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Wednesday News: Clinton, Gore Talk Climate Change; Trump “Retreats Into The Fringe Media Bunker”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, October 12.

  • Video – Obama: Trump Lacks Temperament, Judgment


  • Video: President Obama on Trump allies literally calling him, Hillary Clinton “demons” – “I mean, c’mon people!”


  • Video: Even Bill O’Reilly says Trump “too sensitive”


  • Quizzical

    Wow, really good speeches by Clinton and Gore on climate change!

    • Yes, both superb! Attention Jill Stein backers — we have real “green” candidates right here in the DEMOCRATIC Party! 🙂

  • Video: Trump urges supporters to vote on November 28 — twenty days after the election! LOL


  • Eileen Bedell has Accepted Invitation to Debate Brat

    Richmond, Va. (October 12, 2016) – Eileen Bedell, Democratic candidate for Virginia’s 7th Congressional district, has received and accepted an invitation from the Center for Civic Engagement at the University of Richmond to engage in a debate with Congressman Dave Brat and discuss the issues concerning our district. The debate is being sponsored by student groups, including the College Republicans and College Democrats.

    The debate will take place on either October 25th, November 1st, or November 3rd.

    Dave Brat has yet to respond to the CCE, but we hope he will accept this invitation and publicly discuss his voting record and positions at the University of Richmond.

  • From the Virginia House Democratic Caucus:

    UPDATE: Their Silence is Deafening

    It has now been five days since the video of Donald Trump speaking about assaulting women became public. In that time, numerous Republican elected officials from across the nation have disavowed not only Donald Trump’s words, but Donald Trump himself, by making it clear that they will not vote for a man who believes sexual assault is okay, as long as you’re “a star.”

    However; to our knowledge, not a single Republican who serves in the Virginia House of Delegates has done so. In standing by their man, Virginia House Republicans are sending a dangerous message to our children that Donald Trump’s behavior and beliefs are acceptable behavior.

    It is truly disappointing that our colleagues across the aisle continue to condone Donald Trump’s dangerous policies and behavior.


    With Republicans across the nation withdrawing support of Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump, due to the latest reveal of Trump’s sexism and anti-women characteristics, Democratic members of the Virginia House of Delegates are calling on their Republican colleagues to disavow their support for Trump as well.

    “Candidate Trump’s offer to be the candidate of change has been consistently overwhelmed by insulting behavior and comments which distract us from our serious policy challenges and divide us in the process. His is certainly not the Virginia Way, and we as Virginia leaders, both Democratic and Republican, have an obligation to step forward and say enough is enough,” said Del. David Toscano, Leader of the Virginia House Democratic Caucus.

    “Trump has been a national embarrassment for months. As President, he would be a threat to our national security and our standing in the world. It’s long overdue for Republicans in the House of Delegates to reject Trump,” said Del. Charniele Herring, Chair of the Virginia House Democratic Caucus.

  • Video: At the Orwellian-named “Liberty” U, Mike Pence wants Roe v Wade consigned to “the ash heap of history,” pledges to defund Planned Parenthood


  • Video: Corey Stewart Blames Ed Gillespie for His Firing (and for Betraying Donald Trump)