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Thursday News: Trump Goes for Looks, Not Brains or Integrity; Did “Timid Liberals” Blow the Election?


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, December 22. Also check out Seth Meyers on the effect “Donald Trump’s cabinet picks might have on climate change.”

  • Quizzical

    I have a mental wish list for things I would like to read, if I only had the time. The list includes Clinton’s emails as SOS, the DNC emails published on Wikileaks, and the Podesta emails. For one thing, I’d like to learn how to cook risotto. Also, I think it would be educational in learning how the political world really works behind the scenes.

    But mostly, because I feel that the people whose job it was to read and report on these things, and whose professional reputations rested on doing it well, failed to do what they are paid to do.

    So when I read a piece like Kevin Drum’s about how those timid liberals blew the election by not defending Clinton vigorously enough, my reaction is that that is BS and cowardly to boot. He’s blaming the victims because he wants to avoid bringing down a firestorm of negative comments from the people really responsible, I.e., all those who have had an irrational hatred of Hillary Clinton based on who knows what. Because guess what? All those people STILL hate her, still justify their votes for Trump based on that hatred, and still look for every chance to say so on the internet; and yes, a lot of that came from, or appears to come from, the left. Read the comments ion the Daily Kos since the election? It’s not like the scales fell from their eyes on Nov. 8.

    • A_Siegel

      There is some truth to Drum, it seems, but it is a sad ‘political truth’. It seems that the 21st century GOP thrives on Black/White paternalistic/authoritarianism. The Democratic Party and ‘democrats’/progressives/etc are perhaps captured in nuance and complexities to a greater extent. (That ‘reality-based thing’ — as real world is more complex & nuanced than @RealDonaldTrump twitter rantings and sloganeering might suggest.)

      Thus, in reaction to Drum, recognizing that a good share of BV readership is in areas with substantial government/national security presence: How many times did you hear/read/consider: “If I had done the same thing, I would have been in jail/prosecuted/etc …” There certainly was/is a feel in many in the national security world that they would have suffered if they had followed the same practice. And, well, many in private business as well — ‘what do you mean you’ve keep a copy on your own server of all those company emails, many of which are/were proprietary ..?’ Honestly, this was a hard thing ‘to fight’ / respond to … at best, it required a nuanced understanding of the situation that, well, few seemed to have had.

      The core point, from Drum, is the extent to which Comey went far, far beyond traditional norms & practices — this was beyond making a mountain of a molehill, it was making a set of massive earthquakes and a mountain range out of that pretty tiny molehill.

      However, that ‘absence of Hillary Clinton’ won’t mean an end to truthiness and #FakeNews with vicious distortions in attacking any/all who represent any form of opposition to Trump/GOP dominance …

      • Quizzical

        I realize that the right wing spin machine will continue – talk radio, Drudge, Breibart, and all the rest. Still, negative Clinton headlines were irresistible click bait for them, and now that crutch is gone. They are going to have a hard time replacing her.

        Bill and Hillary Clinton will still matter – they have enough money to be influential donors. But Hillary was dragging around more baggage than Marley’s ghost.