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Tuesday News: White House Has Panties in Bunch Over Woman Spoofing Spicer; “Sideshow Bob” Rants Against Contraception; #NoDevos


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, February 7. Also check out unhinged Virginia Del. “Sideshow Bob” Marshall (R-Prince William County) arguing against contraceptive use and getting absolutely slammed by his colleagues (e.g., Del. Alfonso Lopez asks whether this is “cruel and unusual punishment”). In November, it is looooooong past time for HD-13 voters to send “Sideshow Bob” to his well-deserved (?) retirement.

  • Can’t really argue with Coy Barefoot on this one:

    “If Obama or Hillary Clinton had okay’d this raid, dropping Navy Seals into an al-Qaeda compound full of landmines and snipers and fortified well beyond expectations— and military officials were reporting that the raid “was ordered without sufficient intelligence, preparation, or group support”— you can be assured that Republicans would be making this even bigger than Benghazi, that they’d be on all the talk shows screaming for an investigation, for Congressional hearings and for an impeachment. They’d be repeating the name of the fallen Navy Seal over and over again like a martyr for their political cause (his name was William “Ryan” Owens, by the way. He was 36. And he was from Peoria, Illinois). But with Trump in the White House, this train wreck of a President, what do we get? CRICKETS. Meanwhile, the Democrats continue to be all over the place, scattered, directionless, not just off message, but not even sure what the message is anymore.”

    • Jim B

      A couple of articles in the Post this morning about the Super Bowl ads from 84 Lumber and Audi show the stupidity of the right, yet they are prevailing.

  • Video: Richard Branson vs. Barack Obama on Kitesurf/Foilboard


  • Pragmatic Progressive

    Trump’s nutty possible pick for FDA. He’s a fan of new societies at sea and serves on the board of the Seasteading Institute.

  • Dan Rather:

    No sir, Mr. President, with all due respect. The job of protecting this country from a terrorist attack falls on your shoulders.

    In the past few days Mr. Trump has launched a very serious and very dangerous campaign of suggesting that if an attack occurs it will be the fault of federal judges who ruled that his Executive Order on immigration was Constitutionally problematic. And more recently he suggested it might be the fault of the press for not reporting on terrorist attacks – an assertion which any fair read of the evidence shows is a lie. As with the sweeping allegations of millions of fraudulent voters (where is the investigation of that dire threat to our democracy now?), the White House cannot supply facts to back up the President’s claim.

    Mr. Trump is the Commander in Chief. The armed services and intelligence community report to him. Searching for scapegoats to blame even before an event occurs is to sow the seeds of destabilization to the very fabric of our republic. These are the tactics of a thin-skinned bully who may realize he is in far over his head. No doubt there are many in Mr. Trump’s base who are being whipped up into a misguided frenzy fueled by “fake news” and right-wing media. This is a common tactic of authoritarian rulers I have seen around the globe. It is stoking civic unrest and paving a path to crack downs and repression.

    I do not think – or perhaps a desperate hope is father to the thought – that this tactic will work here. Mr. Trump built his brand on a bold, brash form of leadership and I think most Americans will see through the rhetoric of dodging responsibility.
    Furthermore we cherish an independent judiciary as a bedrock of our checks and balances. We can see that the press has covered terrorist attacks fully. And I do not see either judges or reporters backing down. Quite the contrary.

    But Mr. Trump is signaling how he will react in a time of crisis. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

  • Perriello campaign announces staffing hires

    Tom Perriello Announces Additional Staff for Gubernatorial Campaign

    Aides With Background on Virginia Races and Tied to Clinton and Sanders Campaigns Uniting Behind Tom’s Candidacy

    Today, Tom Perriello is announcing additional hires for his gubernatorial campaign that represent talent from across the Democratic Party and with deep Virginia ties uniting behind Tom’s new-generation progressive candidacy.

    Julia Barnes, a veteran of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign who led his successful 22-point upset primary victory in New Hampshire, will serve as campaign manager. Pete Brodnitz, a veteran of Virginia Democratic campaigns and former advisor to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, will lead opinion and strategic research as a strategist and pollster. Angelique Cannon-Harris, one of the longest-serving finance aides on Clinton’s presidential campaign and a former top finance aide to Senator Mark Warner, will be a senior advisor, leading the campaign’s finance strategy.

    Additionally, Tom has boosted his digital operation by bringing on Revolution Messaging, a firm founded by alumni of President Obama’s 2008 campaign which most recently served as the digital consultant for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign. Revolution Messaging will lead the campaign’s digital and online fundraising strategies. The campaign previously announced it had hired Ian Sams, another longtime communications operative for Clinton’s presidential campaign, to lead its communications and messaging operation as communications director.

    “This team represents the broad, diverse cross-section of Democrats uniting behind Tom’s next-generation progressive candidacy in Virginia,” said Julia Barnes. “We are excited to get to work to tell Tom’s story across Virginia, helping to build a strong coalition of voters committed to showing Virginia is progressive, inclusive, and a firewall against hate in 2017.”

    Additional hires include Brennan Gilmore as chief of staff, Don Mark as deputy campaign manager, Jessica Aune as finance director, Leah Greenberg as policy director, Kimble Reynolds as senior advisor for political affairs, Quena Dailey as deputy political director, Remi Yamamoto as press secretary, and Maggie Thornton as scheduler.

    Together, these operatives span the divides within the Democratic Party and show the broad appeal of Tom’s campaign of pragmatic populism and inclusive progressivism.

    Full Staff Bios

    Campaign Manager — Julia Barnes
    As campaign manager, Julia will lead all campaign strategy and operations. She served as Bernie Sanders’ New Hampshire primary director, overseeing a multi-million dollar budget and leading all efforts to secure Sanders’ 22-point upset victory over Hillary Clinton — the largest for a competitive primary in the history of the state. She later became Sanders’ National Field Director, managing the campaign’s efforts in more than 20 states and steering all campaign organizing, data, training and outreach. She has also served as executive director of the Association of State Democratic Chairs, where she fought for resources for state parties across the country during the 2016 general election, and of the Vermont Democratic Party, where she led state Democrats’ 2014 coordinated campaign.

    Strategy and polling — Pete Brodnitz
    A veteran of Virginia Democratic politics, Pete — who was pollster for both of Tom’s congressional campaigns — will lead strategic research for the campaign. Pete was a part of the Benenson Strategy Group polling team that advised Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign during the Democratic primary before launching his own firm, Expedition Strategies. Pete’s previous Virginia clients include Senator Tim Kaine, former Senator Jim Webb and former Congressman Rick Boucher.

    Senior Advisor — Angelique Cannon-Harris
    Angelique will advise Tom on finance strategy. She most recently served as interim national finance director of the Democratic National Committee, after being one of Hillary Clinton’s longest-serving finance aides on her presidential campaign, where she was deputy national finance director for the mid-Atlantic region. Before joining Clinton’s campaign in early 2015, she was the finance director at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in the 2012 and 2014 cycles and was previously the top finance aide to Senator Mark Warner.

    Chief of Staff — Brennan Gilmore
    A Lexington, Va., native and UVA graduate, Brennan will serve as the campaign’s chief of staff, advising Tom on strategy and planning. A career Foreign Service Officer, Brennan previously served in diplomatic posts across Africa and in the State Department in Washington, before being Tom’s top aide as U.S. Envoy to the African Great Lakes Region. He is also an accomplished bluegrass musician.

    Deputy Campaign Manager and Political Director — Don Mark
    A longtime Democratic operative in Virginia and native of Prince William County, Don will lead the campaign’s political outreach. Prior to the campaign, Don was deputy chief of staff to Mayor Dwight Jones of Richmond. He was the political director for President Obama’s winning 2012 campaign in Virginia, as well as the political director for the Democratic Party of Virginia.

    Communications Director — Ian Sams
    Ian will lead communications and message strategy for Tom for Virginia. He was one of the earliest communications hires on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in Brooklyn, most recently serving as the regional communications director leading the campaign’s communications strategy in five battleground states, including Virginia. Prior to joining Clinton’s campaign in early 2015, he was a spokesman for the Democratic National Committee, where he was deployed to Terry McAuliffe’s 2013 gubernatorial campaign for its final months, and for U.S. Senator Tom Carper of Delaware.

    Digital consulting — Revolution Messaging
    The team from Revolution Messaging will lead the campaign’s online fundraising, organizing, and digital strategy. Revolution Messaging is a full-service digital agency, which was founded by alumni of President Obama’s 2008 campaign and most recently served as digital firm to Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, running his online fundraising, digital advertising, branding, video creation, website development, online store, and the Artists for Sanders program.

    Senior Advisor — Kimble Reynolds
    Tom’s former congressional regional director and a former mayor of Martinsville, Va., Kimble will be a senior advisor for political affairs — helping build coalitions of support for Tom’s campaign and liaising with elected officials in-state.

    Finance Director — Jessica Aune
    Jessica comes to Tom for Virginia from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, where she was the DSCC’s West Finance Director for the 2016 cycle. Previously she has worked in fundraising at House Majority PAC and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

    Policy Director — Leah Greenberg
    Leah will lead policy development for Tom’s campaign. Most recently, Leah joined a group of former congressional aides to help found the Indivisible Project, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering grassroots activists to resist the Trump agenda through congressional advocacy, and worked at Humanity United, a philanthropy focused on tackling difficult global problems such as human trafficking and violent conflict. Previously, she was an advisor to Tom at the Department of State and in his congressional office.

    Press Secretary — Remi Yamamoto
    Remi will serve as the campaign’s press secretary. She was most recently the regional press secretary for Richmond, Central, and Southwest Virginia on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in Virginia. Prior to that, she was a senior associate at Precision Strategies, where she worked for a range of political, corporate and non-profit clients. She is also an alumna of President Obama’s 2012 campaign and the White House.

    Scheduler — Maggie Thornton
    A former aide on Tom’s 2010 reelection campaign, Maggie will lead scheduling for the campaign. A Southwest Virginia native and UVA graduate, she previously worked on President Obama’s successful 2008 campaign in Virginia, on Creigh Deeds’ 2009 gubernatorial campaign, and most recently was deputy campaign manager for Jane Dittmar’s congressional campaign in the Fifth Congressional District. From 2011-2016, she was also an English teacher in Virginia public schools.

    Deputy Political Director — Arquena “Quena” Dailey, MPA
    Quena will help lead Tom’s political outreach in-state, focusing on building coalitions of support in communities across Virginia. Previously, Quena was the deputy political director for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in Virginia. A Hampton Roads resident, she is an executive board member of the Hampton Democratic Committee and has previously worked for the District of Columbia and the Virginia General Assembly.,

  • From Rep. Donald McEachin’s office:

    Congressman Donald McEachin (VA-04) proudly joined the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus. As a member of the Caucus, he will continue to uphold his constituent’s values and work toward the extension of equal rights, the repeal of discriminatory laws, the elimination of hate-motivated violence, and the improved health and well-being for all regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.

    “During my time in Virginia’s General Assembly, I was a strong advocate for opportunity, equality, and justice in the LGBT community, introducing critical civil rights legislation. I look forward to continuing this work at the federal level,” said Congressman McEachin.

    The mission of the bi-partisan Caucus is to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) equality. The Caucus is strongly committed to achieving the full enjoyment of human rights for LGBT people in the U.S. and around the world.

  • Lieutenant Governor Northam’s Statement on Senate Approval of LGBT Discrimination Bill:

    “Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity has absolutely no place in the Commonwealth, and I am disappointed that a Republican-majority in the Senate approved SB 1324 today,” Lt. Gov. Northam said. “I recently took a seven-city tour across the Commonwealth that ended in Salem, where I was proud to welcome the NCAA soccer tournament. That championship was relocated from North Carolina, as was the NBA All-Star game and major businesses. To be economically competitive, we have to be open and welcoming to all. I will continue to advocate for equality for all.”

  • DPVA statement: “Congratulations to Delegate-Elect Jeff Bourne on his victory in Virginia’s 71st House District. Jeff brings a fresh vision and passion for public service and he’ll fight for Virginia families, education, and good-paying jobs. We look forward to seeing what lies ahead for Jeff in his new role in the House.”

  • House Dems Grab Decisive Victory with Special Election Win

    Democrats welcome Jeff Bourne to Caucus

    RICHMOND, Va. – Democrat Jeff Bourne has decisively won the special election for the 71st House District Seat.

    The Richmond-area seat was previously held by Sen. Jennifer McClellan, who was elected to the 9th District Senate seat in a January special election.

    “Jeff’s decisive victory tonight is a clear referendum on House Democrats’ commitment to Virginia’s working families,” said Virginia House Democratic Leader David J. Toscano. “Republicans this session killed Democratic bills that would have raised the minimum wage, established paid family leave, and helped borrowers refinance student loan debt. Meanwhile, the Republican Caucus focused its efforts on divisive social issues that target women and other marginalized populations. Jeff’s voice will provide a much-needed breath of fresh air, and I look forward to working with him as he joins us for the remainder of the session.”

    “Jeff is a respected community leader who has honorably served as a Deputy Attorney General and as a member of the Richmond School Board,” said Caucus Chair Charniele Herring. “He is committed to expanding economic opportunity for all Virginians, and his service to Richmond’s public schools is testament to that commitment. I congratulate Jeff on his win, and I look forward to working alongside him in the House.”

    Bourne will be sworn into office tomorrow.

  • Quizzical

    Voice of America story on Larsen ice shelf
    VOA still doing journalism

    • The only question is whether VOA will be forced to stop doing journalism first or the Larsen ice shelf will collapse first. 🙁

  • Video: Mitch McConnell invokes “Rule 19” against Elizabeth Warren. Screw you McConnell, you racist, authoritarian scumbag.