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Video: At Around 4am This Morning, Sen. Tim Kaine Speaks Out Against Betsy Devos


  • JoeDaBeast

    I appreciate Senator Kaine expressing that Trump is the President and he gets to pick his team, as a reason for him accepting many of Trump’s nominations. That makes his objection of DeVos’ even stronger.

    • Dody Stottlemyer

      He is merely mouthing words to seem reasonable. Maybe do a little more research! Va is behing charter schools. Kaine is NOT, dept of Ed is NOT. All about the $$

      • JoeDaBeast

        I tried to research what “behing” meant. Could you help me Dody?

  • This kind of says it all about the Virginia GOP!


  • Sen. Mark Warner statement:

    “The Senate voted today by the most narrow margin in its history to confirm a Secretary of Education who does not demonstrate a firm grasp on even the most basic education policy principles.

    “Since Ms. DeVos’ nomination, tens of thousands of my constituents have expressed serious concerns about her focus on charter schools and voucherizing federal education dollars. Educators and parents of students with special needs are rightfully concerned, as am I, about Ms. DeVos’ lack of understanding or even awareness of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

    “During her confirmation hearing, she demonstrated a similar lack of awareness of federal education policies related to campus sexual assault and school safety.

    “While I did not support Ms. DeVos’ confirmation, I intend to hold her accountable for serving our students’, teachers’, parents’, and school leaders’ best interests, and I look forward to looking for areas of agreement where possible.”

  • Video: Sen. Tim Kaine explains his vote against Betsy DeVos


  • True Blue

    I just wrote to both Kaine and Warner thanking them for championing a strong public education and children, instead of a woefully inadequate and unqualified choice for such an important cabinet position. We’re lucky to have senators who represent their constituents first over a president; a “country first, not party” attitude. It seems this and most other nominees are being rewarded for their deep pockets; how they love filling their own swamp! The Trump cabinet is all about the $$, and not enough about sense.