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Tuesday News: “Save the Republican Party: Vote for Clinton”; “Virginia Republicans’ essentially racist project”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, September 6. Also check out President Obama speaking in Laos.

  • Video: New Ad Spotlights Trump’s History of Disrespect for Veterans and Military Families


  • True Blue

    The “best” thing; watching Joy Reid’s fabulous segment yesterday with Fernand Armandi, Eric Boehlert, Gian Carlo Perresutti, and the argumentative interruptive surrogate Steve Cortez regarding Pam Bondi’s acceptance of “pay to play” campaign donation:


    Chris Wallace’s announcement about not fact-checking and wanting a WWF style debate should disqualify him from moderating debates; a petition was started to add Joy Reid to co-moderate the last one.

  • True Blue
  • Michelle Obama to Campaign for Clinton, Kaine in Northern Virginia

    On Friday, September 16, First Lady Michelle Obama will campaign for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine in Northern Virginia. At a public organizing event, the First Lady will urge Virginians, especially young people, to support Clinton and Kaine in November and register to vote ahead of the October 17 deadline.

    More details about this event will be released soon. Members of the public interested in attending this event should RSVP here.

  • From Correct the Record:

    Today, Correct The Record President Brad Woodhouse released the following statement on Donald Trump’s campaign event in Virginia Beach, Virginia:

    “In a scripted event this afternoon, top Trump ally General Michael Flynn spoon fed The Donald questions about our country’s most urgent threats—and somehow Trump still managed to embarrass himself,” said Brad Woodhouse, President of Correct The Record. “This afternoon, Trump once again proved how unprepared he is to be our next Commander-in-Chief. He falsely claimed China controls North Korea, lied about his support for the war in Iraq and once again said he wants a closer relationship with the Kremlin. The fact is that Trump can’t answer real questions about our national security and has no clue how to protect the American people. A canned event can’t hide the fact that Trump lacks the temperament and knowledge to keep our country safe.”

  • Video: Hillary Clinton holds a rally at the University of South Florida in Tampa


  • Video: Bill Clinton mocks Trump for calling the Clinton Foundation (rated even higher than the Red Cross) a “criminal enterprise” and for donating to the Florida AG who was investigating Trump U. “And mysteriously, the investigation vanished.”


  • Video: Tim Kaine on Trump’s “offensive” belief a woman shouldn’t be president – “it’s bad for our country”


  • Quizzical

    The good news today is that we don’t have to worry anymore about Democrats becoming complacent. Still, there are Rapids ahead for Trump, due to the Trump University case.