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Election Day 2016 Open Thread: What Are You Seeing, Hearing?


Please feel free to use this as an open thread to discuss what you’re seeing and hearing out there today.  Thanks. Oh, and check out IWillVote.com and 866ourvote.org for any questions about voting in Virginia. Need info on what constitutes a valid voter ID? Check out the guidelines here. And, of course, make sure you vote Democratic up and down the ballot! Thanks.

UPDATE 6:12 pm: Per  – “6 p.m update: Near 80% turnout (in-person today + absentee). Polls close at 7 p.m. 2012 and 2008 final turnout — 80%.”

UPDATE 4:08 pm: From ArlNow – “As of 3:45 p.m., nearly 75 percent of active registered voters in Arlington have cast a ballot in today’s election, according to elections officials.”

UPDATE 3:30 pm: @geoffreyvs of Larry Sabato’s “Crystal Ball” tweeted some good background info on Virginia earlier today. “The main reason VA has gone from consistently R in pres years to battleground/maybe even Leans D is fairly simple: Northern Virginia. 1968-2012: Share of statewide pres vote fairly constant in Hampton Roads (19.8%-20.6%) & Greater RVA (16.3-17.4%); NoVA 20.9% to 34.0%! And NoVA went from being competitive — GOP won it by 1-2 pts from 1992 to 2000 — to uncompetitive. Obama won by 20 & 16 pts in 2008-12. Fairfax Co., by far the biggest VA locality, is pivotal. In 2012, it provided 13.7% of the state’s total vote & Obama won it by 20.5 pts. FWIW greater NoVA responsible for 86.5% of overall uptick in early absentee voting…One county to watch is Loudoun. It’s big & swingier than Fairfax/PWC. If Clinton is winning Lou by at least 4-5, VA is over. Concern for Ds has to be black turnout, of course. Early absentee numbers are down in many localities with larger black populations. At the same time, absentees are up massively in Prince William Co., which has the third-largest Latino pop of any VA locality (22%). From a broader view, key to winning Virginia is the 3 major metro areas — Northern VA, Greater Richmond, Hampton Roads aka ‘Urban Crescent'”

UPDATE 2:50 pm: From  – “Over 300,000 voters in Fairfax County so far today as of 2pm (not including absentees, which are now being counted) ” And from  – “As of 2pm, 70% of registered City of Church residents have voted! That’s 42% today. About a 10min wait at polls right now.” And from  – “Will Charlottesville beat our 2012 turnout of 80.3%? If you go vote, it will help … less than 5 hours left.” And from @– “Report of long lines and heavy turnout continuing into the midday in Norfolk, VA. Norfolk is a Dem +46 county.”

UPDATE 12:31 pm: From  – “Virginia Commonwealth University polling location. Very heavy turnout continues in RVA.” Also, from  – “Line around the corner here in the Second District at polling location as greets supporters waiting to vote ” And per  5h5 hours, “75% of registered voters in Virginia expected to turnout for  – “City of Charlottesville unofficial turnout – 9 AM – 22.4% of active registered voters.” From – “Update as of 11am: turnout is running about 30% of active registered voters.”

UPDATE 12:25 pm: From FCDC Executive Director : “682,835 or 51% of Fairfax County has already cast their ballots.. and that was before noon. ” I also hear 27.5% turnout in Loudoun County as of  10:30 am. And just saw this from British journalist : “Here in Arlington, Virginia we’re almost at 60% turnout which was the 2012 level. Still 7hrs left so should easily exceed that.”

UPDATE: I’m told that as of 11 am, turnout in Fairfax County was 230,121 voters (33.7%), NOT counting absentees/early voting (which was yuge!).

UPDATE: Arlington Dem Josh Katcher reports, “11am – What I’m hearing: we are ahead of our vote totals as of this time four years ago here in ARL Cty; poll stations are functioning very efficiently; and [Arlington Dems Chair] Kip Malinosky has already had 14 cups of coffee.”

  • John Manard

    I just voted in Tuckhaoe District in Short Pump. Four years ago there were maybe 5 people in line at 6 am. At 558 AM the line was already wrapping through the school. After I voted it had continued to grow down the hall and was getting longer. This may be a historic turnout . . or maybe not…

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  • Austin Gonzalez

    Wow. Unbeknownst to my father his state ID has been expired since 2014. So I figured I could take my dad to the DMV so he could get a renewed ID and exercise his civic duty. After some hassling with the DMV we heard an announcement on the intercom “As of right now the state of Virginia cannot process state IDs.” Apparently the machines to create IDs are conveniently not functioning right now and my father will not be able to vote. Us and a couple of other disgruntled people walked out of the DMV immediately. Unbelievable.

    • John Manard

      Were you just getting an ID card or a License?

      • Austin Gonzalez

        Just an ID card.

    • To report a problem at the polls, call the voter hotline: 1-844-IM4-HILL (1-844-464-4455)

      • Also, as “Old Redneck” points out, you should be able to cast a provisional ballot.

        • notjohnsmosby

          But, depending on the county, he will have to show up with some form of valid photo ID on the day(s) the Office of Elections will do their provisionals.

      • Austin Gonzalez

        Sorry guys I just got in to work. I’m forwarding all this info to my brother as he is still with my father right now. I’ll make sure he fills out a provisional ballot at the least. Thanks for the advice.

    • old_redneck


    • John Manard

      From the VA DMV (nothing new here but very counter productive)

      Getting Your ID Card
      You will receive your newly designed secure ID card in the mail, so make sure that DMV has your current, correct address on record. DMV has converted to a new secure process for issuing driver’s licenses and ID cards and has discontinued issuing them over the counter. The U.S. Postal Service will not forward identification cards, so notify DMV right away if you have moved.
      If you have renewed your ID card, you can continue to carry your old ID card with your receipt until you receive your new ID card.
      DMV will assign you a customer number which will display on your ID card. If you wish to change your DMV-assigned number in the future, you may be required to present documentation from law enforcement or the courts indicating that you may be a victim of identity theft.

  • Ben Kyber

    Number 373 on one of two machines (so I’m guessing 600 or 700 total) at Retreat Hospital, Fan District, Richmond (Precinct 207). Waited in line for about an hour, and the line was slightly shorter when I left around 9:05, but still pretty long. ~1800 total votes in 2012. 2-1 for Obama.

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  • Andy Schmookler

    I voted shortly after 9 at our polling place between Basye and Orkney Springs in Shenandoah County. I’ve never seen so many people there at any given time, and this is the 6th presidential election we’ve voted in hereabouts. (There was hardly any wait, however– just a minute or two.) Unfortunately, ours is a heavily Republican precinct. But, possibly fortunately, it is not representative of rural Virginia. The precinct is largely populated by people who live on Bryce Resort, and these are mostly conservative retirees from the DC area– retired miliary and CIA, for example. So their apparently heavy turnout may or may not be indicative of how many of the local conservatives of the Shenandoah Valley will get out to vote today.

  • cvryder2000

    Just voted in our rural precinct in Lacey Springs, VA, smack dab in the deep red 6th district. I’ve never seen it this busy. Of course the drive up to the voting place was lined with Trump/Pence signs, but as we got closer there were Clinton/Kaine/Degner signs. Lots of cars in the parking lot and a steady line of traffic in and out. We actually had to wait in line(!) to vote at 11 am; the woman keeping order said there was a line when the door opened this morning. I was #424, which is as high as I’ve ever been that early. One encouraging sign was that as I left I encountered a family of 4 who were looking at the “sample ballot” the Republicans always hand out. I overheard one say in a disparaging tone, “Oh, this is the ^Republican* ballot.”

  • Clemgo3165

    Great turnout at Yellow Mountain in Albemarle Co. Lots of eager Dems voting before sunrise this morning. Lots of confusion on the amendments too.

    Put up 15 yard signs last night in a precinct that’s in the woods outside of a tiny community and they were all gone this morning. No Republican table, but plenty of signs and one giant one leaning up against a truck at the next door neighbor’s house.

  • Adam M

    I was voter 183 at my table at 10 AM and the total vote was 498 in Big Stone. It was the first time I’ve ever had to stand in line there. There was probably 40 or 50 people total in all the lines and they were replenishing themselves pretty steadily. It took a little more than 20 minutes to get through.

    The crowd was a little more diverse than I would have thought for Big Stone. Several older white voters but also quite a few young voters, at least 4 people with disabilities(Three of us in wheelchairs), and several people of color At least 8 or 10. Keep in mind, the minority population in Big Stone gap is 2%.

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  • BenC

    Just voted in Culpeper, at the library. Line was pretty short, I waited about half an hour, max. There were several Trump/Brat electioneers holding signs in the parking lot of the library and standing next to the line (on the other side of a chain which I assume marked the 40-foot distance from the library door). They were handing out pamphlets/etc for Trump and Brat and talking to voters in the line, but weren’t aggressive or rude and didn’t try to cross the chain. A car parked next to the library had a huge Trump/Brat sign on its windshield, which was weird, really made it feel like a Trump-only polling place. I didn’t see a single Clinton/Bedell sign anywhere nearby. Maybe they were out for lunch? So Trump/Brat definitely has an edge here at least in terms of signage and electioneers. The actual voting process was quick and easy, poll workers very professional.

  • Glen Bayless

    I just came off a shift handing out sample ballots in Eastern Loudoun County. In my three hours there I did not hear the opposition once mention Trump or the Republican Party…they only were pushing Comstock in her Congressional race against Bennett