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Saturday News: Trump Attacks U.S. Intelligence to Defend Russia’s Hacking of Our Election; “Donald Trump is actually a fascist”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, December 10. Also check out President Obama’s weekly address and someone please explain to me how he stays so upbeat these days, let alone about “Obamacare.” Hopefully he knows something the rest of us don’t.

  • Principled conservative/Republican Evan McMullin tweets on Putin/Trump


  • David Corn nails it: Russian hacking of our election “bigger than Watergate”; McConnell et al “useful idiots for Putin”


  • Quizzical

    Yup, the Russians (intelligence or mercenaries hired by the Russian oligarchs) hacked the emails of the DNC and Clinton’s chief of staff, John Podesta, and gave the materials to Wikileaks. Wikileaks which was trying to hurt Clinton, published materials at key points in the campaign, and did hurt her badly. Trump actually encouraged the hacking of Clinton’s emails during the campaign, and his staff had no scruples against using illegally obtained materials. Meanwhile Senate Republicans ran interference for the operation. The press was more than glad to put aside reporting on Trump’s scandals in order to wade through thousands of emails in the hopes of an easy scoop. All of the above this was reasonably clear before the election, and the Trump voters didn’t give a damn.

    So where does that leave us? Just forgive and forget and move on, until it happens again?

    The damage to the Democratic Party remains to be reckoned, but I’m sure that the casualties include many more besides Hillary Clinton. We will find out I suppose once the next array of Democratic leaders emerge from the wreckage.

    I don’t thin the Republicans are going to appreciate the gravity of this until the same thing happens to them.

  • Robert Reich:

    A coming purge? The Energy Department runs the nation’s 17 national research laboratories, which examine a range of issues relating to energy and the environment. This week, Trump’s Energy Department transition team sent the agency a memo asking for:

    1. The names of people who have worked on climate change and their professional society memberships.
    2. A list of all department employees and contractors who attended the annual global climate talks hosted by the United Nations within the last five years.
    3. A list of all department employees or contractors who have attended any meetings on the social cost of carbon (a measurement that federal agencies use to weigh the costs and benefits of new energy and environment regulations).
    4. All publications written by employees at the department’s 17 national laboratories for the past three years.

    “This feels like the first draft of an eventual political enemies list,” said a Department of Energy employee, who asked not to be identified because he feared a reprisal by the Trump transition team.

    Trump has already picked Scott Pruitt – who says climate change isn’t caused by humans — to head the Environmental Protection Agency. Trump has said climate change is a hoax perpetrated by China to damage U.S. manufacturing. He said he would rip up last year’s landmark global climate deal struck in Paris that was signed by Democratic President Barack Obama.

    Are we about to witness a purge of government researchers who have found that the climate is changing due to human activity?

  • Video: Some great music for Saturday night – Patti Smith sings Dylan’s “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall” at Nobel Prize ceremony


  • True Blue

    Excerpts from http://crooksandliars.com/2016/12/war-russia-isnt-issue-treason

    “Russia did what Russia does. We’ve seen them do it around the world. The single issue here — the ONLY issue — is what McConnell, Chaffetz, Comey et al chose not to do.

    There is no argument for war against Russia. There is, however, a serious argument for why Constitutional officers — men who swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution — chose instead to undermine it by allowing Russia to do what they did unchecked.”

    “From my vantage point, the investigation must begin at once. Remember, Watergate was about bugging DNC headquarters. This is far, far worse. Here’s what we need:

    *A thorough forensic investigation of all voting machines in Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, and Pennsylvania, at a minimum.

    *A full accounting for the breaches of any and all voter databases, whether data was taken, and what was done with that data. Was it sent to Cambridge Analytica? Were the actual databases tampered with to remove voters?

    *A full investigation into any and all hacks of the RNC, including the information Russians were able to obtain and an explanation as to why they didn’t release it while simultaneously leaking information stolen from the DNC.

    *A full investigation in Paul Manafort’s role behind the scenes.

    *Testimony from Roger Stone explaining his claim that he was in touch with Russians behind the scenes as Wikileaks emails were being rolled out.

    *Testimony from FBI Director James Comey about why he chose not to push forward on the Russian hacks but instead released a letter to elected officials about duplicate emails discovered on Anthony Weiner’s server. Was he pressured to do so? By whom? And if so, we also need testimony from those who pressured him.

    *Testimony under oath from Mitch McConnell about why he chose to disregard the recommendations of a consensus of 17 separate national security agencies that Russia was interfering.”

    • Unfortunately, for any of that to happen, I believe that the Republican-controlled Congress would have to initiate it. And that, sad to say, is unlikely to happen. So much for “checks and balances.”

  • Billabob Johnson

    Trump denies any Russian involvement in election results despite CIA, FBI and NSA discovery of that involvement. But Trump’s actions speak volumes. He is telling companies where to produce and who to hire as he aggressively attacks top US defense companies. If Vladimir Putin were to appoint someone who would turn America into a defenseless socialist – he could not have picked a better partner than Trump.

    • Again, what’s amazing is that anyone voted for Trump. It boggled my mind then, and if anything it boggles my mind even more now.