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Sunday News: “Wild Child” Trump Demonstrates “Malevolence Tempered by Incompetence”; Fiery Speech by Cory Booker at Dulles


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Sunday, January 29. Also, check out the fiery speech by Sen. Cory Booker at Dulles Airport last night, video courtesy of former LuAnn Bennett for Congress campaign manager Adam Zuckerman.

  • Quizzical

    Voice of America sounds climate change warning

    “It is hard to overestimate the negative effects that mercury has on humans, especially children. Speaking with VOA, Björn laid out just how dangerous the chemical is: “Mercury is considered one of the top ten chemicals of public health concern by the World Health Organization.””

  • You know what Trump’s done is bad when even Virginia State Sen. Chap Petersen is outraged!

    To date, I’ve refrained from criticizing the new President, because frankly it’s outside my focus as a state official and there are enough people doing it full-time on FB. But the parameters of the travel ban are morally wrong and un-American. As a boy, I vividly remember “the Boat People” from Vietnam who escaped after the war and made their way to the USA. They were former ARVN soldiers and friends of America. We took them in and they became US citizens who added to this great nation. (By the way, they mostly migrated to Southern states and flourished there so read into that all you want). That being the case, how the hell can we deny the same rights to Iraqis or other Muslims who supported the US and now are subject to reprisal? If they qualify to immigrate (and it’s a very tough test), then by all means let them in. And segregating people based on religion is a terrible idea, and I say as one who was very critical of the Obama administration’s non-response to Christian persecution in the Middle East. I’m not a professional complainer, nor am I criticizing Trump 24/7 but for the love of Jesus (the son of a refugee family), please reconsider this asinine policy. .

  • Video: RNC PR BS (aka, “Reince Preibus”) says he apologizes for nothing


  • Your daily dose of frothing-at-the-mouth bigotry/lunacy from 2013 VA GOP Lt Gov nominee EW Jackson


  • Ralph Northam: “Irrespective of political party, our current President has used his first week in office to trample on the values that made our country a beacon of hope for many across the world. During these uncertain times, leadership at all levels of government is required to stand up for our highest ideals. Ed Gillespie and Denver Riggleman’s unwillingness to let Virginians know whether they agree with the order makes them complicit. Silence is no virtue when asked questions about who we are as a Commonwealth and a country. Ed and Denver must tell the people they want to represent where they stand.”

  • Barbara

    Looks like Comstock is one of a few GOPers willing to criticize DT..
    Not a profile in courage, but a reflection of her district..
    Unlike so many others, she is not likely to face a primary from the right.

  • Video: Sen. Tim Kaine on Meet the Press this morning rips Trump’s executive order.


  • Statement by the University of Virginia President and Provost:

    To the University community:

    On Friday, the White House issued an executive order prohibiting people from seven countries from entering the United States. Late Saturday night a federal judge in New York issued a temporary order limiting the enforcement of the executive order with respect to persons holding valid visas, persons already accepted into U.S. refugee programs, and other persons previously authorized to be in the United States. A federal judge in Virginia issued a similar order protecting persons with permanent resident status and arriving at Dulles International Airport. The situation remains fluid with additional court orders in other states, and will continue to evolve in the coming days. At UVA, we are taking numerous steps to respond to these developments and to other emerging changes in immigration laws and policies that could affect members of our community.

    We have communicated individually with UVA’s students and scholars who are from the seven countries affected by the executive order and advised them not to travel abroad until we know more about the specific practices that will be implemented as a result of the executive order. We have communicated with the larger population of international students as well. Also, UVA leaders met with our Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) students on Friday to welcome them back for the spring semester and to offer our ongoing support. At the same time, we are consulting with University leaders and others with expertise related to these issues, and we are seeking advice from the immigration attorneys appointed by the Commonwealth of Virginia to serve the state’s public universities.

    Any international student, scholar, or other community member with concerns may consult with UVA’s International Studies Office. Any faculty or staff member on an H-1B or green card may consult with UVA’s Human Resources office. Contact information follows this message. In the coming days, we will hold a University-wide forum to share information on the executive order and to address questions.
    Beyond our concern for individual students, faculty, and staff at UVA who are affected by the executive order, we are concerned about the larger effect this and related actions may have on American universities, including UVA, as we seek to expose students to international experiences. Being a great university in the 21st century means being a global university, and our entire University community is enriched and enlightened by interacting with teachers and students from other nations. Providing these experiences is an investment in the future as we seek to build international cooperation and peace. Higher education leaders around the world continue to emulate America’s colleges and universities because of the excellence we have achieved in teaching, research, and innovation, and an essential element of that excellence is our openness to people from other nations. Our University continues to enunciate values that support the bedrock principles of individual freedom, including freedom of expression and freedom of religion.

    The Association of American Universities (AAU) has issued a statement concerning these issues here. The Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) has issued a statement here. We join our higher education colleagues in expressing concern about recent policy initiatives that affect members of our University community and peers elsewhere.

    As we continue to work on these issues, please join us in expressing support to the members of UVA’s international community who are so essential to the vitality of our University.

    Teresa Sullivan, President
    Tom Katsouleas, Executive Vice President and Provost