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New National Poll Finds Clinton up 10 Points; Tim Kaine Would Be Up 16 on Donald Trump!


Hahaha, gotta love this new national poll by Fairleigh Dickinson University. First off, it shows Hillary Clinton up 10 points (50%-40%) over Donald Drumpf among likely voters. That’s great, but the part I really liked was the hypothetical matchup between Kaine and the corrupt orange fascist — Kaine’s up 16 points, 55%-39%! Why? My guess is that Kaine: a) doesn’t have the “baggage” that Clinton does (“baggage” in quotes because most of it is utter bull****, yet the corporate media and right-wing noise machine runs with it so it has a negative impact on her); b) sadly, there’s significant misogyny out there that’s almost certainly hurting Clinton; c) there’s been no sustained attack against Kaine; and d) Kaine doesn’t really have any serious “baggage” to attack, regardless.

Also interesting: Pence, despite being as hard right as they come, would do much better than his running mate, possibly because Pence is softer-spoken than Trump, so doesn’t come across as much of a lunatic as Trump does.

Finally, the Clinton vs. Pence hypothetical matchup shows you what a huge mistake Republicans seem to have made in nominating Trump; if they had gone with a more conventional, yet still highly conservative, nominee like “JEB” or Marco Rubio, I bet this race would be a lot closer than it is right now. Fortunately, Republican primary voters could never agree on a single alternative to Trump, so here we are…

P.S. h/t to my friend Josh Israel of ThinkProgress for pointing this poll out to me…

  • Notice two things about this video: 1) Pence says it’s “inarguable” that Putin’s been a stronger leader; 2) Dana Bash has to interrupt his constant stream of bull**** in order to pry out an answer. Hmmmm.