Thursday News: Trump Supporters’ Bizarre Conspiracy Theories; “A U.S. election of global...

Thursday News: Trump Supporters’ Bizarre Conspiracy Theories; “A U.S. election of global consequences”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, September 22. Also check out The Daily Show interviewing Trump supporters about their insane conspiracy theories. How about Bill Clinton having contracted AIDS from sex with Magic Johnson, a Hillary Clinton “body double,” “Obama is a Muslim, he’s a terrorist” (nor was he born here), “Barack Obama played a big part in 9/11.” These people would be funny if they weren’t so…uh, just watch and decide for yourself.

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    ​​”After spending 5 years championing a conspiracy theory to undermine our first African American President, Donald Trump hasn’t actually changed his mind.
    He only gave his 36 second press statement last week to try to change the subject – and it didn’t work.” ​​– HFA Spokesman Jesse Ferguson

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    Video: Trump brags that there’s nothing like doing things with OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY

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    I continue to place very little validity in Roanoke College “polls,” but for what it’s worth, here’s their latest showing Clinton up 7 points in Virginia in four-way matchup, 11 points in two-way matchup.

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    The non-psycho/Trumpian version of “Skittles”×1024.jpg

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    Video: Hillary Clinton on “Between Two Ferns” With Zach Galifianakis

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    Fraud on the elderly. DOJ is doing something finally.

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    Bob McDonnell welcomed back to Twitter with…uh, pointed question.

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    Video: Eric Byler reports, “Students Stage a ‘Die-In’ For Keith Scott”

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    Video: Eric Byler reports from Charlotte, NC

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    Video: Tim Kaine Campaigns in Reno, NV. “Do you believe in climate science or don’t you? […] Do you believe women should be able to make their own healthcare decisions? […]. Do you believe in LGBT equality or not? […] Do you believe we ought to do immigration reform? […] And, finally, do you think we ought to do something about college affordability? If you do, Hillary and I are with you and the other guys are against you.”

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    I received a nice letter from Donald J. Trump, asking me for money in the name of Republican unity. It is interesting to see Trump’s main selling points.

    First is Hillary Clinton, whom he invokes three times on the first page. (Unfortunately for him, I like Hillary. Always have.)

    Second is the danger that Cinton will lock in and expand the Obama agenda, including ObamaCare.
    (I agree that Hillary would do everything in her power to stop the repeal of ObamaCare. I like that.)

    Third is the danger of political correctness replacing free speech. (Nobody likes political correctness, especially when imposed by deplorables.)

    Fourth is build the wall and get Mexico to pay for it. (Better save the money for sea walls and other “resiliency” measures.)

    Fifth is trade and Trump Says we are already in a trade war with China, Japan, Vietnam, India, and Mexico. (Make America have a Great Depression Again.)

    Sixth is consequences for US companies that move their jobs and profits overseas. (Ok)

    Seventh is a military buildup. (Why? Seems like every month I’m seeing a newly commissioned warship for the US Navy.)

    Eighth is getting rid of ISIS fast. (That secret plan.)

    Ninth is taking great care of our veterans. ( we are paying 190 billion a year now to take care of our vets. Maybe the services can be delivered better but the VA is being run now by the former CEO of Proctor & Gamble. Pretty hard to beat that.)

    The rest is back to Crooked Hillary. (I’m immune to the crooked Hillary BS, sorry)

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      Yeah, I’ve been getting crazed fundraising emails from the Trump campaign for a couple weeks now. What a bunch of nuts!