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Tweet, Video: Far-Right Fairfax School Board Member Attacks Clarendon Ballroom, Urges Bands to Attend Trump Inaugural


Right-wingnut and anti-LGBT bigot, Fairfax County Board member Elizabeth Schultz, strikes again. First she attacks the Clarendon Ballroom for declining to host Trump backers’ ‘DeploraBall’ (and getting harassing calls from Trumpsters in response (see screenshot of her tweet below). Second, she bemoans the fact that Fairfax County’s “ultimately, profoundly talented bands” are not applying to march in the Trump inauguration, and how “profoundly disheartening” that is to her see video below from the FCPS meeting earlier this week). Yeah, I know, so sad!

P.S. For more on Schultz – the LAST person who should ever be on a School Board! – see Audio: EW Jackson Talks to Anti-#LGBT Fairfax County School Board Member Elizabeth Schultz, Far-Far-Right Fairfax County School Board Member Recommends Video by Rabid Bigot, Extremist,Video: Heated Debate Over Transgender Rights in Fairfax County Public Schools,Audio: “Only voice of reason on the Fairfax County School Board” Goes Nuts Over Transgender Directive, Just When You Thought Fairfax County School Board Member, Anti-LGBT Extremist Elizabeth Schultz Couldn’t Get Any Crazier, Far-Right Fairfax County School Board Member Tweets Out False Popular Vote Count, etc., etc.

  • A_Siegel

    A bit unfair to Schultz here. After all, to say she is “last person” who should be on a school board is perhaps an exaggeration. For example, would we want someone who has serial accusations of sexual assault, a documented history of questionable sexual innuendos and comments about pre-pubescent girls, significant challenges with dishonest engagement with the public and business partners/clients/contractors, etc … E.g, would you want @RealDonaldTrump on a School Board?

    • Heh, fair point. OK, she’s “one of the last people” we’d ever want on a school board. Better? 🙂

  • Katja1

    Speaking as a Fairfax parent, I would not want my son performing at the inauguration of a Russian puppet. I have more patriotism than that.

    • And a corrupt, bigoted traitor…

  • Gregori Kurtzman

    Dont you love how the reich wing is all about individual freedoms they feel businesses should be able to discriminate and refuse business to LGBT but when a business refuses to book an event for a hate monger they are up in arms saying businesses should be forced to hold an event there and students should be forced to perform at his inauguration welcome to trumps 4th reich