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Tuesday News: Samantha Bee’s “Vagina Monologue”; “GOP Tumbles Toward Anarchy”; George Will on the “GOP’s chemotherapy”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, October 11. Also, check out the amazing Samantha Bee on Trump’s “vagina monologue.”

  • Video: Stephen Colbert Responds To The Second Presidential Debate, From Home


  • Video: Seth Myers says “Trump finally revealed his inner dictator” at debate


  • New poll has more good news for Clinton supporters and anyone who loves America:

    Hillary Clinton has opened up a commanding 11-point lead over Donald Trump, finds a new PRRI/The Atlantic Survey—with field dates (October 5-9) spanning the fallout from a tape of Donald Trump making lewd comments about women. Nearly half (49%) of likely voters report they are currently supporting or leaning towards supporting Clinton, while fewer than four in ten (38%) likely voters favor Trump.1 The new findings mark the second week in a row that Clinton has strengthened her lead over Trump. As recently as two weeks ago, Trump and Clinton were tied among likely voters (43% vs. 43%, respectively). Since that time, Trump’s support among likely voters has fallen while Clinton’s support has edged upward.

    …Trump is facing a historic deficit among female voters. Fewer than three in ten (28%) female voters say they would vote for Trump if the election were held today, compared to six in ten (61%) who say they are backing Clinton—a 33-point gap. In sharp contrast, Trump still holds a substantial lead over Clinton among male voters (48% vs. 37%, respectively).

    Uh, hello men? Really starting to think women are smarter…

  • Video: Hillary Clinton in Columbus, Ohio


    In Front of Campaign’s Largest Crowd to Date, Clinton Urges Ohioans to Register to Vote Before Tuesday, Contrasting Her and Trump’s Vision for the Economy

    At a voter registration event in Columbus on Monday, in front of a crowd of 18,500, Clinton laid out her plans to create good-paying jobs through investments in infrastructure and manufacturing, make education more affordable from early childhood through college, and rewrite the rules of our economy to create more fairness and growth. Clinton also made clear that Donald Trump represents what is broken in our economy. She said that when billionaires like Trump turn their backs on American workers and companies, it kills good jobs in communities like Lorain, Youngstown, Warren, and Columbus. Clinton cited Columbus Castings, which filed for bankruptcy and whose 800 workers were laid off because China has been illegally dumping cheap steel into our markets and people like Trump have chosen to buy it.

    Clinton, who increased U.S. exports to China by 50 percent during her tenure as Secretary of State, contrasted Trump’s record with her own history fighting on behalf of U.S. steelworkers and manufacturers. Clinton said, “For all his talk about putting America first, he’s made his products in at least 12 other countries. Trump’s suits and ties were made in Mexico and China. They could have been made right here in Ohio […] So we’ve got to figure out how we have an economy that really does produce growth and rewards companies that do the right thing. And that for me means we need to have a tax system that rewards investment in our country, investment in workers, investment in plant and equipment, investment in research and development, and give the good guys a chance to get ahead instead of being taken advantage of by Wall Street and others.”

    Clinton also urged all Ohioans to register to vote before the deadline on Tuesday, and then to vote early starting this Wednesday October 12th.

  • True Blue

    The best discussion last night was Chris Hayes’ interview with Rebecca Traister of “New York Magazine:” she spoke of Trump’s criminalizing, vilifying, and dehumanizing his opponent in speeches and on stage; his following her and pacing, his reactions and tone of voice; the first debate’s “honking” versus the second’s “growling.” He was restless, animalistic, hateful, “pawing the ground.”

    Traister reminds us that Trump’s reflections are really projections of qualities in himself, as described by a ghostwriter. The stated “hate in her heart” was visibly evident in his own actions and words at the debate, a menacing scene. His style of entertainment was degrading to watch and one can only imagine, to participate in. Hillary meanwhile was calm and strong, deciding which things to push back on. Women are not objects; “things for his use” or men in power.

    “At Debate, Trump’s Gender Based Menace” on All In with Chris Hayes, MSNBC, 10-10-16

    • Spot-on accurate observations of this sociopath.

  • Hillary Clinton Announces New Details of Middle Class Tax Cut Plan

    Clinton Commits to Doubling the Child Tax Credit for Young Children, and Expanding it Further for Middle-Class Families

    As part of her plan to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top, Hillary Clinton is announcing today a new expansion of the Child Tax Credit for families with young children. She will double the Child Tax Credit to a maximum of $2,000 per child up to and including age 4, and she’ll expand access to millions more families. As many as 15 million young children will be eligible for the credit of up to $2,000 – and millions more people will benefit from additional relief. And this is only a down payment on further relief for middle-class families.

    “Hard-working, middle-class families are struggling with rising costs for child care, health care, caregiving and college,” said Clinton. “This new tax credit will make their lives a little bit easier and help restore fairness to our economy.”

    Clinton has previously announced middle class tax relief in the form of an up-to-$5,000 credit for families with excessive out of pocket health costs, and up to $1,200 for families caring for parents and grandparents.

    Specifically, Clinton is announcing today that she will:
    Double the Child Tax Credit from $1,000 to $2,000 for each young child. Right now, the Child Tax Credit gives millions of families up to $1,000 per child each year to help cover all the burdens they face. Clinton will double the maximum credit to $2,000 for each young child up to and including age 4.
    Expand Child Tax Credit refundability so millions more working families get additional relief. Under our current system millions of families do not qualify for the full credit or get very little benefit because they simply do not make enough money, since the tax code excludes the first $3,000 in earnings in determining whether a working family is eligible for refundable relief. Clinton will lower the threshold for refundability from $3,000 to the first dollar of earnings for families with children of all ages, so every working family can benefit. And she will increase the phase-in rate to 45% from 15% for families with young children. According to the nonpartisan Urban Institute, the credit is structured so that families at the low end of the income distribution do not receive the full credit, and those families that are left out are more likely to be African-American and Latino. Improving refundability and increasing the phase-in rate will help close this gap and increase the overall fairness in the system.
    Provide further tax relief for middle-class families, including those without children, and with older children: Clinton believes we should go further than doubling the Child Tax Credit for young children. The expansion Clinton is calling for today is a down payment on her overall vision for tax relief for middle-class families. Clinton believes we should further expand the Child Tax Credit for families with older children, and expand refundable relief for low-income workers without children.
    Clinton’s plan will be fully paid for by her proposals to ensure the wealthy, Wall Street, and big corporations pay their fair share. And like the current Child Tax Credit, it will phase out for higher-income families.

    Refundable tax credits like the Child Tax Credit reward work, lift families out of poverty, and improve lifelong outcomes for kids. Studies have shown that the Child Tax Credit helps lift millions of Americans out of poverty each year. Not only does the Child Tax Credit help fight poverty for families in the year that they qualify for the tax cut, its effects can be seen for many years later. Parents in families that receive refundable credits like the Child Tax Credit are more likely to be in the labor force and contribute to the economy. Children in those families do better in school, are more likely to go to college and earn more when they become adults.

    Clinton’s proposals to expand relief for hard-working families with children stand in strong contrast to Donald Trump’s plans. Because Trump’s child care and maternity leave plan gives far more to high-income families than middle-class families struggling with costs, and his tax plan rolls back dependent exemptions and other relief for parents with children, it would actually raise taxes on 8 million middle-class families to fund his tax cuts for the rich and multinational corporations, and $4 billion for his own family.

    Specifically, hard-working families that get tax relief under Clinton’s plan would see tax increases, or a much smaller tax cut, under Trump:

    A single parent earning $75,000 per year, with two young children, and $8,000 in childcare costs would see a $1,640 tax increase under Trump, and $2,000 in tax relief under Clinton’s plan. A recent academic analysis found that compared to current law, Trump’s plan would raise taxes on this family by $1,640, because it eliminates personal exemptions and the head-of-household filing status. Clinton’s expansion of the Child Tax Credit would give them an extra $2,000 in tax relief.

    According to the same analysis, a married couple earning $50,000 per year, with two young children, and $8,000 in childcare costs would get a $93 tax cut under Trump’s plan, and $2,000 in tax relief under Clinton’s plan.

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