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Video: Substitute “Barbara Comstock” for “Pat Toomey” in Elizabeth Warren’s Speech About Trump


If you substitute the words “Barbara Comstock” for “Pat Toomey” in the following speech (see video below) by Sen. Elizabeth Warren yesterday afternoon in Philadelphia, I think you pretty much have it nailed. Here’s a transcript, with Toomey’s name replaced with Comstock’s. Enjoy!

So, through all of this, where has your big, brave [Congresswoman Barbara Comstock] been? Well, [Comstock’s] trying to hide out, [she’s] trying to duck and weave. But despite everything that Donald Trump says, [Barbara Comstock] still won’t say that [she] won’t vote for him.  So I have a question: how much more does [Barbara Comstock] have to hear from Donald Trump to FINALLY stand up and say “no, that is wrong and I will not support Donald Trump?” What’s it going to take?

Well, let’s think about it. Because Trump calls Latinos rapists and murders, and [Comstock] sticks with Trump. Trump calls African Americans thugs, and [Comstock] sticks with Trump. Trump calls women fat pigs and bimbos, and [Comstock] sticks with Trump. Trump attacks a Gold Star family and [Comstock] sticks with Trump. Trump says Vladimir Putin is a better leader than Barack Obama, and [Comstock] sticks with Trump (boo!).

You know, Trump once said, “I could shoot someone at high noon in Times Square and it wouldn’t make any difference to my followers.” I think he was talking about [Barbara Comstock]. Look, [Barbara Comstock] won’t break with Donald Trump, because they share the same, ugly agenda. [Comstock] just wishes that Donald wouldn’t be quite so impolite about it.

Sums it up pretty well, eh? If you agree, and if you’re a 10th CD voter, make sure you vote for LuAnn Bennett for Congress this November (or sooner, if you vote absentee)!

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