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Video: Sen. Tim Kaine Questions Rex Tillerson on #ExxonKnew Scandal; Tillerson Refuses to Answer


I’ve been trying to watch Tillerson’s appearance today before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, but theres a lot going on. However, suffice it to say that Tillerson is doing a terrible job – dodging questions, denying that he has knowledge of things or flat-out refusing to answer questions he obviously knows the answers to but doesn’t want to answer, frustrating Senators (including Republicans like Marco Rubio), contradicting himself and his company (ExxonMobil) on human-caused climate change, etc, etc. The following exchanges with Sen. Tim Kaine give a good flavor of Tillerson’s absurd testimony today. Clearly, this guy is NOT fit to be U.S. Secretary of State. Finally, if you haven’t read it, I strongly recommend that you check out InsideClimate News’ award-winning series on how Exxon knew many years ago about man-made climate change, then embarked on a well-funded campaign of climate change denial and delay in acting on climate change. Utterly disgusting. #RejectRex

P.S. Great job by Sen. Kaine – thank you! Also, Kaine just tweeted, “It’s shameful Tillerson refused to answer my questions on his company’s role in funding phony climate science. Bottom line: #ExxonKnew”

  • Fedup

    I can see how he would not want to be the one to confess that Exxon/Mobile perpetrated fraud by working to bury the issues of climate change all these years. Reminds me very much of the activities of the cigarette industry as they denied the now commonly understood link between smoking and cancer. Corporations never let the public good stand between themselves and making one more dollar.