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Audio: Ben Carson Explains Why He Turned Down Trump Cabinet Position; Says Trump Will Follow Spirit Not Letter of What He Promised


From a conference call a few minutes ago with E.W. Jackson, here’s Ben Carson explaining why he turned down a Trump Administration Cabinet position, how Trump will follow the “spirit” not the “letter” of what he promised during the campaign, and how “global warming stuff” is “silly,” as the earth supposedly has seen “record cooling (WTF???) the past eight months. Yeah, Ben Carson is as demented as ever, but just remember, now he’s an advisor to the President-elect. Shuddddderrrr….

Ben Carson mocks “all this silly global warming stuff…the last eight months, we’ve had record cooling of the earth” (total lie, amazing this guy ever studied science)

  • True Blue

    Many are reporting on a shaky start for this transition, along with a purge, sniping, and backbiting. Pence, technically in charge, will be fighting some e-mail problems in Indiana or transitioning his successor, until Jan. 9, only 11 days before the inauguration. Kushner most likely demoted Christie because of lawsuit against his father. National security positions will be difficult to fill because of still smoldering bridges and “I know more about ISIS than the generals.”

    “The Donald Trump transition, already off to slow start, bogged down further Tuesday with the abrupt resignation of former Congressman Mike Rogers, who had been coordinating its national security efforts.”

    “Two sources close to Rogers said he had been the victim of what one called a “Stalinesque purge,” from the transition of people close to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who left Friday. It was unclear which other aides close to Christie had also been forced out.”

    “He and his top aide had been working for months, preparing the groundwork for transition. Two sources close to the situation described an atmosphere of sniping and backbiting as Trump loyalists position themselves for key jobs.” http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2016-election/trump-transition-shake-part-stalinesque-purge-christie-loyalists-n684081

  • stuckinthewoods

    Most delightfully, brain surgeon Carson said he would not accept a Trump cabinet position. He “feels he has no government experience” which thought didn’t prevent Carson from running for the presidency himself.

    • The irony there is hilarious, isn’t it? 🙂

      • Quizzical

        Carson thinks that 2015 was a record year for global cooling – huh, I wonder where he is getting his data? Because the climate scientists are saying directly the opposite

  • old_redneck