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Tuesday News: “Monday Night Massacre”; GOP’s Deal With the Devil; Rep. McEachin Rips “Religious Test” “Travesty”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, January 31

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    To augment the themes of autocracy and this administration’s (perhaps deliberate) disorder, I’ve read many articles about Constitutional Crisis this morning. As Olbermann puts it, “we will all be lucky to survive” this. In ‘This Man is Dangerous’ video, he states this is not a running war with the press, “it’s a running war with reality.” I will call senators and representatives, not just my own, out on blatant lawlessness and unconstitutional edicts of this administration.

    “It took Donald Trump eleven days to replicate the basic facts of the most significant constitutional crisis in American history. His actions tonight flagrantly disrespect the presidency, the Constitution, and his millions of constituents, and show once against that this lawless administration cares about nothing but its own accumulation of power by any means necessary.”

    “It’s possible that this chaos is simply a result of overzealousness and incompetence on the part of the Administration. But Bannon is known to be a cunning a strategist who doesn’t show his hand and doesn’t like to openly talk about his tactics. His actions are seldom random and always deliberate.”

    “We do know that Bannon implemented a highly controversial, high-profile order that he knew to be illegal and particularly cruel, but of great importance to his white nationalist base. We know that on the same day he placed himself on the national security council, removing the joint chiefs from the room. We know that Bannon idolizes Andrew Jackson and sees himself as above the courts.”

    • Yep, I’ve been extremely pessimistic since 11/8, and basically now all my worst fears are coming to pass…faster than even I imagined. Prediction: barring a miracle (and I don’t believe in miracles, god, etc.), we are completely f***ed.

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        I guess the current WH inhabitants and authoritarians’ purpose is to create chaos and confusion quickly, causing us to lose sleep and any semblance of the good life we experienced before Election Day fiasco. Any self-serving Republicans who will not stand up against this are complicit in destroying our country. #stoppresidentbannon

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    More on Constitutional Crisis:

    “This President is being enabled by the most pathetic weakness of a Republic — and precisely the weakness George Washington warned against—party over country. The fight that citizens must wage now is against that pathology with Congress first. The fight that Congress must wage now is with this out of control executive first. And the fight that the courts will wage, easily and effectively, now is with officers who don’t obey their orders.”

    “These fights are distinct, critical, and essential. But if we’re to win, we cannot seem the crazy ones here. Our work now has got to be to unite Americans as Americans. We must remind the partisans that they are citizens first. And that as citizens, we must rally an allegiance to the Constitution that this President seems so keen to ignore.”

    “It was impossible to know if CBP officials were defying District Court Judge Leonie Brinkema’s order that any green-card holders be granted counsel, because they wouldn’t even say if anyone was being held inside [Dulles International Airport].”

    “It’s hard to see last week as anything other than the prep work for a massive power grab by people who despise the rule of law.”

  • Bad latte

    Well, house judiciary committee staffers helped on drafting the immigration order without telling, their boss, Virginia’s own BadLatte.
    Pretty sure he is commending them this morning.

  • It won’t pass, but good for Warner and Kaine regardless!


    WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine have cosponsored a bill to rescind President Trump’s discriminatory executive order barring immigrants from Muslim-majority countries and suspending the U.S. refugee program.

    “The President’s actions are misguided and do not reflect American values,” said Warner. “It is clear this policy was crafted with no regard to its constitutionality and the negative effects that it would have on law-abiding legal residents and individuals who have helped this country in the fight against terrorism. Our bill takes action by rescinding this ban immediately, which has already begun to alienate our allies and create chaos in our country and around the world.”

    “This executive order is a religious test pure and simple,” Kaine said at Dulles International Airport yesterday. “It was Thomas Jefferson who said we do not prefer or punish people in this country because of how they worship or whether or not they choose to worship. Religious freedom is a Virginia value like no other, and it’s in the First Amendment to the Constitution for a reason.”

    Warner and Kaine joined Democratic Senators Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, Amy Klobuchar, Richard Blumenthal, Ron Wyden, Maria Cantwell, Tom Udall, Chris Van Hollen, Chris Murphy, Kirsten Gillibrand, Jeff Merkley, Tom Carper, Bernie Sanders, Ed Markey, Tammy Baldwin, Ben Cardin, Martin Heinrich, Maggie Hassan, Sherrod Brown, Debbie Stabenow, Catherine Cortez-Masto, Jack Reed, Kamala Harris, Patrick Leahy, Bob Menendez, Patty Murray, Cory Booker, Sheldon Whitehouse, Al Franken, Mazie Hirono and Elizabeth Warren in introducing the bill.

    Over the weekend, Warner and Kaine demanded answers from Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly about the status of travelers being detained at Dulles International and other airports across the country as a result of President Trump’s executive order. The Senators’ offices worked throughout the weekend to offer assistance and help ensure detained travelers had access to legal representation.

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    Army Corps of Engineers ordered to approve Dakota pipeline easement
    They are fighting to bring the tar sands oil to market before people entirely wake up