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Thursday News: Trump Praises Putin; Lauer Lets Trump Lie; Campaign 2016 Media #FAIL


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, September 8.

  • HFA Response to Commander-in-Chief Forum

    In response to tonight’s forum, Hillary for America Chair John Podesta released the following statement:

    “The difference tonight could not have been more clear. Hillary Clinton showed a firm command of the issues and the qualifications, experience and judgment to be commander in chief. In contrast, the nominee of the party of Ronald Reagan just attacked America’s generals and showered praise on Russia’s president. Trump sputtered his way through the forum, making clear his secret ISIS plan is no plan at all, doubling down on the idea that the military should have known better than to have men and women serve together and lying yet again about his early support for the war in Iraq.”

  • Clinton Calls for Passage of the Miners Protection Act, Investments in Coal Communities

    Today, as members of the United Mine Workers of America rally on the steps of the Capitol, Hillary Clinton issued a statement calling on Congress to pass the bipartisan Miners Protection Act—which Senator Tim Kaine is a co-sponsor of—before thousands of retirees and dependents start losing their benefits later this year:

    “I firmly believe that if you spent your life keeping the lights on for our country, we can’t leave you in the dark. For more than a century, America’s coal miners have put their own health and safety at risk to provide affordable and reliable energy for the nation. They are entitled to the benefits they have earned and the respect they deserve.

    “That’s why I am proud to stand with Senator Joe Manchin and the United Mine Workers of America in calling on Congressional Republicans to stop playing politics and give the Miners Protection Act a vote before the benefits of these hardworking men and women start expiring later this year.

    “We also have a shared responsibility to reinvest in the coal communities that have been an engine of American economic growth. That’s why last fall, I proposed a comprehensive revitalization and job creation plan including building 21st-century infrastructure and high-speed broadband, repurposing abandoned minelands and power plants to support new economic activity, and creating a Coal Communities Challenge Fund to support locally-driven economic development priorities in small business, agriculture, health care, tourism, housing, and other industries.

    “And we need to invest in carbon capture and sequestration, which will reduce emissions from coal and natural gas combustion, and will help us meet the global climate challenge more quickly and at lower cost, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. That’s why I support Senator Heidi Heitkamp and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage Act, which Senator Kaine has also co-sponsored.”

    Throughout her campaign, Hillary Clinton has stood up for the healthcare and retirement security of American miners and their families and challenged attempts by coal companies, including Patriot Coal, Peabody Energy, Alpha Natural Resources, and Walter Energy to use bankruptcy courts to shirk their responsibilities.

    While under pressure some of these companies have since reversed course, a federal backstop is required to protect coal miners, their families, and their communities. Hillary Clinton has called for such a backstop as part of her plan to revitalize coal communities.

  • Video: For any progressive thinking (insanely) about voting for Gary Johnson…uh, Aleppo? HELLO??? Earth to Gary Johnson???


  • Video: Ronald Reagan’s children have choice words for Donald Trump


  • Video: Brian Stelter and Dylan Byers explain why Matt Lauer’s interview with Trump was such a debacle (starting at 1:48 of this video)


    • A_Siegel

      Even this discussion gives Lauer too much credit and softens criticism of him.

  • Video: Hillary Clinton says Donald Trump “trash talked American Generals,” “praised Russia’s strongman Vladimir Putin.”

    1. On Trump denigrating and suggesting he would fire America’s Generals

    Clinton: “He trash talked American Generals, saying they’d been ‘reduced to rubble.’ He suggested he would fire them and replace them with hand-picked Generals. He attacked dozens of former flag officers by saying that, quote, ‘We have been losing for us for a very long time.’ That’s how he talks about distinguished men and women who have spent their lives serving our country, sacrificing for us. That’s how he would act as commander-in-chief.”

    2. On Trump praising Vladimir Putin

    Clinton: “Meanwhile, bizarrely once again he praised Russia’s strongman Vladimir Putin, even taking the astonishing step of suggesting that he prefers the Russian President to our American President. Now, that is not just unpatriotic and insulting to the people of our country as well as to our commander-in-chief, it is scary. Because it suggests he will let Putin do whatever Putin wants to do, and then make excuses for him. I was just thinking about all of the Presidents that would just be looking at one another in total astonishment. What would Ronald Reagan say about a Republican nominee who attacks America’s Generals and heaps praise on Russia’s President? I think we know the answer.”

    3. On how, when it comes to stopping the spread of global terrorism, Trump’s answer was simply: Take the oil

    Clinton: “And when asked how he would stop the spread of global terrorism, Trump’s answer was simply, take the oil. The United States of America does not invade other countries to plunder and pillage. We don’t send our brave men and women around the world to steal oil. And that’s not even getting into the absurdity of what it would involve: Massive infrastructure, large numbers of troops, many years on the ground. Of course, Trump hasn’t thought through any of that.”


  • Video: Full Hillary Clinton press conference


  • Quizzical

    Interesting news story about an intelligence briefing attended by Trump with his team.
    I had never before seen a story about what goes on in an intelligence briefing of a Presidential candidate. I didn’t even realize that the candidate gets to take in a whole team of advisers. Reading between the lines, it appears that Trump’s military advisers tried to pump the briefers for information about events years ago, which they could use to make political attacks on President Obama’s decisions.

    • They need to stop briefing Trump and investigate him for any release of classified material.

      • True Blue

        Yes, or keep the briefings even briefer. It makes one wonder if pillow talk or body language has helped to divulge secrets to Boris and Natasha.

        Steve Canteloupe King was making excuses for this, and giving validity to the thought that Putin was leading Russia better than Obama leads America. Yes, invading other countries is so “leaderly.”

        In North Carolina Hillary announced that even more support has been coming from the military community today. No surprise!

  • True Blue

    Visiting Cleveland again, this time for a big education tour? This is a great read about charter scam; rated “D” for performance index and “F” for indicators met by the Ohio Board of Education in 2014, managed as a subsidiary of Pansophic Learning which is owned by a Saudi Businessman, and according to its 2014 990, had a deficit of $1.8 million.


  • From Robert Reich:

    Of many oddities last night in Donald Trump’s handling of questions over how he’d function as commander-in-chief, during NBC’s “Commander-in-Chief Forum” last night, 4 stand out:

    1. Instead of explaining his previous comment that he knew more about the Islamic State than America’s generals, he instead disparaged those generals by saying they’d been “reduced to rubble.” Then he suggested his plan to defeat the Islamic State — long something he said was a secret — would instead be formulated with help from top generals. Then he casually indicated he might just fire most of the generals anyway.

    2. Trump returned to the old idea that America should have taken Iraq’s oil after ousting Saddam Hussein, in violation of international law. He once suggested this should have happened to provide revenue to wounded soldiers; now he argues it would have blocked the rise of the Islamic State (or ISIS, as he calls the group). He also said he had always been against the Iraq War, when in fact he’s on record in the past as supporting it.

    3. He said he’d have “different generals” heading the military. But under law, a president can’t summarily fire generals. During a debate in March, Trump was asked what he would do if the military refused to carry out his orders to commit acts of torture or target civilians. “They won’t refuse,” Trump replied. “They’re not going to refuse me. Believe me.”

    4. Trump said that Russian president Vladimir Putin has “been a leader far more than our president has been.” Hello? Putin — who has squelched dissent in Russia and taken over parts of Crimea is more of a leader than President Obama? Apparently, to Trump, “leadership” means dictatorial control.

    At a forum specifically designed to probe how Trump would function as command-in-chief, he displayed complete ignorance of his authority as commander-in-chief, as well as of democracy.

  • Well deserved!

    LCV Action Fund Endorses Don Beyer for Re-Election to U.S. House

    WASHINGTON, DC—The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Action Fund, which works to elect candidates who will implement sound environmental policies, announced its endorsement of Don Beyer for re-election to U.S. Congress (VA-08). After campaigning on the urgent need to address the climate crisis, Beyer has quickly established himself as an environmental leader in the U.S. House of Representatives.

    “Congressman Don Beyer has consistently said that climate change is one of the top issues facing our nation and world, and has not wasted one second in jumping full-force into the effort to make Congress act on this crisis,” said LCV Action Fund President Gene Karpinski. “I’m proud to personally call Don Beyer my Congressman and to have someone with his impressive experience and enthusiasm fighting alongside the League of Conservation Voters.”

    “Virginia has so much potential to lead our country in addressing climate change and moving towards a clean energy economy – and few of our political leaders understand this as well as Congressman Beyer,” said Virginia League of Conservation Voters Executive Director Michael Town. “He has been a tremendous addition to the Commonwealth’s Congressional delegation; we know he can always be relied on to protect our air, land, water and wildlife.”

    “I am delighted to again have the endorsement of the League of Conservation Voters Action Fund, an essential leader for environmental values and policies,” said Congressman Beyer. “I will continue to work alongside LCV for environmental education and progress.”

    Congressman Beyer has a long and distinguished record of public service. He is a successful businessman, served two terms as Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor from 1990 to 1998, helped lead President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team at the U.S. Department of Commerce, and served as United States Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Beyer’s long record of environmental leadership includes serving as a member of then-Governor Tim Kaine’s Commission on Climate Change and implementing sustainability measures at the U.S. Embassy in Switzerland that led to 40 percent carbon pollution reductions. A member of the Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition (SEEC) and Safe Climate Caucus, he has been a fierce advocate for the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, which sets the first ever limits on carbon pollution from power plants.

    Beyer has used his positions on the House Committee on Natural Resources and the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology to champion the environment, including opposing drilling off Virginia’s coast and introducing legislation to ban seismic airgun blasting. He has continually defended clean water policies from Congressional attack, and with Representative Mark DeSaulnier (CA-11), he introduced an amendment to the America COMPETES Act to try to keep reducing greenhouse gases as one of the goals of ARPA-E research. He also introduced two amendments to the National Energy Security Corridors Act to protect national parks from pipeline development.

    Representative Beyer earned an impressive 97 percent score on LCV’s 2015 National Environmental Scorecard. The non-partisan Scorecard is the nationally accepted yardstick used to rate members of Congress on environmental and clean energy issues. Based on key environmental votes in the House and Senate, it is often used by the media to quickly describe a Member’s record. For more information, visit http://scorecard.lcv.org.

    Beyer is featured on LCV Action Fund’s GiveGreen website, the only bundling website devoted excl

  • Video: The nightmare of what a Trump presidency would look like…ugh


  • Statement by Bob McDonnell on feds dropping case against him:

    Today is a great day in which my family and I rejoice. More than 3 1/2 years after learning of an investigation, the final day of vindication has arrived. I have deep gratitude to the justices of the United States Supreme Court for their unanimous June reversal of the convictions. Today, I express my appreciation to the US Department of Justice for applying the correct rule of law articulated by the Supreme Court, and asking for these cases to be dismissed. I thank them for doing justice for me, my family, my friends, my Commonwealth and its servants, and for all those involved in the democratic process.

    Throughout this ordeal I have strongly proclaimed my innocence. I would never do, nor consider doing, anything that would violate the trust of the citizens of Virginia I served during 22 years in state elected office. These wrongful convictions were based on a false narrative and incorrect law.

    Forty-three months ago I was a heartbroken man. I struggled to daily summon the strength to perform my cherished final months of duties as Governor, being accused by my country of committing crimes of which I knew I was innocent. I have learned to be patient, to trust and wait upon the Lord, and to live each day being content with His Daily Bread.

    I have become grateful for this experience of suffering, having used it to examine deeply all aspects of my life, and my role in the circumstances that led to this painful time for my beloved family and Commonwealth. I am thankful to God for teaching me new lessons about His grace, mercy, and providence.

    I have begun to consider how I might repurpose my life for further service to my fellow man outside of elected office. Polls and politics no longer seem that important. People and policies are.

    We have the finest law enforcement officers and best justice system in the world in the United States of America. It usually gets it right in the end.

    I cannot thank deeply enough those who steadfastly supported my family and me through this long walk through the dark valley. I was blessed with a faithful and competent legal team, who advocated my cause zealously at every step, committed to prevailing. I was astonished by the remarkable bipartisan amicus brief support we received from a broad cross section of American leaders who saw the injustice. Virginians and people across the country, both friends and strangers, showered me with expressions of love and encouragement. I have learned that the words “amazing grace” and “supernatural peace” are the essence of God’s unfailing love for his people.

    I know not fully what the future holds as I enter the “fourth quarter” of life. I do know it will be a wonderful adventure, beginning with 4 blessed new grandchildren, a new small business, countless new friends, and multiple new ministry opportunities.
    There will be a day and time to talk further about these matters, but today is one of thanksgiving.

  • Hillary for Virginia Announces 100-Member Veterans and Military Families Steering Committee

    Today, Hillary for Virginia announced the launch of its “Virginia Veterans and Military Families for Hillary” Steering Committee – a group of more than 100 Virginia veterans and military family members who support Clinton and her detailed proposals to protect our nation and support military communities.

    While Clinton has the qualifications, experience and judgment to be Commander in Chief, Donald Trump has shown that he is temperamentally unfit to lead and his agenda would threaten the safety and security of families across Virginia. This week alone, Trump attacked America’s generals, continued heaping praise on Vladimir Putin, made it clear he has no plan to combat ISIS, and doubled down on the idea that the military should have known better than to have men and women serve together.

    Among those joining the committee today are military parents Governor Terry McAuliffe, Dorothy McAuliffe, Anne Holton, and Senator Tim Kaine, who said in a major national security speech this week, “As a military father, Donald Trump’s disrespect for our military infuriates me.”

    “Virginia Veterans and Military Families for Hillary” will continue to expand. Members of the public can text “VA” to 47246 or sign up at hillaryclinton.com/Virginia to receive more information about campaign events happening in their areas.

    Joining the Virginia Veterans and Military Families for Hillary Steering Committee today:

    Senator Tim Kaine, Military Father – Richmond
    Governor Terry McAuliffe, Military Father – Richmond
    Anne Holton, Military Mother – Richmond
    Dorothy McAuliffe, Military Mother – Richmond
    Lt. Governor Ralph Northam, Major, U.S. Army – Eastern Shore
    Julius Becton, Lt. General , U.S. Army (Ret.) – Springfield
    Dan Christman, Lt. General, U.S. Army (Ret.) – Alexandria
    Christopher Cole, Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.) – Vienna
    Al Edmonds, Lt. General, U.S. Air Force (Ret.) – Burke
    John Morgan, Lt. General, U.S. Army (Ret.) – Waterford
    Norm Seip, Lt. General, U.S. Air Force (Ret.) – Alexandria
    Kevin Green, Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.) – Centreville
    Bruce Grooms, Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.) – Virginia Beach
    Mari K. Eder, Major General, U.S. Army (Ret.) – Locust Grove
    Jerry Harrison, Major General, U.S. Army (Ret.) – Annandale
    Fred Leigh, Major General, U.S. Army (Ret.) – Manassas
    Robert Nabors, Major General, U.S. Army (Ret.) – Fairfax Station
    Charles Williams, Major General, U.S. Army (Ret.) – Potomac Falls
    Stephen Cheney, Brigadier General, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.) – Alexandria
    Julia Cleckley, Brigadier General, U.S. Army (Ret.) – Fredericksburg
    John Douglass, Brigadier General, U.S. Air Force (Ret.) – Alexandria
    Lawrence Gillespie, Brigadier General, U.S. Army (Ret.) – Fairfax
    John Johns, Brigadier General, U.S. Army (Ret.) – Leesburg
    David McGinnis, Brigadier General, U.S. Army (Ret.) – Williamsburg
    Earl Simms, Brigadier General, U.S. Army (Ret.) – Ashburn
    Marianne Watson, Brigadier General, U.S. Army (Ret.) – Star Tannery
    Stephen Xenakis, Brigadier General, U.S. Army (Ret.)- Arlington
    Jamie Barnett, Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.) – Arlington
    Michael Smith, Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.) – Annandale
    Melanie Avery, U.S. Army – Loudoun
    Bernard Baker, U.S. Air Force – Danville
    David Belote, U.S. Air Force – Virginia Beach
    Kenneth Bernstein, U.S. Marine Corp – Arlington
    Mack Bonner, U.S. Navy – Virginia Beach
    Andrew Borene, U.S. Marine Corps – McLean
    Tanya Bradsher, U.S. Army – Lorton
    Bill Brown, U.S. Air Force – North Chesterfield
    Rudy Burwell, U.S. Army – Arlington
    Nicole Carry, U.S. Navy – Norfolk
    Gregory Chaney, U.S. Marine Corps – Alexandria
    Charley Conrad, U.S. Navy – Arlington
    Margaret Cope, U.S. Air Force – Arlington
    Carolyn Cornelius, U.S. Marine Corps – Hampton
    Marilee Cunningham, U.S. Navy – Alexandria
    Leo Cruz, U.S. Navy – Alexandria
    Dan Dagher, U.S. Air Force – Alexandria
    Jenny Davis, U.S. Army – Springfield
    Bruce DeGrazia, U.S. Navy – Vienna
    Carlos Del Toro, U.S. Navy – Alexandria
    Jim Donovan, U.S. Navy – Virginia Beach
    Gregory Douquet, U.S. Marine Corps – McLean
    Deloise Evans, U.S. Air Force – Manassas
    Anthony Fasolo, U.S. Army – Leesburg
    Linwood Fisher, U.S. Navy – Norfolk
    Bill Fleming, U.S. Army – Virginia Beach
    Christopher Fletcher, U.S. Army – Arlington
    Harry Foxwell, U.S. Army – Fairfax
    Brandon Friedman, U.S. Air Force – Fairfax
    Leonard Funk, U.S.Army – Arlington
    Kia Hamel, U.S. Navy – Fairfax
    Michele Hammond, U.S. Army – Hampton
    John Harvey, U.S. Army – Bristol
    Margaret Hendricks, U.S. Army – Williamsburg
    James T. Henry, U.S. Air Force – Hampton
    Richard James, U.S. Army – Portsmouth
    Rick James, U.S. Army – Norfolk
    Chris Jaramillo, U.S. Navy – Virginia Beach
    Charles Jones, U.S. Army – Richmond
    Susan Kellom, U.S. Army – Alexandria
    Bernard Kellom Jr., U.S. Army – Alexandria
    Richard Klass, U.S. Air Force – Arlington
    Barry Kowalski, U.S. Marine Corps – Arlington
    Dan Lagana, U.S. Army – Mount Vernon
    James Lander, U.S. Navy – Arlington
    Martin Lewis-Gonzalez, U.S. Navy – Arlington
    Carole Lieber, Military Family Member – Arlington
    Henry Mack, U.S. Navy – Richmond
    Dan Mcconnell, U.S. Army – Arlington
    Justin McFarlin, U.S. Army – Lorton
    Nancy McPherson, U.S Coast Guard – Chesapeake
    Edward Francis Meagher, U.S. Air Force – Great Falls
    Bryce Mendez, U.S Navy – Arlington
    Will Moffitt, U.S. Air Force – Hampton
    Inger Nilsson, U.S Army – Alexandria
    Jimmy Ochan, U.S. Marine Corps – Arlington
    Jacob Plummer, U.S. Army – Tappahannock
    Bill Paige, U.S Army – Atlantic
    Suzanne Patrick, U.S Navy – Virginia Beach
    Eric Peterson, U.S Marine Corps – Norfolk
    Joseph Petrucelli, U.S Navy – Vienna
    Willie Randall, U.S Army – Cape Charles
    Dmitri Roberts, U.S Navy – Stafford
    John Rosenthall, U.S Army – Fairfax
    Khadijah Sellers, U.S Army – Hampton
    Terron Sims, II U.S Army – Arlington
    Porcher L. Taylor, Jr., U.S. Army – Petersburg
    Adam Tiffen, U.S Air National Guard – Fairfax
    Mike Turner, U.S Air Force – Alexandria
    Theresa Watkins, U.S Army – Portsmouth
    Bruce Waxman, U.S Army – Arlington
    Patricia Webb, U.S. Air Force – Alexandria
    Harry Wiggins, U.S. Army – Prince William County
    Lauren Zapf, U.S Navy – Ashburn
    Victoria Almquist, Military Daughter – Alexandria
    Molly Behr, Military Spouse – Arlington
    Sandra Brandt, Military Mother/Daughter – Virginia Beach
    Leah Dagher, Military Daughter – Alexandria
    Richelle Edmonds, Military Spouse – Stafford
    Leslie Frazier, Military Daughter -Richmond
    Kimberly Hayes Pollard, Military Spouse – Alexandria
    Elisabeth Johnson, Military Spouse – Alexandria
    Brittany Kirk, Military Spouse – Alexandria
    State Senator Don McEachin, Military Family Member – Richmond
    Patricia Ochan, Military Spouse – Arlington
    Elisabeth Palmer Johnson, Military Spouse – Alexandria

  • HFA Statement in Response to Trump’s Education Speech Today in Cleveland

    In response to Trump’s dangerous education proposals announced during his speech today in Cleveland, HFA Senior Policy Advisor Maya Harris offered the following statement:

    “It’s no surprise that Donald Trump—whose only experience when it comes to education is his fraudulent ‘Trump University’—offered education policies that would prove disastrous for our public schools, our educators, and most importantly, our kids. Let’s be clear: Trump’s proposal to apparently gut nearly 30 percent of the federal education budget and turn it into private school vouchers would decimate public schools across America and deprive our most vulnerable students of the education they deserve.

    “Hillary Clinton believes that the public school system is one of the pillars of our democracy. As president she will fight to strengthen our public schools to ensure every student receives a world-class education, regardless of their ZIP code.”

  • I’m not surprised by the Richmond Dem Committee endorsement of Levar Stoney, since I’d been hearing for weeks (months?) that that was a done deal. I’m a bit surprised that DPVA would be so blatantly putting its finger on the scales for one candidate in a local mayor’s race, but I guess I shouldn’t be really…

    DPVA Statement on the Richmond Democratic Committee’s Endorsement of Levar Stoney for Mayor

    Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) Chairwoman Susan Swecker released the following statement in support of the Richmond Democratic Committee’s endorsement of Levar Stoney:

    “Levar Stoney has the fresh vision and experience needed to lead Richmond into a new chapter in our city’s history. Levar is a principled Democrat with a long history of advocating for restorative justice and progressive values that would be the hallmark of a new Richmond. The overwhelming support for Levar within the Richmond Democratic Committee speaks volumes about his commitment to fighting for the people of Richmond.

    “I’ve had the privilege of knowing Levar Stoney for more than a decade while he has held multiple leadership roles, including Executive Director at the Democratic Party of Virginia. He had the respect of his peers, elected officials, activists and members of the community. When there was an problem, he rolled up his sleeves and worked diligently to find solutions. Levar brings unparalleled passion and work ethic to every project and person he meets.

    “DPVA echoes the Richmond Democratic Committee’s confidence in Levar’s ability to usher in a new and prosperous Richmond.”