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Video: Amidst Protesters Against “White Supremacy,” Corey Stewart Defends Robert E. Lee as “Great American”


So many things to love about this video (see below), including Corey Stewart’s (African-American) ally arguing that “all the people screaming white supremacy are….white.” He adds, “black men don’t need to be saved, we don’t, we’re perfectly fine.” Meanwhile, Corey Stewart claims that the protesters against “white supremacy” have “no respect for our heritage…no respect not only for Robert E. Lee, a great American, but they have no respect for Thomas Jefferson or James Madison or George Washington… great American and Virginia heroes.” Hmmm…Robert E. Lee, who took up arms against the United States in order to defend his state’s brutal system of slavery was a “great American?” Fascinating. And how are these protesters against James Madison, etc? Did Jefferson, Madison or Washington take up arms against our country? Last I checked: no they did not.

  • DevotedSkeptic

    I attended the protest. (My signs: “Trump dumped Corey. Let’s dump them both!” and “Take Lee & Leave”) As an African American, let me just say that I am *thrilled* that white folk are taking on the task of dismantling white supremacy, which is bad for the humanity of *everyone.* WRT to the charge that next we’re going to burn down Monticello, I say this: Traitorous Confederate generals fought to defend a (fortunately!) failed, four-year breakaway slave-owning republic deserve no accolades. Jefferson, OTOH, founded two enduring 200-year old institutions: the United States of America, and the University of Virginia, which, owing to the struggles of the 1860s and 1960s, are now institutions that are (more) open to all. Therefore, IMO, Jefferson is worth the effort to “engage in place.”

    • God b watching U

      We have been asking around for weeks: WHY did Council vote to remove Lee and left Jackson unmoved? DO YOU KNOW!? Can you say? or is it some big secret? It seems beyond bizarre! and very morally icky for Council to leave Jackson as if his White Supremacy was ok! WHAT IS GOING ON?!

      • DevotedSkeptic

        Oh, believe me, we progressive activists fought to get *all* that Confederate crap outta here! But the devil is in the (legal) details: Albemarle County owns the courthouse, controls its land where Jackson monument stands. Now that the county courthouse is moving, though…perhaps there’ll be another opportunity at Jackson. Socially speaking, the Lee statue is offensive because Lee (soon-to-be-re-named) Park is where the town holds all its festivals where we celebrate our community. But IMO, the Jackson statue is even more offensive than the Lee, because Stonewall stands on the lawn of the *courthouse* where citizens go for legal redress under “equal justice.” A Confederate monument, on the grounds of the courthouse, installed during Jim Crow, was an obvious threat to African American citizens.

  • God b watching U

    City Council voted to remove statue of Lee and left statue o f Jackson unmoved?! BEYOND BIZARRE! Was Jackson’s White Supremacy ok? While Lee’s White Supremacy was not? Weren’t they generals in the same war? Or has Council constructed an alt-reality/fake factual world where Jackson was doing something else? I feels very morally icky, doesn’t it?! WHAT IS GOING ON?

  • From the Prince William County Dem Committee:

    Prince William County Says NO HATE

    Prince William County, Virginia. February 12, 2017. Prince William’s Board of County Supervisors Chairman Corey Stewart’s recent clamp down on minorities has stirred a coalition of community organizations to come together to hold a protest prior to the Board’s next meeting. The protest is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, February 14, at the McCoart Building, 1 County Complex, Woodbridge, VA. Additionally, coalition members and others will be speaking at citizens time during the Board meeting.

    Stewart has fostered efforts to locate, detain and remove undocumented immigrants in the County for the last 10 years. After the Trump victory this past November, Stewart announced that he would be “hunting them down.” He went on to recommend that undocumented immigrants in PWC “get out” and “with a friendly Trump administration” this will be his first priority. Recently Stewart gave away an AR-15 to a supporter to begin the “hunt.” On February 7, Stewart along with Brentsville Supervisor Jeanine Lawson held a news conference where they directed the Prince William County police to begin the “hunt” for undocumented immigrants.
    Stewart, a candidate for governor in the Republican primary, and Lawson, who directs a group designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group, are known as the spokes-people for bigotry and discrimination in the County. Stewart, however, stated he was speaking on behalf of the entire Board of County Supervisors regarding the “hunt” for undocumented immigrants in the County. When harassing both undocumented, legal residents and US citizens in the past in order to drive them out of Prince William County, Stewart has used similar tactics that were eventually declared unconstitutional.

    The coalition, made up of County organizations, has coalesced around Stewart and Lawson’s virulent racism and was formed to combat the proposed ethnic cleansing of the County. In addition to the February 14 protest, the coalition will be organizing a boycott of Stewart’s campaign contributors, focusing on American Disposal Services and the Potomac Nationals Baseball Team.

    • DevotedSkeptic

      Good work on organizing economic boycott of campaign contributors!