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Tuesday News: Kaine to Debate Life-Long Climate Science Denier in Farmville, VA; “South by South Lawn” Kicks Off with Climate Change Discussion


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, October 4. Also check out President Obama participating in a “South by South Lawn” discussion, this one on climate change. As Leonardo DiCaprio says: “The scientific consensus is in and the argument is now over. If you do not believe in climate change, you do not believe in fact or in science or empirical truth, and therefore…should not be allowed to hold public office.” People, in other words, like Trump, Pence and Gary Johnson.

  • True Blue

    Hatred in eastern Loudoun County:

    “Historic Ashburn Colored School vandalized with crude images” and
    “What Does The Vandalism of the Ashburn Colored School Teach Us?”


    Dr. Deep Sran “awoke Saturday to find that the project he’s spearheaded for the Loudoun School for the Gifted to restore the historic school had been tagged with swastikas, words like “white power” and obscene drawings of genitalia.”

    “. . . can’t rule out today’s political climate as inspiring someone to tag the historic African-American site in hate symbols.”


  • Speaking of climate science deniers who should never hold public office…


  • Video: No Progressives Should Vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson


    • True Blue

      Related article on millennials:

      “Young people lean way left on issues like gay marriage, pot, and immigration. On abortion and gun control, they swim closer to the rest of the electorate.”

      “But on economics, they’re all over the map. You get the sense, reading the Reason Foundation and Pew studies, that a savvy pollster could trick a young person into supporting basically any economic policy in the world with the right combination of triggers. Conservative and liberal partisans can cherry-pick this survey to paint Millennials as whatever ideology they want.”


  • Fan boy Corey Stewart claims that Mike Pence generating historic levels of enthusiasm. Hahahahaha, yeah right! (P.S. as much as I despise her, Sarah Palin generated a gazillion times more enthusiasm than snoozefest Pence ever has).


  • True Blue

    It appears that for “handy positions table” posters, the top of the ticket is paramount.

    Local elections and the down ballot is hugely important, but when people only vote every four years, we get stuck with gerrymandering and voter suppression, defunding and costly congressional hearings, conspiracy theories and birtherism, to name a few troubling effects. It’s what ticks off those of us who worked our a$$es off to elect Obama not knowing about the Republican plan to obstruct on day one; to re-elect Obama knowing that lack of compromise and impracticality, post tea party takeover in 2010 would affect legislation forever.

    If someone thinks that it will not get worse under a Trump and all Republican Congress, that’s just delusional.

  • Wildly over-the-top, borderline abusive fundraising email from the Democratic Governors Association. This s*** needs to stop.


  • Hard-right son of Ronald Reagan rips Trump, says Nancy Reagan would vote for Clinton


  • Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam’s comments on Donald Trump continuing stigma of soldiers with PTSD as not “strong”

    “As a neurologist who cared for wounded soldiers during the Persian Gulf War, I have seen many brave men and women who sustain traumatic brain injuries also suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). All of our soldiers who volunteer to fight for our freedom are strong and are courageous, no matter what Mr. Trump has to say. This callous behavior from a man who wants to be our commander-in-chief is not only offensive, it continues to stigmatize those with PTSD, a disease which has also been linked to suicide.

    “Virginians are proud of the strength of our over 780,000 veterans and we honor the sacrifices they made to preserve our freedom. It’s deeply offensive that Donald Trump would disrespect our veterans, and it’s unfortunate that no Republican candidate for governor has the courage to stand up to Mr. Trump’s insults to Virginia’s military communities.”

  • Gov. McAuliffe, please read David Roberts’ new post at Vox.

  • Video: More idiocy from Gary Johnson (see Think Progress for more).


  • Video: 15 Year Old Girl Tells Hillary Clinton Trump Brings About Body Image Shaming at School