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Final Results of Blue Virginia 2017 Gov. Poll #1: Northam 50.7%-Perriello 48.3% (4,762 total votes)


UPDATE 6:00 pm Sunday: As promised, I have closed the poll on Sunday evening. The final results are Ralph Northam edging out Tom Perriello 2,416 (50.73%)-2,298 (48.26%), with a handful of votes for Ed Gillespie (0.48%), Frank Wagner (0.21%), Corey Stewart (0.17%) and Denver Riggleman (0.15%). Clearly, the two Democratic governor campaigns encouraged their supporters to vote in this poll, as we got a huge number of votes (4,762 total) in just 72 hours or so on a holiday weekend! Also, I could see the surges for each candidate as they pushed their supporters to vote via email, Facebook, etc. All of which is fine, by the way, as it indicates enthusiasm/intensity, organization, etc. Anyway, congratulations to Ralph Northam for edging out Tom Perriello in the first Blue Virginian non-scientific poll of the 2017 election cycle. I’ll probably do this again in a few weeks to see where we are then. Also, I’m going to post a Lt. Governor poll, so please vote in that one as well. Thanks!

UPDATE 5:22 pm Friday: It’s great to see so many people voting in this poll. I’ll probably keep it open until Sunday evening or so…

  • Corey Stewart’s pathetic new fundraising email:

    Allow me to explain . . .

    As I told you, last week a group of protesters mobbed me when I showed up in Charlottesville to stand up and defend Virginia’s heritage and history from the Historical Vandalism taking place there and across the Commonwealth.

    Thankfully I got away to my car before the mob was able to get violent and cause me physical harm.

    I’ll admit — I had to look over my shoulder a few times when things got out of hand.

    Those protesters were more like rioters and we were outnumbered – not a good situation for me to be in.

    But I WILL NOT back down.

    Instead, I’m heading straight into the lion’s den — literally.

    You see, the first debate of this campaign takes place Saturday in Charlottesville — the very same place where I was mobbed earlier this week.

    As expected, the left-wing radicals are already organizing, planning to protest and shut down the debate.

    They’re claiming to represent the majority of Virginians, and I’m afraid the news media is all too willing to help them paint that false narrative.

    That’s why I’m holding a rally on Tuesday in Charlottesville for folks who oppose the Historical Vandalism and believe our history and heritage are worth preserving and defending.

    Can I count on you to chip in a contribution to help my campaign spread the word about our rally to defend our history and heritage?

    Your generous contribution will help cover the costs of security, microphones and speakers, signs, gas, and everything else associated with holding a successful and peaceful rally.

    Not only that, but your contribution will also help pay for Facebook and Internet banners ads alerting EVERY conservative in Virginia about the rally in Charlottesville on Tuesday.

    So what do you say, Lowell?

    Will you stand with me and fight to protect and preserve our history?

    Or will you sit on the sidelines and allow the liberals and radical left-wingers to get away with tearing down memorials to every war hero and founding father they find?

    I’ve drawn my line in the sand.

    And I’m prepared to fight.

    But I need you in my corner.

    This is one battle you and I can’t afford to lose.

    So please, chip in the maximum contribution you can afford — $2,500, $2,000, $1,500, $1,000, $,500 or $250 — to help defend our history and heritage.

    If you are blessed enough to contribute a large gift, I believe this is an investment worth making — and I ask that you please give generously to this effort.

    Of course, I understand such a large gift is not possible for most folks at this time.

    Right now the average contribution is $50.

    All I ask is that you please do all you can –$100, $50, $35, $25 or $10 — to help with this critical effort.

    Thank you in advance for your support.

    Together, Lowell, you and I will preserve Virginia’s heritage and history.

    • stuckinthewoods

      Sounds like Eugene Delgaudio found work.

      • Hard to decide who’s more heinous, Eugene Delgaudio or Corey Stewart.

  • True Blue

    Hahaha – “Historical(sic) Vandalism” hysteria reminds me of “casting aspersions on my asparagus.”

  • Another Scott

    If I had to pick today, I would pick Ralph. But I want to know more about his and Tom’s proposals. They’re both good candidates, it seems to me. And either one of them must win to prevent Virginia from turning into East Brownbackistan…

    Eyes on the prize.


  • Choice #1- Ralph Northam
    Choice #1- Tom Perriello
    Choice #2- Denver Riggleman
    Choice #3- Root canal
    Choice #4- Sitting with Hokie fans at any sporting event.
    Choice #6- Pecan pie.
    Choice #55425234- Anyone else on this list.

    Denver is what a more “honest” Donald Trump would be- someone who actually wants to wreck the “establishment”, rather than a conman. I’ve chatted with him personally. I’d have to butt heads with him and fight him constantly on a number of issues, but he’s damn bang on about things like eminent domain, the ABC, etc. And he’s the only one I’d actually trust to have the cahones to stand up to Donald Trump, and I believe he’d be happy to wreck the gerrymandering the state currently has, as well.

  • Joe Mancini

    With the General Assembly in the hands of the GOP for the foreseeable future, it is imperative that the three Constitutional offices be in Democratic hands. The ability to craft positive legislation is minimal, the necessity to veto wingnut legislation is critical. I have found that I like Ralph more than I thought I would. I have always liked Tom. Ralph has run and won statewide; Tom lost his last Congressional bid.

    That means Ralph.

    • S. Lowe

      Agree. Ralph Northam has the gravitas, the skill to speak with and influence voters who live in the far west, south areas of the Commonwealth. Northam’s work in Richmond is invaluable in working w/VA government. Vote for a candidate with a solid, proven record – Ralph Northam, pro choice, pro family.

  • Mary Elizabeth Silverthorn Cun

    Tom is an experienced Congresman with much international experience as well. He is a true progressive who is against the eminent domain promotion of the ACP and Mountain Valley Pipelines through Virginia.

  • Vanessa Jenkins

    My pick is Northam w/out question. I agree w/his policies and believe he knows the concerns of my demographic. I don’t know anything about the others, but am sure I will see more of their campaigns in the future. Right here and Now it is Northam!

    • Out of curiosity, what’s your demographic? Thanks.

  • Camille Harris

    I’m with Ralph all the way. He is a liberal progressive who fights for and remembers his constituents. He also has a strong voting track record on gun safety and women’s reproductive health, among other important issues.

    Perrielo, on the other hand, has deviated sharply from the Democratic Party’s position on gun control and abortion rights. In 2009, Perriello voted for the Stupak amendment, which would have prohibited insurance companies that participate in the Affordable Care Act’s exchanges from covering abortion. During his 2010 (unsuccessful) re-election campaign, Perriello boasted of his A rating from the National Rifle Association. He obtained an A rating because of his opposition to an assault weapons ban and other gun control efforts.

    I don’t trust Perriello’s motives in declaring his candidacy just as the Democratic legislative session was starting, during which time Northam cannot raise campaign funds. Nor can I endorse any candidate who has been outspokenly anti-abortion and who does not have a strong voting record on gun safety. Tom Perriello is not the “true progressive” that some purport him to be.

    • Another Scott

      Perriello’s past position on Stupak seems to have been more nuanced, and he’s said he regrets the vote on it.

      Similarly, his statements on the NRA seem more nuanced as well.

      While I haven’t made up my mind about the candidates, I’m happy that Perriello is in the race – primaries should always be about finding the better/best candidate and talking about the important issues. We can (and should) discuss whether candidates positions have “evolved” is a good thing, or whether having “consistent” views is more important.

      But we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that real-life politics is hard, purity rarely wins, and a Democrat holding a seat is much more important these days than the relative purity of their views on our particular issues of the day.

      My $0.02.


      • S. Lowe

        I share your view about our discussing the candidates evolving; that discussion might should have begun 12/24 months ago, while Ralph Northam was working for us in Richmond. Northam’s experience, skill, and his support of pro-choice, health, education make him a very good candidate to replace our Governor. We enjoy blue grass music and love the progressive label and fresh faces; but Northam’s experience in Richmond working with our AG and Governor place him at the top of any list of candidates.

      • Camille Harris

        Hi, Another Scott- I checked out the NRA link in your comment, and I’m still not impressed. It’s appalling that Perriello would EVER boast of an A rating with the NRA. He’s now trying to wiggle out of his previous comments, saying that the NRA is different now than it used to be. The NRA has been bad news for a long, long time – way before 2010 when Perriello boasted of the A rating. How can we trust a candidate who is (or has been) in bed with the NRA in recent years? Or a candidate who did not promote reasonable gun safety policies in order to get more votes in his conservative district?

        Additionally, Perriello has yet to articulate clear distinctions between himself and Northam. So, why is he running? Does he really want to unite the Democratic vote in Virginia? Or is he more interested in making a last-minute splash and getting name recognition for himself?

        Look, we all have deep wounds from the November election. We need to heal. We need to consolidate resources (financial, time, energy), not split and divide. Elections, including primaries, are expensive. I see no propelling reason for Perriello to even run for election (though he is, of course). Northam is a good, solid, liberal Democrat. He’s proven his worth, and Virginians of many stripes and colors like him. He’s trustworthy with a clean, progressive track record. Let’s get behind him, fight like hell to get the vote out, and elect Northam Virginia’s next governor!

    • S. Lowe

      Thanks Camille for the info re: NRA and abortion and Perriello. I too have strong doubt about candidates who pop up and put on a ‘progressive’ label. Ralph Northam has been in Richmond, day in and day out, working with legislators who respect him even if they don’t agree. Ralph Northam, IMO can travel to the rural areas S/W and speak clearly and honestly to those citizens. We don’t need a gadfly or a PR hound who perhaps grabs the coattails of “progressive movement.” We need strong, smart leadership. Northam is that.

      • Camille Harris

        I couldn’t agree with you more, S. Lowe!

  • TheVirginia

    I want the one who will beat whoever the Republicans put forth. No more devotion to an individual candidate, no more cult of personality, no more my candidate on the highway. I want a Democrat who can beat the Republican. So the one who is polling the best against the Republican nutjob will be my choice.

    • S. Lowe

      Good points; we must take the Governor’s office. It takes time, money, and, more time and money to “poll the best” and to win. Latecomers to this party may, IMO muddy the water, and many voters are turned off by primaries and candidates who seem to be so quickly progressive and who’ve been out of touch for a few years. Ralph Northam has the political skill, the experience, and he wins. He’s been in Richmond, worked with elected officials; and he’s worked for health, education and pro-choice issues. I intend to work for and vote for Ralph Northam.

  • MJ

    I support anyone who will stand up to preserving clean water and air-which means NO pipelines and investing in safe thorium based molten salt nuclear energy and alternatives that don’t ruin the cleanest streams and rivers this side of the Mississippi. I live on a creek that is silted in from development and in 10 years I have found 1 dead crayfish and one mosquito fish

    • Another Scott

      There are lots and lots of issues with thorium-based molten salt reactors. “Safe” is a relative term…


      • Much better options: 1) energy efficiency; 2) utility-scale solar; 3) onshore wind; 4) offshore wind; 5) distributed solar…

  • Crystal Ball

    Northam’s statewide opponent was a joke. Perriello is an effective fundraiser and someone who can energize the base. In an off-year election, that’s the key, not endorsements. Perriello did not announce because he was still working for the administration (Hatch Act) and because he was literally in the Congo working on a peace settlement (which he got). Yes, he’s changed his positions but can you blame him for running on that platform in an R+4 district? And how quickly we forget Northam contemplated switching parties a few years ago…Yes, Tom has no “Richmond” experience, but neither did Warner or McAuliffe. Northam is a fine candidate, but he did not need McAuliffe to anoint him as a successor in a smoke filled room. A fair, competitive primary is healthy for the party. And since a candidate much like Northam just lost big time in the presidential election, we should be more open to them.

    • S. Lowe

      Good points all. I might suggest that our big loss in the General is not parallel to our gubernatorial race. Secy Clinton’s reputation was demeaned for decades by a literal “vast right wing conspiracy.” Richard Mellon Scaife, the Kochs, et al spent millions creating a narrative of lies about her that the fundys and wing nuts bought. That hasn’t happened with our Lt. Governor; his reputation is great, his work ethic is superb. I have no info about a smoke-filled room/anointment that was mentioned. If we have a close primary, we’ll need to be accurate in our support statements for whomever we support; we’ve got to refrain from stuff that the GOP/Gillespie and op research folks tweet, etc. So we’ll pull together on this; we cannot allow Virginia to regress towards the days of Allen, Gilmore.