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Wednesday News: FBI Subpoena of Clinton Emails Was as Lame as You Thought; “What else do you have if you don’t have hope?”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Wednesday, December 21. Also check out Oprah’s interview with our brilliant, classy First Lady Michelle Obama, who I will miss enormously…

  • Video: Bernie Sanders In A Candid Conversation With Sarah Silverman


    • Quizzical

      I was struck by Bernie’s comment about the museum in Windsor, Vermont, because I had the same reaction reading a history published in 1854 about my home town in Western Massachusetts, which I found on Google Books. In 1854, the town had four woolen and satinet mills, a mill which produced meal bags, two shops for the manufacture of paper machinery, numerous establishments for the manufacture of leather, hats, boots, shoes, iron castings, axes, shovels, hoes, forks, tin ware, lime, brick; a printing office and a book bindery – and last but not least, 20 (twenty) paper mills. There were 1500 people employed in the mills and shops. They could do all this in part because there was plentiful water power. In addition to that there was a significant amount of farming going on.

      Now, the town manufactures nothing whatsoever. The last of the paper mills shut down a couple years ago. Most of the farms have been neglected and went back to woodland years ago, and you see old stone walls snaking through mature woods. The townspeople are trying to survive on service jobs and the tourist trade, or having long commutes to jobs in the cities 20-50 miles away.

      So the same problems that are in the Mid-West are all over. I’ll have to go back and listen again, because I didn’t catch what Bernie proposed as a solution to this.

  • Video: Full PBS Newshour interview with Brooooooce


  • Jim Webb must really want a job in the Trump administration. Pitiful.


  • Crazy Trumpster EW Jackson goes on rant against “MTV robot kids.” WTF are “MTV robot kids?” Got me.


  • Quizzical

    Re Trump voters who didn’t take him literally on repealing Obamacare. It seems like they expected to be able to continue as political free riders – they expect that others will pay the price to do whatever it takes to save their subsidized health insurance.


    The time to stand up and be counted was on No. 8. Now it is probably too late, unless the free riders wake up.

    Given the outcome of the election, the Republicans can in fact dismantle the Affordable Care Act at least in part, without having 60 votes in the Senate, and that will effectively kill the Act because the health insurers will start running for the exits. That in fact is what was already happening, after Congress reneged on the risk corridors. The only thing holding the Republicans back is that they know that eventually, they would face a backlash from people who lose their health insurance coverage as a result. So they need to devise a “replacement” insurance scheme that essentially provides far less coverage — but the average voter will not get that until three months after their diagnosis.

    • Yes. And as an ER Nurse by trade, my compatriots and I are going to bear the brunt for what’s about to come, because I understand the central premise in the “universal access” ditty the Republicans have bandied about is, y’know, hey, everyone can go to the ER thanks to EMTALA, so. Perfect! Problem solved.


      • Quizzical

        Here’s another article about what the Trump supporters want:
        What Donald Trump Voters Want Instead of Obamacare – The Atlantic

        They’ve put blind trust in Trump. Sad!

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