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Video: Va. Sen. Scott Surovell Blasts Trump’s Federal Hiring, Pay Freeze


As State Senator Scott Surovell notes, President Trump’s executive order “that freezes the hiring of federal employees as well as pay raises” amounts to “attacks on agencies like the FBI, the CIA, ICE…agencies that do things to keep our country safe.” Sen. Surovell reminds everyone that Trump vowed to reward states that voted for him and punish those that voted against him; and “now, you know what, Virginians are going to pay the price, and to me it’s disgusting…when this revenue goes down…it’s going to be bad for our teachers, our police, our children, our college students and our citizens.”

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    This action simply continues the Republican war on federal employees and government in general. It is a key part of the Republican neoliberal project to privatize any government agency or service that can earn a profit. It’s been going on quietly for many years as the “Feds”are replaced with private contractors that end up costing the government more money to cover the profit margin. It also contributes to corporate political power as they increasingly control the levers of government. Corporations have no public interest, only shareholder interest. And unlike federal employees, contractors take no oath “to protect and defend the Constitution.” Let’s hope the federal employees who vote in VA remember this when 2018 comes around. Resist!

    • Anonymous Is A Woman

      They will remember in 2017 and take it out on Republicans then too.

  • Anonymous Is A Woman

    I am sure Virginia Republicans will be thrilled that their president just federalized the governor’s race. Usually, state races are low turn out, especially in Northern Virginia because so much of its citizenry is oriented toward the federal government for obvious reasons. But how many federal workers who don’t come out to vote in “off” year elections will come out now to register a protest against the GOP?

  • Rep. Gerry Connolly statement: “An across-the-board federal hiring freeze is a mindless way to manage. It fails to differentiate critical from non-critical issues. It fails to take into account the need to actually beef up certain capabilities in the federal government, like cybersecurity. This Executive Order, coupled with many of other anti-federal workforce policies being proposed in Congress, will have a depressing effect on our ability to recruit and retain the next generation of federal workers. This is a far cry from President Kennedy’s effort to inspire a new generation to enter public service.”

  • Rep. Don Beyer statement

    Beyer Statement on President Trump’s Freeze On Federal Employee Hiring and Pay

    January 23, 2017 (Washington, DC) – Rep. Beyer issued the following statement today on the Trump administration’s announcement of a freeze on hiring and pay raises for the federal workforce.

    “The Trump administration’s decision to further scapegoat the federal workforce by freezing hiring and pay is ineffective and damaging,” said Rep. Don Beyer. “Like previous actions of Congressional Republicans, complaints of ineffective government are being met with a strategy which makes government even less effective. This cycle is intentional, and state and local economies across the country will suffer for it. Weakening the ability of the federal government to carry out its crucial mission is not how you put ‘America first.’”

    85% of the nation’s civil service positions are based outside of the National Capital Region. The number of federal workers is at its lowest level since the 1960s, and over 30 percent will be eligible to retire in the next year. A report by the General Accounting Office (GAO) on previous federal hiring freezes stated such freezes are not an effective strategy for shrinking the size of the workforce, and only serve to disrupt agency operations and in the long-term increase the cost of government operations.


    I am not a Trump supporter. Even I can see that freezing the size of the bloated federal government, while not good for Virginia (or Maryland) *is* good for the country as a whole.