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Thursday News: “Flood” of Women Allege Trump Sexually Assaulted Them; Trump Campaign Pulls Out of Virginia


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, October 13.

  • Eileen Bedell is Calling on Brat to Withdraw His Support of Trump

    Richmond, Va. (October 12, 2016) – Eileen Bedell, Democratic candidate for Virginia’s 7th Congressional district, is calling on Congressman Dave Brat to withdraw his support of Donald Trump.

    “Not only has Donald bragged about sexually assaulting women, but as of tonight, we have had several reports from a panoply of sources that he has in fact acted on those words and sexually assaulted multiple women,” Eileen said.

    “This behavior is repugnant and unacceptable. Though Brat should have pulled his endorsement long ago, from the first time he called Mexicans “rapists and drug dealers,” there is still time to redeem himself. Surely these reports of Donald Trump sexually assaulting multiple women, along with his despicable comments about women, minorities, the disabled, veterans, and the military, makes Donald unacceptable– even to Dave Brat.”

    Ms. Bedell attended law school at the College of William & Mary and began her practice in central Virginia nearly 20 years ago. She has always focused her work on the representation of individuals and small businesses, helping them navigate the legal process and ensuring their interests are protected when it matters most.

    As both a small business owner and a mother, Ms. Bedell lives the challenges Virginians face every day juggling the desire for economic security with devotion to family and a commitment to setting the right example for our children to follow in the future. With the support of her husband and children, she looks forward to representing, fighting for, and protecting the interests of all the citizens of Virginia’s 7th congressional district.

  • Trump’s fired Virginia chair pleads for Trump campaign not to pull out of Virginia; they do anyway. Zero respect for poor Corey Stewart…sad!


  • Wow, this comment from Corey Stewart’s Facebook page is epic!

    Okay this has just become ridiculous. Enough is enough and at some point you just have to call it. I have supported this party for YEARS. Beginning when I was 15 until I graduated from high school, I used to spend my free time between homework and sports practice at the FCRC, making phone calls and knocking doors. I helped out not only during the big ones — Presidential, Gubernatorial, etc. — but with the small ones too: school board, special elections. You name it, I was there. In college, I interned on the Hill multiple times. Taking phone calls, answering mail, working to keep Republican Senators and Congressmen in office. After I graduated, I took a job with Mitt Romney. Then with Corey Stewart. And then with Chip Limehouse of South Carolina. I believed in these men. That they were good, honest, decent, hardworking people who represented my beliefs and ideals and who truly wanted to make this country a better place for not just people like me or people who believed what I believed — but for everyone. I got out of politics years ago, and thank God I did, because if I were still working Victory, I would’ve walked out my office door the day Donald Trump was announced as the nominee.

    Donald Trump is a misogynist. I don’t believe he hates women — because I don’t think he even cares about women enough to hate us. To him we are objects. The pretty ones fare slightly better in Trump’s world, but even then…they’re still mistreated, used, abused, cast aside. He referred to his own daughter — an Ivy League educated mother of three, who, yes, admittedly looks like a model — as a “piece of ass.” He has told women they would look prettier on their knees. He once accused a woman of hitting him with tough interview questions because she was on her period. He’s proudly admitted to blatant sexual assault and misconduct. He’s referred to women as “pigs,” “dogs,” and “disgusting.” He believes that women who act on their constitutionally protected right to choose should be “punished,” that women who work outside the home are “dangerous” and that if females want to close the wage gap, then “women should do as a good a job as men.”

    His comments are vile, offensive, repugnant, and, I’ll be honest, truly terrifying. And just when I — when we — didn’t think it could get any worse, today his supporters started the hashtag — in reference to the belief that if only men could vote in this election, Donald Trump would win — #RepealThe19th. It is now trending on Twitter, and the vitriolic hate that is spewing from his supporters’ mouths has truly been the last straw for me.

    I have defended this party, its beliefs, its candidates, and its supporters for years. I have had every insult you can think of thrown at me — all for being a woman who proudly admitted that she belonged to and supported the Republican party. But now? Now I’m done. I put blood, sweat, and tears into countless campaigns for countless men. And for what? So they can turn around and support a candidate who freely admits that women are objects? That we’re lesser thans? That we shouldn’t even be allowed our constitutional right to vote? No. You lost me. I’m done. I am so done.

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  • Charming as always, eh? The statement by Fairfax Dems’ Chair Sue Langley that these fine folks are responding to is here if you’re interested.

    Concerned Parents and Educators of Fairfax County (CPEFC) released a statement today calling for the resignation of Sue Langley in response to the Fairfax County Democratic Committee Chair’s disrespectful call for the resignation of Fairfax County School Board member Elizabeth Schultz.

    “To demonize an American citizen for supporting the nominee of her party for President of the United States is simply unacceptable. Are we now living in the People’s Republic of Fairfax? Do all thoughts and ideas have to be approved by Sue Langley? How dare she make disparaging comments that trivialize the legitimate concerns of parents who disagree with her?” asked Meg Kilgannon, Executive Director of Concerned Parents and Educators of Fairfax County.

    Earlier in the day, Ms. Langley put out a statement cataloguing Ms. Schultz’s defense of parents and students regarding FCPS’s transgender Policy 1450, which allows males to access to school facilities including bathrooms, lockers and hotel rooms on school trips, previously reserved for female students, and vice versa. She went on to call Ms. Schultz an extremist bigot.

    “Ms. Langley’s inability to have a civil conversation on issues of importance to the parents of Fairfax County sets a poor example. Since she cannot defend the nine school board members who voted with reckless disregard to fling wide the doors of bathrooms, locker rooms and hotel rooms at the risk of the safety of our school children, she must instead attack one of the few defenders of parents and children on the Fairfax County School Board, Elizabeth Schultz,” Kilgannon continued.

    “Under former Fairfax County School Board Chair Pat Hynes, parent voices were ignored and no consideration was allowed for opposing viewpoints or rational debate of Policy 1450. If the Public Comment segment of recent school board meetings is any indication, Fairfax County parents have plenty to say on this controversial topic,” she said.

    “It’s interesting that even in victory for her point of view, Ms. Langley will not be satisfied until those opposed to her views are eliminated. She will bully and threaten public servants in an attempt to destroy. Ms. Langley represents partisan politics at its worst. If anyone here is an extremist bigot, it’s Ms. Langley. She should apologize to Ms. Schultz and resign immediately to minimize embarrassment for Democrats in Fairfax County,” Kilgannon concluded.

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