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Corey Stewart Laughably Vows to “Take Back Virginia from the Democrats, the lobbyists, the media, and the insiders”


Does this get you fired up for Corey Stewart or what?!?  LOL. Seriously, though, Stewart’s going to take back Virginia from the Democrats?  Last I checked, Republicans controlled the entire Virginia General Assembly, so that’s a bit odd. As for taking it back from the “media,” that’s beyond laughable, as the corporate media has minimal power in Virginia – or anywhere else, really.  Finally, it’s also beyond laughable that Corey Stewart of all people will get rid of “lobbyists” and “insiders” (whatever that word means exactly); as laughable as the vow of his idol, Donald Trump, to “drain the swamp,” when in fact Trump’s busy doing the exact opposite. Of course, in Trump/Corey World, up is down, hot is cold, black is white, war is peace, truth is lie, etc.

Dear Lowell,

2016 was the year the media, the establishment, and the political insiders attacked me relentlessly, because I agreed to lead President Elect Trump’s Virginia Campaign.

Now, they are attacking me, because I am running for Governor to Take Back Virginia from these same people, to continue the grassroots movement we started last year.

This year, we are going to fight for you – the People of the Commonwealth, that have been left behind by Terry McAuliffe and Barack Obama, by fighting for your jobs, by bringing back manufacturing, and by making sure Virginia is open for business.

We are going to defend life, protect your Second Amendment rights, massively reduce taxes, reduce regulations that are crippling small businesses, and help take care of our Veterans.

Together, Lowell, with your help, we will Take Back Virginia from the Democrats, the lobbyists, the media, and the insiders.

See you on the campaign trail and Happy New Year.

For Liberty,

Corey Stewart
  • old_redneck

    You go, Corey, you go!!! The Hell. And take the VA GOP with you!!

    Here on January 1 there are at least three bright spots.

    1. Joe Arpaio is no longer sheriff of Maricopa County, AZ, and likely will never hold public office again.

    2. Don Cooper (D) is governor of NC. While the NC legislature is still controlled by the Forces of Evil, at least Cooper can put his finger in the dike.

    3. VA GOP is all a’twitter with a scurrilous email attack on one of their LtGov wannabees . . . the email may have been traced to Republican State Senator Jill Vogel . . . the VA GOP Civil War deepens!!!

  • wwfleming

    Stewart like most long-term Republicans have drunk so much of their Kool Ade that they are incapable of knowing what commonwealth and common good mean. But we have not been good at fighting their propaganda. We need to be better at figuring out how to get “progressives” to the polls and actually vote for our common good. Rise up!