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Gary Johnson Wants to Watch the World Burn


by The Green Miles

Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party candidate for president, says we should do nothing about global warming. That would doom children born today to temperatures eight degrees higher, six feet of sea level rise, monster storms, runaway heat waves, and trillions of dollars in economic losses.

That means Gary Johnson isn’t a libertarian on global warming. Libertarians aren’t in favor of letting one party (the coal, oil and gas industries) harm everyone else with no consequence. They’re in favor of minimal government intervention, sure – say, a carbon tax – but actual libertarians aren’t any more in favor of letting polluters run rampant than they are in letting murders walk free.

Johnson is a climate nihilist, saying the world’s going end someday anyway, so why bother trying to protect our children? As with his Syria ignorance, Johnson seems like a dim bulb with no interest in serious policy.

I’m voting for Hillary Clinton, the strongest pro-science candidate with a strong climate policy.

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  • Elaine Owens

    Watching Gary Johnson address the climate change issue, I was struck by one thing. He constantly has a “deer in the headlights” look whenever he speaks on complex subjects. His “ideas” are usually so far-fetched that they are completely ridiculous. I found it mind-boggling when, finally learning what Aleppo was, he boiled down a civil war creating a massive refugee problem that affects many countries and causing great suffering, ascribing the whole situation to America and Russia interfering in Syria. Then, to hear him say the earth was warming, that man’s activities contributed to that, but we should build more coal-fired power plants, justifying his reasoning by speculation that the sun would burn out in four billion years, so “What, me worry?” Wow, not only do we have a bonafide white supremacist as the nominee of the GOP, but we have Alfred E. Newman dressed up as a libertarian and smoking some of his company’s weed running on the Libertarian Party label.

    • The guy is in la-la land….

  • Speaking of people who want to watch the world burn…our old friend Cooch remains completely insane.