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Friday News: “The Silence of the Hacks”; Trump Heads “past unhinged, unmoored and unglued”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Friday, February 17. Also, I’m including full video of Trump’s press conference/circus yesterday, just so everyone can see how insane, racist, etc. our man-boy “president” is.

  • Very proud of my friend, Rep. Donald McEachin (D-VA04), moving up fast in Democratic leadership ranks, as well he should!

    Congressman McEachin Elected Regional Vice Chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

    WASHINGTON, DC –This week, freshman Congressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04) was elected by his Democratic colleagues as a regional vice chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). Congressman McEachin was the only freshman selected. As vice chair, Rep. McEachin is responsible for recruitment, member services, and mentoring candidates among other areas. His region is region 2, which includes a wide swath of the south, from Virginia to Oklahoma down through Florida.

    Representative McEachin said of the election, “I am honored that my colleagues considered me for this position. I am eager to start work to do what I can to ensure a Democratic majority in 2018.”

    Mr. McEachin’s peers have repeatedly demonstrated their confidence in his leadership. With less than sixty days in Congress, he has been elected a freshman class co-president, a deputy Whip, Ranking Member of the Natural Resources Oversight and Investigations subcommittee, and asked by Leader Pelosi to serve on the Franking Commission.

  • Video: Top VA GOP donor Pat Robertson claims challenging Trump means revolting against “God’s plan”


    • dirich

      Oh, Trump is the Good News.

  • Trump hits ANOTHER new low in Gallup (38%-56%)


    • BH

      But he is still at a higher percent than Clinton (Bill) was at this point. And considering how MSM puts out so much fake/false news about him, it’s a wonder he’s above 20%. And considering how the Democrat Party has entered an agreement to resist and “take down” the Trump administration (being duly elected), Trump is doing an incredible job.

      • False yet again. At this point (mid February), Bill Clinton was at 51% approval according to Gallup (http://www.gallup.com/interactives/185273/presidential-job-approval-center.aspx). And no, there’s no “fake/false news” about Trump; frighteningly, it’s all true.

        • BH

          Pew has Trump at 55%. Go figure. You mean like the AP lie, uh story, about calling out the Guard for immigration enforcement? Oh, that’s right, you still think that’s the truth.

          • WTF? See http://www.people-press.org/2017/02/16/in-first-month-views-of-trump-are-already-strongly-felt-deeply-polarized/

            “The latest national survey by Pew Research Center, conducted Feb. 7-12 among 1,503 adults, finds that Trump’s overall job approval is much lower than those of prior presidents in their first weeks in office: 39% approve of his job performance, while 56% disapprove.

          • BH

            My bad, it was Rasmussen that had him at 56% on Friday. Even had a 2 point advantage in strongly approve or disapprove. Go to Rasmussen daily Presidential approval poll and see all of the things likely voters have to say. It really looks like Trump is on the right track.

  • Sen. Mark Warner statement on Pruitt confirmation: “Mr. Pruitt’s views do not align with what used to be the bipartisan national priority of protecting America’s environment. From opposing the Chesapeake Bay cleanup, to denying the science around climate change, to filing dozens of lawsuits against the Environmental Protection Agency as attorney general of Oklahoma, Mr. Pruitt is singularly unqualified to lead the EPA.”

    • BH

      Pruitt’s lawsuits against the Obama EPA makes him HIGHLY qualified to be the head of the EPA because the Obama EPA was on course to run all businesses out of business. There was no desire to see what the economics of their policies were going to be on those affected, as is required by law. There can be environmental protection without bankrupting business. I think Pruitt understands this.

  • Quizzical

    Louise Mensch: the former British MP who scooped US media on Trump’s Russian ties – the guardian