressing At Today’s Values Voters Summit

    Today, Donald Trump is delivering remarks at the annual Values Voters Summit, a political conference that has brought together some of the most extreme individuals of the far right and further exposed the extent to which Trump and his advisors have embraced disturbing and dangerous views. This year’s conference features a range of views espousing hate towards communities spanning from women and Muslims, to LGBT individuals and families.

    According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, each year the summit’s speakers include a sample of the country’s most prominent GOP politicians — many of them hard-right allies of these extremist groups. Among the positions that we can expect to hear: denigrating the right to marriage equality for LGBT couples; opposition to providing access to contraception and women’s healthcare; and the promotion of Islamophobic views, among others.

    By appearing and addressing today’s conference, Trump is legitimizing the views of its speakers. Below is just a small sample of those views:

    Speakers have expressed insensitivity and promoted offensive and untrue theories about the LGBT community:
    Trump adviser Michelle Bachmann famously claimed the “gay community” would abolish age of consent laws so adults could prey on little children.
    David Barton, who endorsed Trump, believes AIDS was the consequence of “homosexual behavior.” Trump backers Laura Ingraham and Rick Santorum claimed legalized same-sex marriage would lead to polygamy, with Santorum going so far as to compare gay relationships to “man on dog” relationships.
    Trump endorser Jerry Boykin referred to being transgender as “ungodly.”
    Trump backers Kirk Cameron and James Lankford both argued that being LGBTwas a choice that didn’t have to be acted upon.
    Oliver North, a staunch Trump supporter, once said “I have never met a single senior non-commissioned officer in any service who said to me anything like: ‘we need some homosexuals and lesbians out here to help us accomplish our mission.’”
    Kelly Shackelford, who attended a meeting with Trump and other evangelical leaders this summer, denied there was a constitutional right to “engage in homosexual sodomy.”
    Ryan Bomberger called homophobia a myth and said, “If you disagree with someone who has a habitual stealing problem, are you a kleptophobic?”
    Elaine Donnelly has spent a significant portion of her life fighting to prevent LGBT individuals from serving in the military, warning in the 1990s they would join to take advantage of the medical benefits because they were at high risk for AIDS.
    women and women’s healthcare…
    Michelle Bachmann, a Trump adviser, bizarrely warned that Obama was putting abortion pills in the bubble gum aisle for young girls.
    Trump endorser Oliver North compared fighting against a woman’s constitutional right to an abortion to abolitionists fighting to end slavery.
    Trump backer Rick Santorum took the metaphor even further and said that “unlike abortion today, in most states even the slaveholder did not have the unlimited right to kill his slave.” Santorum’s anti-woman rhetoric doesn’t end there – he even said women have no constitutional right to access birth control and believed states should be able to ban women from obtaining it.
    A number of Trump endorsers who oppose a woman’s constitutional right to anabortion, without any exceptions, and advocate for defunding Planned Parenthood will be speaking including, Jim Bridenstine, Jim Jordan, Kirk Cameron, Tom Cotton, Doug Ducey, James Lankford, and Reince Priebus.
    …as well as the Muslim community and Islam as a whole
    Trump endorser Ret. Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin was reprimanded by George W. Bush for framing the war on a terror as a battle between a ‘Christian nation’ and the “idol” of Islam. Southern Poverty Law Center considers him an extremist – possibly because he didn’t think Islam should be protected under the First Amendment.
    Sebastian Gorka, who advised Trump on policy last year, will speak, possibly on “Muslim Brotherhood Overruns National Cathedral in DC.”
    Tim Wildmon, who Trump met with this summer, will also speak and could conceivably reiterate his claim that Islam was a religion of war, violence and intolerance.