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Thursday News: Trump’s “Cabinet from Hell”; “America Elects a Bigot”; “Journalists Failed in 2016”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, November 10. By the way, any Democrat who remains “optimistic” about climate change (or about much of anything else) or thinks they can work with President Trump is deeply in denial, clueless, or both. Also check out Samantha Bee’s barbed commentary on the disastrous 2016 election.

  • DPVA Statement on Levar Stoney’s Richmond Mayoral Win

    The Democratic Party of Virginia (DPVA) Chairwoman Susan Swecker released the following statement after Levar Stoney won the Richmond Mayoral Race:

    “I want to extend a heartfelt congratulations to my friend, Levar Stoney, on winning his campaign for Richmond’s mayor. Levar is a principled Democrat and I have had the privilege of knowing him for many years as he worked to build a bright future for Virginians. I have every confidence in his leadership and fresh approach to usher in a new Richmond. Levar will bring an unparalleled passion, energy, and work ethic to City Hall and I am thrilled to see what he accomplishes for the people of Richmond.”

  • Video: Van Jones – “This was a whitelash.” Powerful words, very true.


  • Video: Charles Blow unloads on Trump advocate – ‘Don’t try to force me to fall in line behind an unrepentant bigot’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMlE318l3rI

  • Quizzical

    I seem to recall Trump running as an anti-establishment candidate and attacking Clinton for being too close to Wall Street. But I must have a faulty memory because the one of the first cabinet officers mentioned for Trump was a former Goldman Sachs executive. Wall Street is tickled pink, judging by the market’s reaction yesterday.

    It’s going to be business as usual, folks.

  • True Blue

    Excerpt: “This election cycle has been extremely damaging and has incited fear and hatred in a country founded on the beauty of our differences and the desire to lift each person, no matter race, religion, political party, or economic status, to reach his or her fullest potential.”

    “We love our country. It is because we love our country that we want to limit the length of the campaign season. By tweaking the Presidential primary calendar, the DNC and RNC could drastically reduce the amount of time we are exposed to presidential campaigns.”

    “Countries across the globe have limited campaign seasons to as short as 6 weeks. With an organized system, a successful, informative, professional campaign could be run.”

    “The American people have been extremely disrespected in this campaign season with the ugliness that pits us against each other and with nonsense and fear-mongering. It is time this comes to an end and that we demand better for ourselves.

    We cannot sustain another lengthy slugfest like what we have witnessed for the past two years and ask both the DNC and RNC to reform the process and shorten our election season.”

    Sheryl Crow, #makeitshort, chn.ge/2e9VJI4


  • Neil Armstrong

    It’s people like Samantha Bee and all the other “tolerant” Liberals who woke up the sleeping midwest conservative giant! I just want to thank you all for your bigotry, racism and intolerance. Just keep it up…. you will guarantee a 2nd term for Trump and a 3rd/4th term for Republicans! THANK YOU SO MUCH! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0bb5db17b9f11af756486867b40d69b92b86cc32d50e4aa61eacc6824213f9c1.jpg